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Putin’s Hairless Manboobs: RT Network’s Abby Martin Criticizes Russian Invasion; Greenwald Defends Obvious Russian Propaganda Outfit; The Daily Banter Gets Mixed Up in RT Scandal; 911 Truthers; Liz Wahl Resigns from RT While On the Air; Republican Putin Fanboys; Republican Fashionistas; Putin’s Ridiculous Horseback Pic; Obama and 911; House Bill to Allow Congress to Sue Obama; Steve Stockman Loses Campaign, Probably Didn’t Actually Run; Stockman’s Meta Crazy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • mrbrink

    Haha>>> “Blood Bath” by Bubble Genius. Love it! Great spot, too. I’ve been meaning to get some of that for the loyal bath-lover in my life. And “Dude, Where’s My Suds?” is pure genius, just in time for 4/20! Take note before you forget it, ya smelly stoners! Hahaha.

    Great show all around. Highly recommend this one. Radioactive topics being handled by seasoned media observers and without the hazmat suits. Surest hands around. Hazmat suits are useless when you’re immune to bullshit.

  • muselet

    State sponsorship of a news organization must be done very carefully, and Chez is right about BBC and Al Jazeera, but both of those newsrooms are structurally isolated from political interference. (Beyond that, the culture of the BBC, to the annoyance of politicians, is to be accurate and impartial.) Even with a robust firewall, though, external pressure can propagate downward amd make reporters cautious.

    Since I don’t have cable, I have no first-hand experience with RT. Even before Vladimir Putin decided to send troops into Ukraine, I would have been skeptical of the channel’s independence (Putin doesn’t handle criticism particularly well). From what little I’ve read, I agree with you guys that Abby Martin lent credibility to RT; again based on what I’ve seen, I assume that was unintentional on her part, but she stepped on her own message.

    Boy, Chez, you sure do get worked up when journalism isn’t done right (I don’t blame you at all, just so you know).

    “The Republican reaction is predictably incoherent.” Bob, what they say is incoherent, but the attitude underlying what they say is as predictable as the sunrise. Righties swoon over any Manly Authoritarian Man of Action who struts onto the world scene, and when there’s a D in the White House they look to foreign strongmen. They have a big ol’ man-crush on Vova for now, but when the Ukraine crisis is over, they’ll be searching for someone else. They’re fickle that way.

    Chez, it is offensive, but it’s not surprising.

    Bob, when the President rides a bicycle, more than anything else he looks like an ordinary suburban dad out with his kids. Why that drives Righties to distraction I will never understand. George W. Bush tried to look tough and (here’s that word again) manly with his mountain bike and race-style helmet. Barack Obama looks normal. (And I’ll never forgive you for the mental image of Boehner’s “hairless orange legs glistening in the sun.” Ick, and may I add, eww.)

    Bob, the minute you give up the delusion than the Rs care in the slightest about consistency is the minute you’ll stop being confused and angry about their behavior. Not only are these the people who advocate tort reform, they spent two decades railing against situational ethics. They don’t do consistency.

    That’s Not Steve! was taped before a live studio audience.”

    If we’re all very lucky, Steve Stockman will go away (listen carefully and you’ll hear the sighs of relief coming from the FEC). I don’t think we’re that lucky, since there are still people in Texas who have yet to be fleeced.