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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 3/19/15

Bob and Chez
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RELM_buttonThe Crazy Show: We're Nominees in the Podcast Awards! Vote for us!; MSNBC's Phil Griffin is Crazy; That Crazy Lady Shouting at Rick Santorum; Crazy Trump Pretending to Run for President Again; The Crazy Racist Gun Show Vendor Selling Racist Targets; Crazy Alex Jones' Latest Stunt; Crazy Alex Jones in the Wacky Sitcom 'Bilderburgers'; Ben Carson Flubs Questions from Crazy Hugh Hewitt; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • HilaryB

    That promo you made for “Bilderburgers” was pretty brilliant. I can picture Dan Bidondi standing behind a cash register wearing one of those fast food paper hats.

    • muselet

      “Welcome to Bilderburgers. May I take your New World Order?”


      • HilaryB

        LOL! Awesome.

  • holyreality

    The Rant from South Carolina was begging for a Blazing Saddles incoherent FRICKER FRACKER sample. That was the first thing that popped up in memory as I listened to her.
    I also put Captain Kirk’s voice saying her words too.

  • aynwrong

    Just voted for the podcast. Again.

  • muselet

    Bob, I think I speak for us all when I say we want pics of you and your gekko.

    When someone like Phil Griffin says “change is coming,” everyone at the network should find a large piece of furniture to hide under. If ratings aren’t good now, just wait until management at MSNBC decides to do something! about the situation.

    Bob, I think you’re essentially asking MSNBC to surprise you. I agree, that would be an amazing—and possibly extremely watchable—thing, but it would require taking a risk and if there’s anything modern television is, it’s risk-averse. News, entertainment, late-night infomercials, doesn’t matter, if it hasn’t already been focus-grouped to death it ain’t going to air. So has The Great God Nielsen made timorous every Program Director and VP of Programming. What’s needed are network execs and network bosses who are willing to, for want of a better word, play, at least for a while, and let The Great God Neilsen hang, at least for a while.

    I couldn’t agree more: the Ds need a larger field of presidential candidates.

    Donald Trump may actually be delusional enough to think he could beocme a major-party candidate for president. As far as I can tell, there’s no one who’s not in his employ who thinks The Donald has a snowball’s chance of becoming anything more than a bigger national punchline.

    The woman who screeched at Rick “Frothy MIx” Santorum really needs to refill her prescription for Clozapine.

    Charleston, did she say?

    Charlie Pierce always refers to South Carolina as the home office of American sedition. I can’t imagine why.

    “South is a state of mind.” Horrific but true, Chez.

    “A bukkake of crazy.” Even more horrific, Chez, but no less true.

    I love the idea of an Alex Jones sitcom with him managing a BilderBurgers franchise, with (of course Dan Bidondi as Shift Manager. “You people are f*cking nuts!” would be a perfect tagline for the series (sure, the show would last fifteen minutes before the network pulled the plug, but what a glorious quarter-hour!).

    I think I’ve mentioned before, Hugh Hewitt first came to my attention as a co-host of a local public-affairs TV show here in Southern California called Life & Times. He was a prick with ears then and he’s still a prick with ears. The fact that he tripped up Ben Carson I find hilarious, but it’s also telling: Hewitt has—shall we say—very particular tastes in a presidential candidate, and Ben Carson is a poor fit (it’s nothing to do with race, incidentally, it’s that Carson is an uninformed loon, as opposed to a loon who can fake knowledge).


    • ranger11

      Great, you’re back! Really missed the after-show commentary. Good stuff.

      • muselet

        Good to be back. I missed commenting on the show, too.


        • Victor the Crab

          What ranger11 said. The Bob & Chez Show isn’t the same without your post show commentary.

          • muselet

            Aw, shucks, yer makin’ me blush.


    • Great to have you back! We all missed you here.

      Meanwhile, a photo of the gecko is here:

  • Chris Budesa

    I think a Nuke got lost somewhere along the South Carolina or Georgia coast. Found this: