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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 12/9/11

The Obama Administration and the Morning After Pill; The Obama Record on Women's Health; The Godfather; Bob's Super Stupid Ladder Story; The VA Tech Shooting; Gun Control; Santa and His AR15 Assault Rifle; Tetris Syndrome; Dinner With Unfrozen Larry King; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • muselet

    Bob, Plan B works just like the Pill (in fact, it is the Pill, only at vastly higher doses): it acts (if I remember my Human Physiology correctly) to delay ovulation and inhibits implantation of an egg—fertilized or not—into the wall of the uterus. It doesn’t prevent fertilization. [/annoying_science_geek]

    “Gun worship.” When Bill Moyers wrapped up NOW on PBS, he was replaced by a generic newsmagazine, the title of which I’ve managed to forget. The first show had a segment on open-carry advocates in Virginia (I think), a bunch of mostly overweight, toothless inbreds with big guns strapped to their hips. A crew followed one of these guys around for a day, and when he walked into a barber shop (I think), the producer asked some of the loitering locals what they thought. One peered at the armed guy and said, “I’d feel a lot better if he didn’t have the hammer cocked.” The guy’s quite serious, and quite defensive, response: “Well, the safety’s on.” No way in hell someone like that should be armed with anything more intrinsically dangerous than a spork.

    Making fun of Larry King is just too easy. Again I quote “Grandfather McCartney” from A Hard Day’s Night: “Now, Paulie, don’t mock the afflicted.” (Alun Owen was a genius.)


    • JackDaniel07

      Garlique LOL

  • Great story on breaking into your house! I had a similar situation when I just moved to town, from another state – my ID had a different state and address. On a Saturday ( when my landlord’s office and my work is closed – so there is no way anyone can verify that I actually live in the house ) I locked myself out. It was summer, so I remembered I left the windows open in my bedroom. My street was busy because of a near by event, so there was a lot of traffic and police patrol. As I was half in my window – legs hanging out – a cop stops at my house. My first thought was “I am going to jail until monday. There is not way I can prove I live here.” So, the officer asked if I was “OK.” I said, “Yes, I just locked myself out.” he said, “Good Luck.” and left!! As in the podcast, my first thought channeled the Chris Rock sentiment “That’s how good it is to be white.” If I weren’t, I think I definitely would have been in jail for the remainder of the weekend!