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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 4/17/15

Bob and Chez
Written by Bob and Chez

RELM_buttonSuper Vitality Male: Friday Bob; We Recap Bob's Fun Time with Stephanie Miller; Liberal Radio; The Chris Lavoie Bump; Alex Jones is Selling Diet Supplements; We Reveal an Exclusive New Alex Jones Product; Marco Rubio's Cotton Mouth; Hillary Derangement Syndrome; Steve King's Crazy Talk on Immigration; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • GOVCHRIS1988


    So ladies, anyone imagining being under, over or in front of this dietary tub of manliness above?

  • philhockey22

    I like listening to the show, but this latest podcast is the most wankiest, self masturbatory show ever. Stop blowing your load all over the mic about Stephanie Miller. 20 fucking minutes of that shit. Plus, living in LA and listening to Chez go on about how being in the Hollywood Hills makes you feel like you’re really living in LA is vomit inducing. The most douchy “LA Captain Hollywood” types live in those fucking hills. It’s like the polar opposite of Republicans when they go on about small meth towns being “Real America”.

  • Cindyjc

    Bob, loved you on SMS and looking forward to watching the Happy Hour. And, trust me, you looked pretty pumped. Maybe not quite Chris Lavoie territory yet, but darn good. Bright spots in my week are Bob and Chez and SMS. Funny and intelligent!

  • HilaryB

    Punch Yourself in the Scrotum diet plan….That was hilarious.

  • Draxiar

    That commercial by “Alex Jones” had me laughing so hard I was out of breath and tearing up!

  • ranger11

    Hey man, I don’t want or need to see these pics. Shit!

  • muselet

    It’s an honor just to be nominated, guys. Haven’t you ever watched the Oscars preshow?

    Bob, you’re gushing. Nothing wrong with that, and I don’t blame you for a microsecond. It’s always a joy to hang around with people who are fun and interesting.

    “Radio Stories and Bike Injuries” wouldn’t be a bad title for a radio show or podcast.

    “God only knows why that crap happens.” Actually, so do physicists.

    “When I think ‘male vitality,’ the very first person I think of is Alex Jones.” Ick. I laughed, but seriously, Chez, ick.

    The background noise isn’t the problem, Bob, it’s the claim Alex Jones is making that he lost over sixty pounds in a month and a half. No one can lost ten pounds a week without putting their health at serious risk, even if they’re being constantly monitored by medical professionals. I seriously doubt the goobers who listen to Alex Jones have doctors and nurses on call 24/7.

    Bob, based on the pictures you posted, he didn’t even spend time in a tanning bed. The color balance was changed and the lighting was changed: check out the reflection on his forehead and the shadows under his chins. He may be making an effort to make muscles in the “after” pic, but he’s exactly the same doughy guy as in the “before” pic, just with shadows.

    If you’ll excuse me for a moment, i think I need to urp.

    Give Marco Rubio’s campaign graphics team credit: at least they ddin’t dot the “i” in his name with a Valentine’s heart. They came close, but they didn’t do it.

    I’m sorry, I simply can’t take Marco Rubio seriously. Rand Paul is more serious than Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul is not—as I keep repeating—a serious person.

    The Rs seem to think all Latinos are elderly Cuban emigres living in Miami. The grandchildren of those emigres love abuelito y abuelita to bits, but think they’re insane about US/Cuba relations. And every other Latinos in the country, near as makes no difference, couldn’t care less about Cuba. So yeah, Marco Rubio is perfectly positioned to make great inroads in the Latino vote for the GOP.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign video was very good, which makes all the carping about substance fall somewhere between funny and really irritating. For the love of all that’s fluffy, we’re nineteen frelling months out from the general election! There’s plenty of time for substance, later. (I nearly punched a hole in my laptop screen the morning after her video launched, when some Lefty purist at HuffPo pissed and moaned that her announcement video didn’t include a detailed policy manifesto. It’s no bloody wonder the Left is a laughingstock.)

    I’m going to say without knowing that Clinton is willing to take Elizabeth Warren at her word that she’s not running for President, and is willing to take onboard Warren’s policy interests (at least rhetorically, to keep her Left flank covered). If so, it’s a smart move.

    Chez, the difference between the extreme Left and the extreme Right is that the extreme Left has next to no influence, except in the minds—I use the word loosely—of Beltway pundits in the throes of High Broderism..

    Bob, I’ve said many times before, I’m as much a Lefty as anyone around, but I’m also a realist. I’ve always been willing to play the long game and vote for the candidate who’s fractionally to the Left of the other, and nudge the debate/Overton Window/whatever in the *ahem* right direction over time. Anyone who’s ever thought they could cast one ballot and The Revolution would be reality has been delusional. And yes, I understand it’s easy to say that when I’m living in (mostly blue) California.

    Steve King is a dolt.

    Bob, muscle mass is the enemy of the serious cyclist, at least if you have ambitions of being a climber. It’s great if all you want to do is stomp a huge gear on the flats, but it’s useless as soon as the road tilts even slightly upward.


    • HilaryB

      I don’t know what kind of supplements those are, but Alex Jones looks really hairy now and like he has gone from having an “outie” to an “innie.” Maybe they’re just bad pictures.

      • muselet

        To me, it looks like a dramatic change in lighting. And Jones is holding in his gut and flexing in the “after” photo.

        And yes, they are bad pics.


        • Indeed, Alex Jones is gutless.

          [im sorry, im sorry……..:)]