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RELM_buttonOxyhypocritemoron: Loretta Lynch is Finally Confirmed; Rand Paul Channels Pee Wee Herman; We Call the NSA About Its Horrifying New Recycling Mascot; Walter Cronkite on Earth Day; Brand New Dan Bidondi Clips; Dan on the Sandy Hook Parents; Dan Goes Full Terrorist; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • BobIsFilthButWhatElseIsNew

    Odd that Bob Cesspool is still a thing, while actual journalist Glenn Greenwald is basically the co-star of an award winning documentary.

  • Victor the Crab

    There are times I feel a little sorry for Dan Bidondi because he’s clearly a loser and an illiterate doofus who couldn’t put together a coherent sentence if his life depended upon it.

    Then I hear him say horrific, awful things about the parents of the children gunned down in the Sandy Hook massacre and about blowing up abortion clinics, and I say: Give this stupid fat bastard what he deserves, Bob & Chez!!!

    • BobIsFilthButWhatElseIsNew

      NO one cares, degenerate.

      • Victor the Crab

        YOU care because you took the time to respond. And that your username, which you just created yesterday, was meant to denigrate Bob, asswipe!

  • Groundloop

    Increasingly, whenever I hear Bidondi incoherently ranting and raving, absolutely convinced that he knows what’s going on, I think of this exchange from A Fish Called Wanda:

  • foxmental

    Every time I hear people like Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi speak I can’t help but feel like we should sterilize the entire planets human population. That people should have to get IQ test, psych profiled and parenthood tested before they’re given a shot that would allow them to have kids. Because now I have to be up late at night stressing over the fact that not only are Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi allowed to speak, publicly & get paid for it. I have nightmares that people like Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi are allowed to freely walk the earth, breathing. There for sucking the air out of the lungs of people who deserve to live. Then on top of all that they can have kids. That way their brand of stupid can drag down the human races collective IQ. Love your show guys but now I’m going to wake up in a cold sweat & screaming knowing there’s a Dan Bidondi out in the world and he has people that listen to him.

  • muselet

    Not German, Bob. A show in Russian. You want to lose listeners, that’s the way to go.

    Congratulations to Loretta Lynch, and Mitch McConnell really needs to go and boil his head.

    Ted Cruz was so adamant that Lynch shouldn’t become Attorney General that instead of voting against her, he scuttled off to attend a fundraiser. That’s having the courage of one’s convictions. Or something.

    Rand Paul is not a serious person.

    Bob, yet again you make me very happy I don’t have cable.

    “Is the NSA high?” A fair question, Chez.

    I just realized. Dinsdale Piranha works at the NSA and Spiny Norman, the giant hedgehog, has morphed into Dunk, the talking wheelie bin. No other explanation makes sense.

    Okay, Chez, maybe there is another explanation (“The Oaty Bars?”).

    Today, Walter Cronkite would be pulled off the air before he got halfway through the second sentence of that editorial. What’s interesting from the perspective of 45 years on is that until one of our political parties chose to go mad, humanity was on a path to cleaning up its mess. Slowly and reluctantly, yes, but we were doing it. Now, not so much.

    James Inhofe’s opinion about global warming has roughly the same value as my opinion about string theory or Slovakian experimental cinema: zero. The difference is that he’s a US Senator and I’m a nobody.

    Oh, holy hell. Dan Bidondi really did get hit in the head one too many times when he was a wrestler. That’s not an excuse for his going after the Sandy Hook parents, which is what in the insurance game is called “a preexisting condition.”

    “The kid is so much better off.” Yup.

    “*bleep* Dan Bidondi.” Chez, couldn’t agree more.

    However, I will disagree at least this much: I emphatically can stay angry with Bidondi. Despite his amusing faux pas and concussion-victim-on-meth persona, Dan Bidondi is a genuinely horrible human being.