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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 12/16/11

Last Show of 2011! Indefinite Detention; Habeas Corpus; The National Defense Authorization Act; The Exorcist III; Debtors' Prison; Exploiting Post-Recession Pain; Robotic Customer Support Operators; The War Against Christmas; Marketing Christianity; The Bob and Chez After Party Begins Next Month; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Bob, I just marked/saved your show on my Stitcher app. Hope it wasn’t too expensive for you to do it, but its a super convenient way, for me at least, to always catch the latest podcast.

    • Outstanding! Stitcher is fantastic. They just grab the RSS and go. It doesn’t cost a penny. Thanks, Ryan!

  • villemar

    Greap ep per usual, and although it probably wouldn’t fit or might be something for the afterparty, I loved the discussion here about the VF piece about cultural inertia. That shite fascinates me, and aside from you and Kurt Andersen and Adam Curtis, there’s no one talking about this big picture stuff. Would love to hear you and Chez get into this topic at some point!

    • I had that on my list to discuss, but we ran out of time. Definitely an After Party topic, though.

  • mrbrink

    The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and all the congressional authorizations over the years make the NDAA look like last Tuesday when I wasn’t carted off to the honorary Alex Jones FEMA camp for not properly giving a shit about “codifying policy” that actually recedes from the precedent if you actually examine the trajectory. At the rate we were heading, civil liberties being revoked and the way the Bush administration defined domestic terrorists(literally everyone who disagreed with predictably stupid Bush/Cheney policy before and after 9/11), it’s a Chewbacca’s Christmas miracle right wing conservatives can still freely attempt to crash the U.S. economy while the president receives unusual amounts of death threats for not letting it all happen in a world exposed to …N-D-A-A!!!!!

    We should be much closer to using Morse code for every little dissenting thought– tapping on the walls of a damp, windowless cell using a mercury-filled tooth we recently pulled out with the retard-strength of ten voices in our heads hidden away somewhere on display in Dick Cheney’s underworld emporium of sadistic gag gifts. To quote the Declaration of Independence for which it stands: “…throw off the government, dude!” because the constitution is antiquated, or something.

    I can’t believe you guys were talking about that hallway scene from The Exorcist III. That was a great scene and holds up, I think, even in the pantheon of scary movie scenes. It was just a brief couple seconds. There’s a scene like that in Friday the 13th pt. 2 where Jason darts across the dirt road in front of the cop car. American Horror Story, currently on FX, is the best of all that. I love that show. It has fucked with my psychological comfort and expectations. I’ve never seen television quite like that. Jessica Lang is f-ing brilliant and should win all kinds of awards.

    “Exploiting Post-Recession Pain”

    Bob: “Fish in a barrel.”

    Chez: “Suck on my yacht!”

    There you have it. When you hear Romney talking about Magical Bootstraps, remember “fish in a barrel.”

  • JackDaniel07

    Indeed another awesome show – thanks Bob and Chez!
    And thank you for another year of awesomeness in blog form and podcasts.
    I look forward to the 2nd show each week and whatever the blueballs announcement will be about the current show. I honestly feel like I am hangin out with two good budz when I get my hour (usually split into two “sessions” hehe) of JD time with the podcast 🙂

    I enjoyed your mention of Ray Comfort
    There are hours and hours of great entertainment on YouTube, from username Thunderf00t – particularly his videos about, and conversations with, Mr. Comfort

  • muselet

    Good show, guys. Lots of food for thought.

    “Obama” bothers me a whole lot less than “Obambi” and “Obummer” and all the other idiocies coming out of the Right. And since I and many others referred bluntly to “Bush” for eight years, I can’t fairly complain when someone drops the honorific for Mr. Obama.

    On working multiple crappy jobs, I think Chez has it right: “… [P]eople like that have come to believe that that is the optimal solution for America.” The Rs—conservatives in general—seem to believe that having a job is what’s important, that a salary is just gravy and a living salary an undeserved luxury, at least for others.

    “The most powerful religion in America and they still have the ability to play the victim card.” The Bible says that the world will hate them for their faith. If they’re not hated, it means their faith isn’t real or strong enough or some such. They go out of their way to find examples of hatred and discrimination, even if they have to invent them. “It’s ridiculous, it’s just fuckin’ ridiculous.” True.


  • i_a_c

    Agree with you on the NDAA. The bill is no good. It codifies indefinite detention. On the other hand, it’s legal per the SCOTUS rulings, and by no means does it mean that American dissidents will be hauled away to FEMA camps like some folks believe, nor does it take away everyone’s rights. I’m not sold on the slippery slope argument.

    Shorter version: This is not a good development, but the Firebaggers et al. are completely unhinged as usual.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Great show today gents. Well done!

  • Guest

    Just a correction, Bob. The shooting perpetrated by Nidal Hasan was at Fort Hood near Waco, Texas.