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Hand Loads: Silly Season Continues; Duck Dynasty is a Thing Now; Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal Don’t Understand the First Amendment; Gay Members of the US Olympic Delegation; Steve Stockman’s Creepy Condemned Headquarters; Christmas Decorations; Jack Kingston Wants Poor Kids to Work for Their School Lunch; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • ranger11

    I haven’t listened yet but that “Silence of the Lambs” picture is so fucking creepy. Guess it’s for Stockman’s headquarters?

  • muselet

    I’ll give Yoko Ono credit for this much: she’s fiercely protective of John Lennon’s music. As long as she’s alive, we’ll never be subjected to Miley Cyrus’s version of “Imagine” (bleagh).

    I’m with Chez: I don’t care about Phil Robertson’s opinion. Once again, I’m happy not to have cable.

    Sarah Palin and whoever writes the headlines on Fox’s website are wazzocks. They have absolutely no concept of what is allowed or prohibited by the US Constitution.

    Bobby Jindal is trying to keep The Base from turning on him. I’m too lazy to find out, but I’ll bet he composed his statement after he saw the reaction to Palin’s tweet.

    Glenn Beck just loves the word “fascism.” He has no idea what it means—someone must have read him Jonah Goldberg’s book-like artifact and he decided the word sounded insulting—but he can count on his audience not knowing, either.

    I’ve seen a couple of comments saying that the US delegation to the Sochi Games risks arrest and imprisonment under Russia’s anti-gay laws, and that Vladimir Putin is crazy enough to make it happen. Unfortunately, I think that’s a real risk. Still, hats off to the Obama Administration.

    “River” is a fantastic song, but then I’ve been a Joni Mitchell fan since high school. Put me down for either Stan Rogers’s “First Christmas” (yeah, it’s a weepy and it’s not really a Christmas song) or Stephen Colbert’s “Another Christmas Song” (for balance, don’tcha know).

    Everything Alex Jones says seems to be a word-association game. Not Righty Mad Libs, exactly, but close. Jones’s commenters are certifiable, and as I said earlier this week, Nevada_Nomad probably typed his comments with one hand. I do wonder whether these loons are violating Disqus’s terms of use; if they got shut down, the howls of outrage would be deafening, but it would be great fun to listen to.

    Bob, you’re making the purity trolls angry, and that’s no bad thing. Consider it a badge of honor.

    The best part of the Steve Stockman headquarters story is that it was an abandoned motorcycle shop. I’m surprised the place wasn’t condemned long ago.

    Jack Kingston is a horrible human being. I have nothing more to say on the subject.