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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 12/2/11

Free Bananas!

Occupy Wall Street and the Homeland Security Conspiracy Theory; Michael Moore and Naomi Wolf Rumor-Mongering; Progressive Outrage; Twitter Fights; Bob Has 30 Days to Find a New Apartment; Computer Meltdowns; The President Didn't Kill the Public Option; The All New Bob & Chez After Party; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • Re: Chez on-air sex change…..I’ll bring the popcorn! Who’s with me? And is the Dream Date pre or post sex change AND is there pudding involved? 😉

    Congrats on the new show, bubalas.

  • muselet

    Hoo-hah, cherry soda! *maniacal giggle*

    You mean someone else has an emergency acid bath for their computer? Damn, Chez, great minds really do think alike.

    You guys make me very glad that I’m not on Twitter. I have enough aggro in my life.

    I’ve avoided piling on until now, but I have to say this: Michael Moore is a ninny-hammer. If he ever had something important to say—I’m not entirely certain he did, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt—he’s already said it and is now simply flailing around. In a few years, he’ll be the younger, fatter, male version of Angelyne.

    Four years ago, Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was “Yes we can.” He even explained, repeatedly, in words of one syllable, that the slogan meant that after he was elected, everyone was going to have to work together to achieve mutually-agreed goals. The Professional Left decided “Yes we can” meant “If I win, everybody automagically gets a unicorn that eats greenhouse gases and poops social justice.” I’d call the Professional Left idiots, but that would be a terrible insult to idiots. (*rim shot* Thank you, I’ll be here all week.) “It’s extraordinarily frustrating and counterproductive.” Indeed.

    Roseanne Barr is out of her mind, full stop (start here and follow the links for a fairly recent example). No more needs be said.

    “What we want to do as a progressive movement is make it safe for these politicians to vote for progressive things or to take progressive postures on certain issues, regardless of where they are in their district or their state, or if they’re running for president on a national level.” Couldn’t agree more.

    Great news about the second show. Break a leg, guys.

    Free bananas!


    • Figured I’d give you what she’s been up to as of today:

      • muselet

        A venerable Australianism comes to mind when reading Roseanne’s tweets: kangaroos in the top paddock.

        Thanks for sharing. I think.


        • Marbles rolling loose. Gotcha.

          And you’re welcome. I think.

  • mrbrink

    The Crossroads are real, and Bob and Chez must know what the devil looks like. Are you fucking shitting me? To the moon, bitches! Respectfully. You are rolling.

    I’d like to nominate Bubble Genius as an official The Bear Jew.

    • I kind of expected this about the After Party. The free show will continue to be free. But the After Show, while subscription-only will be worth it x1000.

      • mrbrink

        You’re such a tease.

        Adding…I wasn’t complaining about any After Show, or any ground floors, by the way. I was talking about the quality of the show today and how well you guys are riffing. Yours and Chez’s timing and exchange rate of brilliance-per-pound-of-carbon is verging on some supernatural shit.

        Y’all are playin’ that guitar real good.

        • Phew! Thanks, man.

          • mrbrink

            Let me tell ya something, kid.

            You got the goods.

            Do your thing, Bob. I like what you’re selling.

      • mrbrink

        Me and my girlfriend have developed this ongoing inside joke about Outbreak based on a comically-passionate exchange/bet a few weeks back over whether or not it got a higher Rotten Tomatoes % than I thought it deserved. I was like, “Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Patrick Dempsey Monkey Loverboy, Donald Sutherland…underrated!”

        She thought the rating was about right.

        So now she says, “was it better than Outbreak?”