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Dick Pound: State of the Union Recap; Zoo Animals and Stunt Guests; Dictator Obama’s Totally Legal Executive Orders; Huckabee Leading Among GOP Presidential Hopefuls; Olympic Committee Member Dick Pound Shrugs Off Russian Anti-Gay Laws; Also Dick Pound; GOP Boycotts MSNBC; Another Troll Gives Away an AR15; Boston Marathon Bomber Might Get the Death Penalty; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • mrbrink

    Do not underestimate that dastardly bastard Grover Cleveland. You turn your back on him at your own peril!

    Couple things about the way the president promoted Cory Remsburg at the State Of the Union. Some burnouts in high places called him a ‘prop for the system, man,’ or some such bullshit. But promoting people like Cory Remsburg was in line with everything this president has stood for and lived by since he was elected, especially when it comes to actually giving a damn about the men and women serving in the military. Including the First lady and Jill Biden.

    But this president has presided over the end of one war, the one he campaigned for years to end, and is in the process of winding down our longest war by the end of this year. He’s fired generals for being stupid, and seems to be promoting the ones who quietly fall in line with timetables and draw downs. He’s opened up the military to same sex benefits, rights and protections. He champions mental healthcare for returning vets, as well as not hiding behind the returning flag-draped caskets that the public never had to be exposed to before he came along, and he saluted them. Here is the price we are paying. There’s no new war with Syria like a lot of people are lobbying for, or a new war with Iran for that matter. We’re in the process of a transition away from war and the hundreds of thousands of military personnel stuck in the meat grinder of perpetual war. The pressure to not put war on a shelf is unknowable, but it must be like a walk in a park filled with landmines.

    Cory Remsburg in many ways embodies our transition away from the saloon fights with petty despots and our phony John Wayne image of war heroes. There’s no Lynndie Englands, Private Jessica Lynches, or Pat Tillmans in this story to use as fodder. We just don’t do that anymore.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    The death penalty is not what most enlightened societies do anymore and it only relegates our nation to the lowest standards of barbarianism whilst fueling hatred and distain. If America wants to be a world leader, we need to stop killing. We also need to learn that weapons and paranoia are a problem at home and abroad.
    One has to ask: As a civilized society, why the fuck do we need to execute our prisoners?

  • David Rosenberg

    regarding Bob’s statement about Jon Stewart, did Bob not see the segment ‘Band of Blockers’ where Jon called out Republicans for their 5 years of opposition to Obama, simply out of hand. I did not see an ounce of ‘both sides’ in that tirade. Jon called out the Repubs and only the Repubs.
    I was cheering!!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Not to mention Monday’s show, where he got New Yorkers like Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn, and many ordinary citizens there to try and “convince” Sean Hannity to stay in New York, after he threatened to leave the city over Governor Cuomo’s remarks about people like him. Wrapping it up with a musical performance by the cast of Jersey Boys, and then Lane saying to Hannity “On second thought, who gives a fuck what you do?”

      Bob really shouldn’t turn his back on Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. I don’t often agree with some of the things he puts out, but far more often he’s correct and funny. Chez said it best last year that Stewart is the best ally liberals have and they’d better appreciate all the good he does.

  • RilesSD

    Ultrasound porn!?! Hahahaaaaaaaaaa

  • Kitty Smith

    Here Chez. I hate you. Have some money.

  • muselet

    Chez, calling the Rs “zoo animals” is damn’ near perfect. Incidentally, if Rand Paul had set himself on fire, I’d have bought a DVD of the State of the Union and watched it until the disc degraded. [Insert “Must-See TV” joke here]

    Bob, the Republican Party does want to seem like it’s unified, but the various factions and grifters contained within the party don’t care. I can’t manage to feel at all sorry for the GOP, mind you, but it’s a tough position for the party to be in.

    Bob, the Rs don’t see women’s reproductive health as part of healthcare. That’s why they indulge so often in out-and-out slut shaming when a woman of reproductive age mentions contraception (and they frankly have no idea how contraception works, which makes their outraged gibbering even more offensive).

    “Dictator” is just the word of the week for the Right. They’re desperately trying to find some label they can attach to Barack Obama that will make the public turn on him. They have no more idea of what the word “dictator” means than Jonah Goldberg has of what the word “fascism” means. All they do know is that those are negative words.

    I don’t care what Rush Limbaugh believes. Full stop.

    Jeb Bush would be an idiot to run in 2016. He’s a Bush, he’s been out of the public eye pretty much since he left the Florida governor’s mansion, and he’s not given to the sorts of nonsensical outbursts the Right has come to expect.

    People on the Left are always looking for some kind of consensus. If challenged, we tend to try to find some (largely mythical) middle ground. We’re reasonable and accommodating, and it means we get steamrollered by the Right, which is generally made up of people who get loud and belligerent when challenged. (This is hardly a novel insight, I know.)

    Rand Paul is pandering to the gun-lickers. I’m not sure he necessarily thinks guns in post offices is a good idea, but the people he needs to vote for him for president do. And the idea upsets people on the Left (you guys are absolutely correct, the Right is nothing more than a bunch of trolls), so there’s no downside for Paul.

    Steve Stockman has gotten exactly what he wanted from his bizarre behavior: publicity. People are talking about him. And the higher his profile, the easier it will be for him to solicit campaign contributions. (Chris Hayes: “Much of movement conservatism is a con and the base are the marks.”)

    I oppose the death penalty without exception. I don’t want society to stoop to the level of the criminals. I honestly don’t mind the thought of Djokhar Tsarnaev “walking around, sucking air.”Hell, as despicable as I find him, I don’t mind the thought that Charles Manson is still alive (although I’d be happier if reporters would ignore or forget about him).

    (Chez says “fuck you” at 33:30.)