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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 3/21/13


Democrats Cave on Assault Weapons; Harry Reid and the NRA; The Senate Cooling Saucer; Michele Bachmann is Back and Crazier than Ever; Benghazi the Board Game; The Return of Death Panels; Man Kills Himself While at a Gun Safety Class; Conservative Strategy to Infiltrate Liberal Blogs as Imposters; Threadjacking the Debate; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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Bubble Genius

  • I just want to point out the right trying to infiltrate left-leaning blog is not new, I’ve seen them doing it in various   places. They dont bother to hide their affiliation and as expected, they suck at hijacking as well.  All you have to do is  rememer the main focus of the thread and keep going back to it. Thread-jacking only works if you let it.

  • Re: MN voters…

    I’m next to her district. And while it is gerrymandered within an inch of it’s life, it is also majority SERIOUS, DEVOUT republican, not just the mouthbreathers but vicious sociopaths.

    Leg the first – It’s the home of Pastor Mac Hammond’s megachurch, one of these ‘name it and claim it’, ‘let’s randomly babble enthusiastically’, ‘the IRS? What’s that hahaha’ churches.

    Another leg of the crazy stool is the Chamber Of Commerce types with the McMansions and the mad-on against taxes and people any shade darker than Casper, who OWN her, and tell her what to do – she genuinely doesn’t do any of her own work, and they put up with the off-the-rails, off-the-prompter crazy for the tax bennies.

    She has to get a lot crazy before they will kick the puppet.

    Oh, the third leg? Acid. Soooo, so much acid. See the Eyes Of Loony Mars on the post above.

  • muselet

    “You are entering The Portal of Bob. This is a dark ride. Please keep your hands inside the car at all times.”

    Bob, I’m not happy about what Harry Reid and the Ds have done so far with regard to gun control either, but the votes weren’t there. Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapon ban would have gotten a few more than 40 votes, maybe. In more normal times some arm-twisting could have gotten the measure past 50, but since the Rs have decided to filibuster everything, that still wouldn’t have been enough. If you want to be angry at anyone, be angry at Mitch McConnell.

    “Where’s the money?” That’s the key. Rachel Maddow spent some little time after the election pointing out that the NRA’s money got them very slightly more than diddly squat in terms of candidates, but campaigns (rightly) worry about having to counter huge, expensive ad buys, especially close to an election. Pro-gun–control money could help neutralize that.

    Michele Bachmann is either barking mad or Andy Kaufman in drag. My guess is she’s not Andy Kaufman.

    Chez, you missed your calling. You should be a game designer.

    Nothing is ever settled for the Right. Nothing. Unless of course the Right likes the way the issue was decided, in which case continuing to argue makes God, the Baby Jesus and the Founding Fathers cry.

    “First, infiltrate the site.” It’s a freaking blog! Leave your comments like everyone else and take your lumps like everyone else. If you cross whatever line the proprietor thinks is reasonable and you get banned, go whine about it to your co-religionists. I admire anyone with a rich fantasy life, but this is beyond stupid. Threadjacking is a fairly minor nuisance, or at least it should be, and the proper response is fairly obvious: either don’t feed the troll or be aware that’s what you’re doing and have some fun slapping the troll around.

    Anonymity (well, pseudonymity, if you don’t mind the neologism) can obviously be an excuse to act like a jerk. Speaking only for myself, a pseudonymous commenter, I’m always acutely aware of what I’m putting out there on the interwebs. I don’t actually say anything on the internet I wouldn’t say in person (yes, I would call Michele Bachmann barking mad to her face, thank you for asking). What bothers me isn’t the (relative) anonymity but the irresponsibility: some people just weren’t raised right.


    • Re: anonymous handles… Present company excluded, of course. I clarified more on the After Party.

      • muselet

        Understood. You said as much on the broadcast, too.

        I wasn’t busting your chops, as the kids say (they do still say that, right?), I was just putting in my €0.016. Real names can encourage responsible behavior on the internet, but real names can also stifle free exchanges for any number of reasons. Where the proper balance lies depends on one’s personal taste.

        If tomorrow morning the internet somehow required everyone to use their real name, that might not necessarily be the worst thing in the world (as long as Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t in charge of the validation—there’s absolutely nothing that guy does that doesn’t make me want to run away terribly fast); if nothing else, 99%+ of trolls would evaporate. Of course, it would also mean the Huffington Post would see its comments traffic drop to roughly zero (and we could debate till the cows come home whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing).

        Pseudonyms can represent liberation or license. I tend to pay more attention to the content of someone’s opinions than whether they’ve signed off on those opinions using the name that’s on their birth certificate, and I think you probably do, too.

        My tentative position is that a stable pseudonymous identity—emphasis on ‘stable’—is roughly as good as a real name for most people, most of the time. Good people will always behave like good people; mischief makers will make mischief regardless.


  • D_C_Wilson

    Okay, that was one scary-ass picture of Bachmann. Even in comparison to other crazy-eyes pictures of her.