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RELM_buttonCriming While White: The Death of Eric Garner; A Mostly White Grand Jury Fails to Indict the Chokehold Cop; The Brutal Video; The Media Reaction; The Stats Behind the Black vs White Crime Rate; Pete King Blames Garner’s Obesity; Rand Paul Blames the Cigarette Tax; Jon Stewart is Speechless; The Criming While White Hashtag; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • Emily333

    It is my understanding, truly, that you cannot make any sound whatsoever if you can’t breathe. Depictions of drownings in movies and such are not accurate. Drowning and choking people do not make noise. There are lots of videos out there about this.

    • A person would still be able to talk when he/she is having great difficulty breathing. As I have asthma, I know this. When someone says that they can’t breathe, they mean that they need help………..or in the case of Eric Garner, who needed the cop to remove the chokehold.

      And, a drowning and choking person has something in their throat, hence, they obviously can’t talk.

  • aynwrong

    The term loosies has been around forever.

  • HilaryB

    I love the Charlie Brown music. Makes me feel happy. 🙂

    • Me, too! But even more, I love the Motown Christmas music! 🙂

  • muselet

    I get that the police hear “I can’t breathe” and the like on a regular basis. Doctors hear that all the time, too, but if they don’t do something about the complaint they rightly wind up in front of a disciplinary board and possibly lose their license to practice medicine. Eric Garner is dead because a waste of skin in a uniform used an explicitly-prohibited chokehold, then a large number of other wastes of skin in uniforms stood around and did nothing to aid a dying man. To my mind, everyone wearing a uniform in that video should have been indicted.

    The grand jury members are clearly incapable of it, but they should be ashamed of their decision not to indict Daniel Pantaleo.

    Bob, don’t insult vibrating dildos. They have a purpose. Peter King doesn’t, unless you count years of being a bagman for the Provos (the expression “blood on one’s hands” could have been coined with Peter King in mind).

    Chez is right: the chokehold is banned by NYPD policy, not by law. It’s prohibited, but not illegal.

    Bob, technically the man who video’d the Eric Garner killing was indicted for a (remarkably convenient) weapons violation: he supposedly passed a handgun to a compatriot to avoid it being found during a pat-down. He wasn’t (directly) indicted for making the video of Daniel Pantaleo killing Eric Garner.

    Congratulations on the iTunes ranking. You guys deserve the success.

    I’m not sure if ‘roids are the problem. They certainly don’t help matters (I’ve seen anecdotal evidence that steroid use is high among police officers, but as the cliché has it, the plural of anecdote isn’t data), but i think the real problem is that cops see the people they are sworn to protect as unworthy of protection and even less than human. I have no idea what the solution to that might be.

    I haven’t seen any of the Peanuts shows in years, but hearing the Vince Guaraldi Trio always makes me smile (amazing music, too).

    That segment was the best thing Jon Stewart has done in a very long time.

    “They might as well just play Birth of a Nation on endless loop.” Well said.

    Whether Eric Garner had loose cigarettes on him or not is irrelevant. It’s my understanding—and I freely admit, I could be misinformed—the police did not observe him selling or attempting to sell “loosies.” Even if they did, selling untaxed tobacco products in New York City is a misdemeanor violation, and all the bloviating of the Rush Limbaughs and Joe Scarboroughs and commenters on Yahoo! News doesn’t change the fact that the penalty for that misdemeanor is not death.

    Rand Paul is not a serious person. Never was, never will be.