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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 3/29/12

NRA Hoodies and Gun-Toting Runway Models; White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon's Email; Republican Bullying; The New Zimmerman Video; The Italian Supreme Court Justices are Morons; Conservatives Don't Trust Science; Sarah Palin and the Shifting Party Platforms; Hot Dogs Don't Contain Actual Dogs; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Draxiar

    Oh wow….the NRA “commecial” is going to keep me laughing all friggin’ day! Bloody Brilliant!

  • JackDaniel07

    Bob and/or Chez
    The question I have yet to see asked or answered is:
    We know that Zimmerman made like 46 calls to 911 in about a one year period leading up to this tragic event. Many (most?) of them about suspicion of burglaries. So…

    How many actual police reports were filed for burglaries in that gated community in that time period?

    Was Zimmerman 0/46? 1/46?

    We know he is a ChickenLittle vigilante who was denied entrance to the police force, twice. We know he made all those calls, and during his own 911 call that night – during the chase – he expressed frustration (to say the least) at the fact that the “______ always get away”.

    I’m just a house painter, but it seems like easy math to me.

    I’ll bet if/when the records are inspected properly (assuming they were kept properly), we’ll see that the local authorities probably responded to Zimmerman’s first several calls…then eventually he became Chunk from Goonies.

    Thats when his frustration started to boil…15…30 calls of no police response to his 911 calls??

    This guy was a ticking bomb. If it hadn’t been Trayvon that fateful night, I fear it would have been some other innocent victim OR EVEN A REAL BURGLAR but thats not the job of the Zimmermans of the world to start spraying bullets around high density housing.

    • JackDaniel07

      and thats as far into the cast as I got this time
      its usually a 3 sesh show for me – gotta go, I have a bunch of stickers and t-shirts to make just to piss off Chez! 😉

      I kid I kiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!

  • For some twisted irony, put a photo of Geraldo Rivera’s face on the hoodie (whether it be plastered, stapled, or taped) with a cross hair over it.

    Watch the pissy-ness unleash.

  • muselet

    “Sure. Because people who are really, really nuts about guns generally give a crap what they look like.” Still laughing, half an hour later.

    “It’s okay to conceal a gun. It’s not okay to conceal blackness.” Bob, I think you just came up with the tagline for the ad.

    An NRA fashion show. Oh dear lord, Bob, I beg of you, don’t give them ideas! (One cavil: please stop associating idiocy with banjo music, and I ask this only partly because of the death of Earl Scruggs. If you want to use music to indicate someone dumb enough to drown in a heavy rain, play Ted Nugent.)

    The Dog Trainer ran the story this morning about cons and science. I read it, and it took me ten minutes to stop banging my head on the table. As Steve Benen says, this is why we can’t have nice things.

    People still care about the Shroud of Turin? Really? Oh, my head …

    It’s easy to understand Righties. IT’S PROJECTION ALL THE TIME. You can’t go too far wrong if you keep that in mind.