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President Obama’s Social Security Cuts; Chained CPI; Very Serious Budget Hawks; The Gun Control Bill Keeps Moving Through Congress; Regulating Knives; Ted Nugent Still Talking About Shooting People; Chickhawks; Pretending to Be In the Military; Mitch McConnell, Ashley Judd and the Mother Jones Tape; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • JMAshby

    Good show. I think you may be a little too self-conscious about being labeled an Obamabot. No serious people, or at least no one you should take seriously, would ever use that term. Anyone who uses “Obamabot” non ironically is an idiot.

    I think the latter points you guys made sort of contradict the earlier points. Out attention spans are very low, and that’s why it’s better for the president to propose another bargain now rather than later. Rather than, say, next year during the campaign.

    You don’t see a upside to his proposal, but I see the Republicans tripping over themselves today, fighting over whether or not they are for or against it. The president said himself that he would prefer not to alter SS, but the Republicans aren’t really sure.

    I don’t think chained CPI is a magnificent idea, but I think the overblown coverage of it has come at the detriment of the wealth of great progressive ideas in the rest of the budget.

    That’s a general sentiment, not specifically directed anything written here. I mean.. the black caucus is planning to march on the White House for something that will never become law. Where is their voice for the tens of billions of dollars of additional spending included in the budget for disadvantaged children?

    • ranger11

      There’s actually going to be a march about a proposal that is unlikely to pass? I don’t agree with this proposal but this is a bit ridiculous. Are they aware that there are three branches of government? Is the executive the only one we need to be concerned about? The congress and the court is doing nasty stuff all the time and there are no marches. I dunno what to say. The monarchy was defeated back in the 1780’s. I’m sad and scared….

  • muselet

    Bob, nobody who’s paid any attention to what you’ve written in the past five years would think you’re an Obamabot. Trolls don’t count.

    Chained CPI might—might—be a bad deal for seniors or it might not, but nobody knows, as Kevin Drum said this morning . Drum also made the obvious point that the Rs won’t bite, no matter what. (He changed his mind, or at least his rhetoric, a little bit by this evening, saying chained CPI shouldn’t be proposed unless the Rs decide to negotiate seriously.) I’m all for finding out before we decide to do a large-scale experiment on the general public.

    Of course there are better ways to keep Social Security solvent and of course we have lots of time to make whatever—relatively minimal—changes are necessary, but the Rs have been very successful at making people think the system is broken and needs radical changes now now now (when they’re not calling it a Ponzi scheme, that is).

    The NRA isn’t even close to being the most radical pro-gun organization out there, not by a lot. I’m surprised it’s willing even to be seen negotiating, even if it is to water down any proposed legislation.

    I’m afraid the only way the US will get meaningful gun control is if there’s a mass shooting in the Capitol. Even then, it would be a big ask, and I can imagine at least five of the current Supremes striking down anything that might get passed.

    If it weren’t for drunken college males and rednecks (real or wannabe) Ted Nugent would have to get a real job, and I’m not sure what job he’s actually qualified for—floor sweeper at a warehouse, maybe, but only if there were no shiny objects around to distract him.

    There should be a moratorium on martial metaphors, you should pardon the alliteration. Please find some other way of bringing meaning to your drab, wretched lives.

    McConnell trying to make himself a victim when that revolting recording was made public was predictable and will probably help him stay in the Senate another six years (disgruntled staffer, my foot, my two bucks says McConnell made the recording and released it himself). And I’m sure the FBI is just thrilled to bits to investigate the matter, too.

    I don’t believe for a millisecond that the politicians (most of them, anyway—there are exceptions) screaming about conspiracies are serious. They’re simply stirring up the rubes. Unfortunately for us all, the rubes are primed to be stirred up and really do believe every word about every supposed conspiracy.