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Snowden’s Russia: Ben Cohen from The Daily Banter Joins Us for the Hour; The Misreporting of the CBO Obamacare Report; Digital Journalism Fail; Philip Seymour Hoffman; Russian Spying and Hacking at Sochi; Wikileaks and Greenwald Shill for Russia; 13 Bizarre Things from the New Guardian Book; Hacktivists; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • Oh, and about Hoffman….I usually don’t give a crap about celebrities but Hoffman’s death hits me hard…and it’s a selfish loss because I will never get to see new performances from such a brilliant artist. About the addiction discussion, it’s the whole lack of empathy thing. People don’t understand that there but for the “grace of God” or “grace of luck” (call it what you will) go I. Many people think they’re special. That they would never fall so low…that they’d never be tempted to take drugs in the first place or if they did, they could resist the addiction by sheer force of will. They’re someone who has never actually faced adversity or they simply have no empathy for the suffering of others. Addicts suffer…their lives are filled with pain and difficulty and it feeds on itself. The more they do, the more agony they are in. The worse it gets so the more they want to do. It’s an illness…plain and simple.

  • Bob, I know you’re over Jon Stewart but he did a good segment on calling out this BS on the CBO report. So you can be sure that the youth segment, the most crucial segment for the success of the ACA, got the accurate story from Stewart. Which speaks to just how shitty our news media is that we actually end up relying on satirical new shows to get the real information.

  • LTanya Spearman

    Rachel Maddow had a great segment on the hacking. If they got that segment up yet advise everyone to have a look… Paging Snowden..

  • muselet

    Bob, if it makes you feel any better, the mainstream media screwed up the CBO report story as badly as any digital media. It’s not so much that it’s digital, it’s because of laziness.

    Years ago, Steve Allen was pondering what he would do if he ran one of the television networks (for the benefit of the young’uns reading this, once upon a time there were only three broadcast networks). He said one night a week his network would aim to be the lowest-rated: that would be the night for programs that were high-minded, challenging, thoughtful or simply not suited for a mass audience. A lovely dream, but a pipe dream, one guaranteed to cause a shareholder revolt that would end with him unemployed at best and torn limb from limb at worst. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if a major news outlet (sorry, Ben) followed that principle and decided to publish reports that were accurate reports rather than merely immediate, one day a week at least?

    I couldn’t be more tired of reporters who think their job is to analyze the politics of things and events rather than, you know, reporting on those things and events. Chuck Todd should have been fired for his moronic comment and Chris Cillizza should be busted down to writing obits until he learns the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] craft of reporting.

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy, First Look Media is going live! Pity I have obligations that will keep me from looking at the site until … well, never looks like it may be open.

    I don’t remember who it was, but someone once said something to the effect that the thing that kept most artists (or actors or creative people generally, I don’t remember the exact comment) from becoming drug addicts was the fact that most of them didn’t earn enough to afford drugs. It was meant as a bleak, pitch-black joke, but it kind of rings true.

    Chez, you mean Yakov Smirnoff’s career may be revived because of Edward Snowden? Call in the drones! Hellfire missiles! Cruise missiles! Anything! I put up with the ubiquitous Yakov Smirnoff once and I refuse to undergo that torture again!

    Bob, sabotaged hotel rooms are far worse than indiscriminate surveillance! Unless of course the US or one of its close allies is behind the surveillance. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald must be so proud and happy.

    Chez, you’re absolutely right about Greenwald and the NSA stories.

    When Greenwald started to get demanding, The Guardian would have done better to tell him to take his stolen documents and find another outlet. Sure, Greenwald would have gotten pissy and probably would have taken some potshots at the paper, but at least its reputation wouldn’t have suffered such a blow.

    Government is necessary. Anarchists and libertarians (for thirty years, I’ve defined libertarianism as anarchism without the intellectual consistency) are not noble figures, no matter how much they try to pretend they are. “What comes next?” is the most important question any self-proclaimed revolutionary has to answer and those people haven’t even tried.

    Looking for minorities at that anti-NSA rally would be a lot like Finding Waldo. (Geez, that’s two Finding Waldo references in less than two weeks. I need to get out more.)


  • Kitty Smith