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Bob and Chez
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RELM_buttonGeorge: Our Exclusive (Fake) Phone Interview with Governor Mike Pence; Mike Pence's Disastrous Interview with George Stephanopoulos; The Latest on the Discriminatory Religious Freedom Laws in Indiana and Arkansas; Tom Cotton Says At Least Gays Aren't Executed Here; The Stupid Base; The Trevor Noah Controversy; World War III Averted; Ted Cruz Wins; Happy Easter; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    That’s a damn respectable Jimmy Stewart Bob!….and I thought your Don Bidondi was the limit.

  • muselet

    Bob, Mike Pence’s performance opposite George Stephanopoulos was breathtaking in its mendacity, but Arkansas’s Bart Hester—whose interview with Jake Tapper you highlighted this morning—comes a close second. I feel a sort of reluctant admiration for people who can so doggedly stick to inane talking points.

    Chez, you’re making too much sense. I could hear the wingnut heads exploding the whole time you were saying that. “What do you mean, my rights aren’t absolute? But I’m Jesusy!” *plop*

    I’ve never been crazy about the federal RFRA, but it addressed a genuine issue: a series of Supreme Court decisions that particularly disadvantaged Native American religious beliefs and practices. These state RFRAs, coming as they do in anticipation of the Supremes striking down laws against marriage equality, are thinly-veiled attempts to let the poor, helpless, put-upon majority continue to discriminate against those all-powerful, bullying QUILTBAG folks. Don’t believe me? Ask Mike Huckabee. Ask Tammy Bruce. They aren’t even bothering with the veil.

    “It’s all about depriving ourselves of bodily pleasures.” Which explains Rick “You’re All Having Sex Wrong!” Santorum’s obsession with what other people are doing with their naughty bits (yes, I know, it’s unfair of me to pick on him—he’s far from the only one so obsessed—but as Charlie Pierce regularly reminds us, he is a colossal dick).

    Chez, I agree. Unleasing the Wrath Of The Internet on small fry like a pizzeria in a one-horse town in northern Indiana is like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly, if I may be forgiven the cliché. It’s also stupid and self-defeating.

    Bob, Tom Cotton can effortlessly pivot from any subject to Iranian nuclear weapons. Ask him for the time or if he’s seen any good movies lately and his answer will turn to Iran. That obsession would be less irritating if Cotton had the slightest hint of an inkling of understanding about Iran. No, he doesn’t need to understand because the people who voted for him understand even less, but that doesn’t make him any less annoying.

    Anyone who’s ever used humor knows that jokes misfire more often than they succeed, and professional comedians spend a great deal of time testing material. Of course Trevor Noah’s Twitter feed contained some unfunny one-liners of questionable taste. In other news, water is wet and fire is hot.

    Beneath the theocracy, beneath the anti-Americanism (not entirely without reason), Iran’s leaders have for years been relatively sane and willing to negotiate an end to economic sanctions. It doesn’t surprise me too much that Iran was willing to do a deal, but it does mildly surprise me that the agreed framework seems at first glance to be so favorable to the P5+1 side. Sure, the Rs and Righties in general are going to hate any deal—if there’s no war with Iran, they won’t be satisfied—but as Greg Sargent points out, it’s up to opponents to articulate what kind of deal they would accept. I don’t think they could do so if their lives depended on it.

    Bob, the election isn’t for another year and a half. At this point, polls are worse than meaningless.

    (Bob, you had an unbleeped fuck at 42:50.)


    • We are now thoroughly bleeped. It’s great to have you back. Hope you’re well!

    • ranger11

      And Cotton is supposed to be one of the superstars for the next generation of Republicans. Cotton, Cruz, and Rubio. They seem like a bunch of morons to me. I don’t care how many “prestigious” Ivy degrees they have.

      • muselet

        It doesn’t seem to take much intellectual candlepower to qualify as a superstar (super-massive black hole, more like) in today’s GOP.

        They seem like morons to me, too, but both Bob and Chez said it: they’re not talking to us. In Wingnut World (Worst. Amusement. Park. Ever.), bombing Iran is reasonable and consequence-free, poor people have all the money, and white hetero cis-male Christians are being crushed under the heel of the Black Gay Mafia.

        All you have to do is ignore the real world—and whack yourself upside the head with something hard and heavy—and it makes perfect sense.

        How much of their own bullshit the stars of GOP: The Next Generation actually believe, I have no idea. I do know they get the same blank look and stare over an interviewer’s right shoulder when they’re asked a tough question and have to recite their talking points word-perfect, so they’re well-trained (I’d make a crack about Snausages, but it’s late and I’m tired).

        (Damn, that was baroque, even for me. Clearly it’s time for bed.)