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Girl from Ipanema: We’re Back; Chris Christie’s Bridge Scandal; Who Would Christie Appoint to His White House Staff; David Wildstein’s Petty Vengeance; What Other Scandals Haven’t Been Uncovered; Technical Difficulties and Internet Outages; The Greenwald Corporate Business Model is Fascinating; How Real Reporters Behave; Gun Fail in Kentucky; 2013 Was a Terrible Year for Gun Control; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • LTanya Spearman

    In other news:
    All outstanding issues over implementation of a nuclear deal between Iran and 6 world powers have been resolved, Iranian state media says.:

    Sen. B. Menendez & sen.M. Kirk has been leading the charge for a new Iran sanctions that Obama admin. have warned could undermine ongoing multilateral negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program — Menendez say in Washington Post on Friday that his “Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act” is just an “insurance policy.” :

    Edward Levine 30+ years Senate Arm Control expert, says Menendez – Kirk would kill the diplomatic option with Iran.:

    Iran sanctions have majority backing in senate, but not enough to override veto, yet..

    There are NO good arguments for new Iran sanctions. Sen. Menendez says scantions bill necessary because Iran parliament wants to pass bill countering his sanctions bill.:

    White House suggests lawmaker’s proposal for new Iran sanctions could lead U.S. into new war..:

    1) Is Netanyahu & AIPAC lobbying the senate to kill the P5+1 & Iran nuclear deal or get Pres. Obama/ SOS Kerry to back out of the negotiation?

    2) Is this why McCain & Graham suddenly, pop over to Israel — just as SOS Kerry landed in Israel?

    3) Or is it Netanyahu trying to back out 2 states peace talks with Abbas ?

    4) Was McCain & Graham there to reassure Netanyahu U.S. got Israel back?

    Would love to get feed back..

  • muselet

    Bob, you’re right: that’s not the most surprising announcement in radio history, but it is excellent news.

    “How would this make the mayor’s political reputation, political standing, approval rating, whatever, how would it damage that?” It wouldn’t, but that’s not the point. The point, familiar to anyone who has studied—or been victimized by—bullies, was to prove there was someone bigger and badder out there willing to make life miserable for Mark Sokolich. Nothing more, nothing less.

    In a sane universe, the bridge story would torpedo Chris Christie’s national ambitions and leave him floundering in New Jersey. However, as I keep pointing out, we do not live in a sane universe. Christie has too many fans among the Very Serious People, plus I think Roy Edroso has it about right:

    I should add that I don’t think this will negatively affect Christie’s Presidential push. That he’s an asshole is a large part of his appeal, and there’s a whole country full of suckers who, like the folks who hire a hitman, are inclined to believe he’ll restrict his viciousness to people they don’t like.

    Chez, you’re right, the stupidity of the scandal is breathtaking, but added to that stupidity is a swaggering type of hubris (again we come back to bullies). At the very least, Chris Christie is really bad at selecting and managing underlings.

    Oh, wow. First Look Media will immediately benefit from corporate synergy! It’s perfect! It’s also the most cynical damn’ thing I’ve heard in a long time. (The infomercial writes itself, doesn’t it? “Hi, I’m Glenn Greenwald, constitutional scholar and journalist. Are you afraid of the bogeyman? Edward Snowden proved that you should be. And now you can protect yourself for just pennies a day. Let me tell you how.”)

    Rachel Maddow regularly implores her viewers to subscribe to their local newspapers, and good for her for doing so. No matter how crummy your rinky-dink local paper is, every so often an important story will sneak in.

    “It happens”? “It happens”? Yes, it does, if you’re an irresponsible nitwit. Lord love a duck.

    Bob, you expected something else to happen after a frelling PR bonanza like Sandy Hook? If it makes you feel any better— I don’t expect it will—the number of guns in circulation is rising, but the number of households with a gun is dropping.

    What would the show be without technical glitches (and wouldn’t you love to find out)?


    • HilaryB

      If you haven’t seen it by now, check out this clip from Rachel Maddow’s show from last night. I bet she’s right.

      • muselet

        As I said above, Rachel Maddow’s theory makes more sense than any other that’s been proposed. Chris Christie is cunning enough not to put anything in writing, so the taint of scandal may not end his presidential run before it starts, but there should be a giant, flashing, neon question mark hanging over him for the rest of his political life.

        Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.


    • mrbrink

      “Christie has too many fans among the Very Serious People”

      Serious and terrible.

      A little late, but I’ve been laughing over this Pat Bagley tweet all week. I may never stop.

      • muselet

        That tweet is perfect.