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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 2/20/14


The Thing: Snowden Author’s Book Mysteriously Deleted; The Death of the Headline; Obama Abandons Chained CPI; Motley Crue Farewell Concert; Jesus and His AR15; Other Jesus Weapons; Bryan Fischer Loves Black Males; Chez Participates In Panel; The Facebook Videos; Matt Taibbi Moves to First Look Media; Bob Feeds the Trolls; Chevron’s Free Pizza; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • HilaryB

    I love this show!!

  • –Really enjoyed this week!

    –“That’s LSD bitch!” Sounds like some interesting stuff, wonder if this guy has more…..but seriously you know what it was? I have 15+ years in the IT profession and have been using computers in general since I was 13 years old and I can tell you, without a doubt, that it was his frigging keyboard…most likely a stuck key or keys. I’ve actually had something like that happen to me before. As IF the NSA would spend time on this guy’s computer instead of dealing with the thousands of threats from REAL terrorists and REAL enemies. Snowaldians are delusional…they honestly believe they are so important that the government is monitoring every thing they type, people they talk to, places they go, what they eat, when they take a dump…..they’re flat out loopy.

    –Just for giggles, you guys should use ridiculous titles that have nothing to do with the content of the article–Bigfoot spotted in Times Square! Batboy swoops into local Mall food court! Aliens probed my dog!

    –Bob, your Southern accent was so-so, usually you’re great but not this time…you need to let me read stuff translated into “Southern” for you…I can do Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana…all recognizably different. And that nutcase researched Jesus use of guns by using his “Blessed Time Machine Cloak of the Many Colors” (TM)…geez…you’d think that would be obvious to you guys! And Jesus told me personally that he would shoot laser beams out of his frickin eyes because guns are so passe–everyone has one.

    –The punching noises narrated with “I’m….trying….to…do….a…podcast!” made me laugh uncontrollably and my cubicle neighbors now think I’m weirder than they originally thought, so thanks for that.

    –The Bubble Genius commercial reminds me of Peggy Hill, the Spanish teacher….”vammus ahh hah-blarrrrr in ess-pan-yole hoi”

    –Just Chez….the artist formerly known as Chez…..THE Chez…I like the last one, then you can refer to yourself in the third person…the royal we, as in “We prefer to cuddle”.

    –I think Taibbi is one of the best journalists of his generation and if he keeps going at this current pace, he will earn a place in the pantheon of great journalists. He may use anonymous sources but I trust him, because he’s been right so often and his prose is outstanding. I would be terribly disappointed if his work deteriorates to the “Greenwald Standard”, however. One thing, don’t think you mentioned it, the Intercept/First Look people have to hoping that Taibbi will bring tons of loyal readers with him–he was the only reason I ever read The Rolling Stone. I know I will go to the new place to read him now too…so it’s not a bad idea for them. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t give into the bubble though.

    –“Sorry about that glowing tumor on your forehead. We would like to make it up to you. Here’s a coupon for a free soda with the purchase of a Big Mac (Regular size drink only, Expiration: January 31, 2014). If you have any questions or concerns please hesitate to call us.” But The Free Market would never allow such things to happen….palm meet face

    • I can do a much better accent. I didn’t own it this time.

      Thanks for all of the kudos and comments, Grrrl!

  • RilesSD

    Bob said juicy nutbags.

    • I did? LOL!

      • RilesSD

        Haha, yeah! At the 16:45 mark, “…a couple of…juicy nutbag stories.”

        Gave me a nice Beavis and Butthead laugh on a Friday.

  • MrDHalen

    Good show guys!!! Great banter!

    I’m at my wits end with the Snowden crap! I really don’t understand the Liberal attachment to this guy. It has really shaken my belief in us saving the nation away from the crazy. I still have yet to learn anything from him that I didn’t already know or reasonably suspect of our NSA. Women are being vaginally probed and black men are hunted in Florida, and we get crickets from these people. Unnamed white guys getting their international phone calls retained for possible investigation after (keyword: after) an attack on the nation is grounds for ending ALL international spying? WTF!!!

    Lawrence O’Donnell did a segment tonight on Pussy Riot and Snowden in Russia, but I couldn’t tell if he was bagging on Snowden or apologizing for him. He said he knows Snowden regrets thanking Russia for being one of the first nations to stand up for human rights. Was he serious or trolling Snowden? That’s how messed up the Snowden love is on the left. If Greenwald & Snowden were real activist, they would not spare their current host countries from their condemnation.

    One last thing, “Which F***ing American citizen on U.S soil, has been prosecuted using NSA intelligence data? Better, what has the NSA stopped from happening to us? I see the NSA as a means to put a little effort into finding two-way communication between people in the U.S. and internationally (like the guys from 9-11) were using. Second, the NSA will be able to look through past records to see if the next asshole who hits us, was using an outside contact to plan his attack.

    After the next attack and we can’t figure out who the people are and who organized it, I bet some of these same people demanding the NSA be stopped, will be demanding to know “How could this happen?”.

    Note: You guys should do a podcast on music albums as well, it would be great! Love it when you discuss that stuff, but hate that it takes away from the politics sometimes.

    • Thanks! A music podcast would be fun, though Chez is way more literate in that area than I am.