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Bob and Chez
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RELM_buttonHouse of Clintons: We're Nominees in the Podcast Awards! Vote for us!; The News Media's Desperate Scandal-Mongering on Hillary Clinton's Emails; Frank and Claire Underwood meet Bill and Hillary Clinton; Rachel Maddow Nails the Press Coverage of Emailghazi; Trey Gowdy's Personal Email; Turmoil in Ferguson; Cops Shot then Sent Home; Greg Gutfeld Describes Protesters as Minstrels; Rudy Giuliani and Bill Cosby; The Senate GOP's Awful Iran Letter; Political Precedent; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • I voted fer ya on that there Podcast Awards thingy! 😉

  • Lady Willpower

    I love me some Ed Meechum.

  • aynwrong

    “Come here Meechum…”

    Your a sick man Bob. Love it.