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PROGRAMMING NOTE: We totally forgot to mention that there won’t be any shows next week due to another commitment. See you again in two weeks!

Lincoln’s Potty Jokes: Paul Ryan’s Inner City Remarks; GOP Dog-Whistles; Rush Limbaugh Says Republicans Are Paralyzed in Fear of a Black POTUS; Between Two Ferns Gate; Bill O’Reilly Isn’t Really a Lincoln Expert; Lincoln’s Ethan Allen Story; ‘Cosmos’ and the Crazy Evangelical Reaction; Presidents Being Silly; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • 1933john

    I listened to Rush a couple of
    times in 1992, and I thought,
    “This guy is full of shit”!
    He reminded me of the fat
    smelly kid in grammar school
    that wrote shit on the blackboard
    when the teacher was out of
    the room.

  • MrDHalen

    Great show!!!

    Love that you brought up Neil being black, added fuel to the fundies fire. America has a real race problem. We like to think we’re moving past it, but the economy is not helping. American whites have a powerful uncle who get drunk and spews his terrible views at the family gathering, but those of us offended do nothing about him; that is the heart of current America. We have a huge number of white Americans who believe non-whites are a big threat to the nation.

    I have faith in God and believe in Science. To me, the bible is about life lessons, not to be followed like a script. Like Neil said “Your god is too small!”. To be honest, I only follow how to love my fellow man in the bible. Everything else was written by man. FYI —
    Republicans renew my belief in god due to the evil that they do. Evil is real!!!

  • Samantha George

    The deal with Rush using “My City Was Gone” is that Chrissie Hynde was not happy about it, but due to the label and ASCAP, couldn’t do much about it. So, she ensures that all of the royalties get donated to PETA and other organizations he doesn’t care for.

  • Whenever you play that old timey sickly sweet music, I have this overwhelming to say “oh fuck off”. Does that make me a bad person? /rhetorical

    LOL about the “Akin-level Event”…you should have a scale applied to such comments so you can rate them….e.g., Limbaugh earns a score of 4 Akins (and then have four little Akin heads on the post). If you like the idea, I’ve attached a tiny Akin head for your convenience.

    Another visual…Limpballs on the toilet. I swear to the FSM above, Bob, you’re going to kill me with these mental images! And If defecation humor is good enough for Lincoln, by golly it’s good enough for us.

    Bob: “His hash tag is Batman.”
    Chez: “Of course it is.”

  • ruth crocker

    First man boob Putin, now Rush. Can’t I visit this site without being traumatized by the photos?

    • Churchlady320

      I was just wondering why they picked a photo of Rush when he was, well, less portly than he is now? He looks almost…human.

  • muselet

    “Dear god, did he step in it.” Damn, Chez, you’re being awfully polite.

    Bob, I’m surprised that you’re surprised by the view into Paul Ryan’s brain (it’s like a ride through the sewer in a glass-bottomed boat). His “screw the poors” shtick isn’t shtick. He really, truly doesn’t understand that without the evil gummint, he would have a high-school education and no more prospects than any other knucklehead in Janesville. Understanding would require self-awareness, and that’s something—one of many things—Paul Ryan utterly lacks.

    Rush Limbaugh is not a well man, and I don’t mean that as a metaphor. I heard the man a couple of times when he was in his pomp, two or three decades ago, and as much as I despised everything he believed and said, I recognized the skill—the technique—he could call upon. He’s lost everything he had back then and is coasting, depending on his decades-ago reputation to keep working. Sure, he can still shuffle papers into an open mic like nobody’s business, but he’s lost the voice, lost the delivery, he used to have. Ordinarily I’d feel sorry for someone who’s washed up at 63, but Limbaugh has hurt enough people that I can’t really bring myself to care.

    Shorter Rush Limbaugh: Ooga booga!

    In fairness to Mitt Romney—yes, really, and this has been mentioned many times—his campaign tried to recycle a campaign slogan from Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party: “Labour Isn’t Working.” It wasn’t motivated by racism. Fairness over. At least the Tories’ slogan made logical sense and used a halfway-clever bit of wordplay. Shoehorning Barack Obama’s name into it served only to make the Romney campaign look stupid. It’s different from the ravings of Limbaugh and the others mostly because it was more contrived and less the product of spittle-flecked rage.

    The less said about Bill O’Reilly, the better.

    Nothing will ever convince the fundies that cosmology or evolution or much of anything else has value. I sincerely hope no one ever thought Cosmos would change anything. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the best spokesperson for science in a generation, and if we lived in a rational universe, he would have more or less unrestricted access to mass media.

    The problem with science—or rather, the problem fundies (to be fair, most people) have with science—is that it requires you to be flexible, to hold your opinions lightly, to be willing to follow new evidence wherever it leads. Science is a joy, more fun than a proverbial, but in exchange for a glimpse of what the Universe is really like and how things really work, it demands you to change the way you think. It’s a big ask, and I can understand why people don’t—or can’t—make that trade.

    The flip-side is that people who don’t want to make that trade but who benefit from the knowledge science has provided should have the decency to shut up.

    “Immune to the idea of discovery.” Well said, Chez. Bravo.

    (Chez says “fucking” at 45:09.)


    • (it’s like a ride through the sewer in a glass-bottomed boat).

      Yes, and what makes it so deceptive as they pointed out is that the boat is in good shape, shiny new coat of paint, great nautical accessories, etc. Too bad the boat is meant to only glide through shite.

      Edited to add: There is also the aspect of almost every religion that tells the worshiper that they or their people are specially chosen by their particular deity. To admit anything other than their pet theory would mean losing that special-ness and we know how much conservatives in particular cling to be “special”.

  • HilaryB

    You do some really good impressions, Bob. I think the one of Alex Jones is my favorite.