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Black Santa: Angry Black Lady Returns; Twitter’s New Blocking Changes; It’s Silly Season; Fox News and White Santa Claus; Sinterklaas, Zwarte Piet and Krampus; Greenwald, Charlie Pierce and Paranoia; White Privilege; The Michigan Rape Insurance Law; Alex Jones and Conspiracy Theorists Go Nuts Over Plane Crash; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

NOTE: The podcast is moving back to Thursday evenings, eastern time. The After Party will move to Fridays at Noon eastern.

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  • lex

    *yawn* who cares about who is dressing up a santa, theres nothing wrong or worse about if a black,jewish,asian,arab person dresses as santa then a white person

  • Sign me up for the discontented rabble!

    It’s very, very hard to not engage for me too. It’s like being an addict, I can’t do it at all or I go wayyyyy too far. Say No to engaging, Bob…..Just say NO!

  • muselet

    And people wonder why I have no interest in social media.

    Of course the outrages of the moment are from Nelson Mandela’s memorial. The blackety-black-black Muslim usurper went to a memorial for a blackety-black-black communist terrorist. The only way the story wouldn’t play into the Right’s obsessions would have been if Barack Obama had kicked Raúl Castro in the plums and walked out of the event. Even then, the Right would have complained that he didn’t kick hard enough.

    “The New York Post‘s pissy prude.” Excellent description.

    Debating the skin tone of Santa Claus is purely insane. In other words, it’s a perfect topic for Megyn Kelly and Fox News Channel. *slow head-shake*

    We forget, a lot of children’s stories started as horrifying morality tales. Sort of like “Scared Straight,” only less warm and cuddly. No wonder our ancestors were seriously screwed up (what, I wonder, is our excuse?).

    “We’ll always have Jesus and Santa.” Exactly.

    Charlie Pierce has insisted ever since Edward Snowden went on the lam that the Snowden story is not about Edward Snowden or Glenn Greenwald (which would be fine and dandy if Greenwald didn’t insist on making the story about Snowden and Greenwald, but that’s a slightly different topic). Instead, he insists, the story is really about the unimaginably terrible things the various intelligence services have done (which would also be fine and dandy if the US’s spy agencies were the only ones actually, you know, spying). Sniping at other bloggers for not joining him in lighting his hair on fire doesn’t help Pierce’s argument at all. If he’s really this concerned, he should be prodding the Intelligence Committees to take their jobs more seriously instead. (And for the record, I like Charlie Pierce’s writing. He’s smart and wickedly funny and has a way with language that I frankly admire. I just think he needs to take a step back on this particular topic.)

    “No one plans to have an abortion.” That means women aren’t taking personal responsibility for their actions! *headdesk*

    I’m not sure any R knows any women—hell, I’m not entirely certain there’s an R who has actually met a woman. Unless Michigan Rs have medical degrees that they’re not talking about, they’re just idiots (and if they do have medical degrees, then they’re idiots who are consciously and deliberately violating their legal and ethical responsibilities as medical professionals).

    Of course Donald Trump has commented on the death of Loretta Fuddy. I’m just not sure why anyone outside of Trump’s family and mental-health professionals should care. (Ditto Alex Jones and every other birther loon.)

    Glenn Greenwald is the very embodiment of privilege. Amusingly, he will never understand that.


    • MiddleMittenLiberal

      Actually, our state senator is an M.D. (Roger Khan). (He is an a**!).

      • muselet

        My sympathies on having a berk for a state senator.


        • MiddleMittenLiberal

          Perhaps the only good thing about term-limits here in Michigan! (P.S. Merry Christmas and I love your comments.)

          • muselet

            Merry Christmas to you, too.


  • Lauren

    Now wait a second, does this mean that the After Party is moving to *before* the regular party? 😉

    I’m only teasing ’cause you’re both kinda cute and all. Merry Christmas, guys!

    • The After Party will appear on Fridays at Noon eastern.

      Merry Christmas!!

      • Lauren