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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 4/11/12

One Day Early This Week; George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder; Hannity and Zimmerman are Pals and Confidantes; Santorum Drops Out; Allen West Goes Full McCarthy; Gawker Has a Spy Inside Fox News Channel; The Spy Might Have been Smoked Out; Low-Effort Thinking Leads to Conservatism; Abstinence Education; Strip Club Observations; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

The After Party will post on its usual day -- this Friday.

UPDATE: The Fox News Mole has revealed himself. BOOOOO!

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Adding... As mentioned on the show, here's Bob Mould performing Hoover Dam from the Copper Blue album:

Bubble Genius

  • JackDaniel07

    Just gonna say it.
    I used to feel like I was hangin out with buds while listening to the show, lately it feels like we talked too loud at 2pm in the living room and woke up a cranky ass oversleeping Chez down the hall.
    The After Party was almost unbearable…
    I love this show, lets iron it out.

  • villemar

    Funny, tonight I watched a mob documentary on Vincent “the Chin” Gigante who ran the Genovese crime family for many years but for decades maintained a facade that he was batshit crazy…walking around in a bathrobe in public, peeing on himself, constantly checking into psych wards, etc. This was just a ruse but it did work for a long time..the Feds didn’t finally bust him until 1997.

    So it can be pulled off. Or, maybe Alan West is just batshit fucking crazy.

  • muselet

    And I now know more about strip clubs and strip club etiquette than I ever wanted or needed to know. My education is now officially complete.

    Chez, it takes real talent to lower the tone at a strip club.

    Sean Hannity having to testify about his communications with George Zimmerman. That’s a transcript I want to read.

    I was going to say that Fox News is in an unenviable position (either reinforce the prejudices of its core audience or try to hang onto the tatters of its journalistic integrity), but then I realized that it’s Fox News. I do feel sorry for the professionals who for whatever reason work at Fox News, though.

    “That guy, at this point, he’s doing performance art. He just has to be. There’s no way someone is truly that psychotic.” Chez, Allen West is a true believer. He’s not necessarily psychotic, but he believes every word that falls out of his pie hole. If he’s doing performance art, it’s at an Andy Kaufman level.

    A quiet push to rehabilitate Joseph McCarthy? There was nothing quiet about it. Ann Coulter wrote a long and impassioned defense of the man in Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism (the woman is crap with titles), for pity’s sake.

    Chez called it, the fox Mole was an associate producer—and for O’Reilly, no less (I love the suggestion by a commenter at the link that Joe Muto should have hacked O’Reilly’s login). Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Saying Fox is a propaganda channel brought to mind a Russian saying from the Soviet era: “There is no truth in Pravda and there is no news in Izvestia.”

    “We’re done with the clown car.” Until 2015, anyway.