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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 1/23/14


Uncle Sugar: The Worst Day for Cable News; MSNBC and CNN on the Bieber Arrest; Huckabee Says Dems Think Women Need Uncle Sugar; The Snowden Live Chat; The Fallout from the Snowden Australia Spying Revelation; Glenn Beck’s Demons; Miracles; Mobsters Arrested for Famous Lufthansa Heist; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • gescove

    Please, by all that is holy… take the photo of those gooning melon heads off the top of the front page. For four days I’ve been assaulted. Gack. Enough!

    • Zen Diesel

      I know I can’t unsee that photo of Bubba Huckabee and his shit eating grinning family. Those shirts’, are so horrible…

  • mrbrink

    The story of the Lufthansa heist bust is fascinating. Jimmy ‘the gent’ Burke, who died in prison in 96′ based on Henry Hill’s testimony, is said to have kept almost all of the loot from the heist and arranged for the 15 murders of those involved, leaving this Asaro guy, who the feds just busted on a tip from a higher up who received some Lufthansa jewels from Asaro back in the day– holding the near-empty bag(he complained of not getting his fair share).

    Asaro is charged with that and the 1969 murder of some guy named Paul Katz, whose remains were dug up last June as part of an FBI raid on a tip from a protected witness who wore a wire.

    The remains of Katz were found underneath Jimmy Burke’s sister’s house in Queens.

    They never had enough to make any arrests in either of those particular cases, even with Hill’s and others’ testimony– until someone higher up recently ratted out Asaro, leading them to the body in Queens last June. Maybe three people in the world knew there was a body buried there. Asaro, Burke, and whoever ratted out Asaro.

    Henry Hill died in 2012, and I always thought it was weird that he did radio interviews all the time.

    Asaro is pleading not guilty.

  • galileo126

    I was totally laughing when Chez started talking about Providence with respect to the Mob. It was – and still is – “mobbed up”. I mean, c’mon, we had Mayor Buddy Cianci, who fell from grace as a convicted felon, then reran for Mayor of Providence – and WON.

    I still have family in RI, and every Christmas I visit Federal Hill (Providence’s Little Italy). Great food, but nothing else has changed in 100 yrs.

    Chez – if you are reading this – are you related to Vinny Pazienza, the middleweight boxer from RI? Just asking…

  • Mal Wood

    Snowden is not really the cause of any ill feeling between the Australian government and Indonesia. This is pretty much the fault of Australia’s conservative government. And the people smuggling issue is a red herring – this is also about Australia’s increasing bastardry over accepting refugees. Lot more to the story, guys. Thanks for the show

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    The Andrew Gold tune was a blast from the past.
    I believe he toured with Linda Ronstadt for years.
    Great show as usual.

  • Art__VanDalay

    Remember when Mike Huckabee used to be on the Colbert Report (2008ish?) all the time and seemed kinda warm and fuzzy and not like a raving lunatic/giant asshole?

  • mr spork

    “Uncle Sugar” sounds like a name that a pimp would go by.

  • Draxiar

    Is it wrong to want this show and the After Party to be 2 hours each? They’re one of my Friday highlights while I’m at work tapping away on my keyboard. Great work as always to both of you!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Republicans can’t actually defend their own policy positions on their own terms. The best they can do is what Huckabee does here, viz., ascribe to their opposition some completely imaginary and absurd position — one which no real human being of any political persuasion actually holds — and say of their own position, “It’s not that.”

  • 1933john

    There appears to be a liberal amount of sugar in that family portrait.

  • muselet

    I can’t imagine how CNN will pad a two-minute story about Justin Bieber’s arrest into an hour-long show (okay, 42 minutes). All I know is, not having cable, I’ll don’t have to find out.

    The Fox News Snuggie. Well put, Bob, but when you said that I had a mental image of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity sitting on a couch together, wearing those stupid backwards sleeved-blanket thingies. Ick.

    Somehow, I don’t see Andrea Mitchell relying on just a hip flask on a day when she has to take seriously the Justin Bieber story. A large bottle of Scotch, sure, or maybe a pitcher of margaritas.

    Bob, stop trying to make sense of Mike Huckabee’s prattle. You’ll never manage it and the effort will only make your head hurt. (“Uncle Sugar,” incidentally, has a long and, to my mind, disreputable history. I remember Righties referring to the federal government as Uncle Sugar at least as far back as the 1970s. The expression has fallen out of vogue lately, which may be why you never heard it. Huckabee’s use of Uncle Sugar indicates just how hip and cutting-edge he is. *eyeroll*)

    Steve Benen called Huckabee’s remarks, among other things, “… [T]he latest look at Mike Huckabee’s public persona. As we’ve discussed before, he may have a jovial, non-threatening reputation, but the Arkansas Republican has a deep mean streak. It was, after all, Huckabee who spoke out soon after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, when tying the lack of government-sponsored religion to the tragedy.”

    Chez, you’re absolutely right about Jake Tapper and journalism in general, but as you well know, journalism isn’t about journalism any more (if it ever was, he added with perhaps an excess of cynicism).

    The name of the soap you guys came up with, a year and a half ago, was “Chez-Wa Balls” soap. Don’t believe me? Here is the episode in question. You’re welcome.

    Louie Gohmert either doesn’t know or doesn’t care anything about health insurance. What he’s doing is (really, really stupid) political posturing to show the folks back home that he’s A Man Of Principle. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s demonstrating just what a fathead he is.

    Demonic forces are keeping Glenn Beck off cable? I think I just burst something laughing.

    Growing up on the West Coast, stories about the Mafia were like stories from behind the Iron Curtain. Organized crime existed (and exists) here, but it’s never been a great big deal. I may—may—have heard or read about the Lufthansa heist, but it just didn’t stick.