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CNN is hurting America by resurrecting Crossfire; Perhaps Jeff Zucker still works for NBC; Rand Paul doesn’t know what the hell he thinks about drones; Republicans blame Boston Marathon bombing on the president; Republicans blame Boston Marathon bombing on welfare; Neil Cavuto’s Hot Tub; Faith Healing and Negligent Homicide; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    This clip from the movie ‘Parenthood’ came to mind after hearing you guys talk about the religious idiots letting two of their kids die as they prayed.

  • muselet

    Chez, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jeff Zucker is doing the same things at CNN he did at NBC. I’m just churlish enough to say it’s because he’s not a clever man, but I don’t blame Zucker; I blame the boneheads who hired him.

    I like Charlie Pierce‘s take on CNN generally and the Crossfire reboot specifically: “Dear lord, the stench of decay is stronger around CNN these days than it is around the average whale that beaches itself on the Cape in August.”

    You guys are absolutely right, Rand Paul is an opportunist. He’ll say anything if it will generate cash. Paul is also a narcissist, to an even greater degree than the average politician, and a dimwit. Thank you again, voters of Kentucky, for foisting him on the rest of the country.

    I’ll bet you a cookie that if you look at Glenn Beck’s radio ratings and internet subscriptions and page hits at The Blaze, you’d find his audience is shrinking. He has to ramp up the crazy to keep the rubes from wandering off.

    The first Righty to learn how to use a map will be burned as a witch. Brian Kilmeade has no cause for worry.

    Bob, it’s not just Drudge: ABC News had a story tonight about Tamerlan Tsarnaev—and his wife and daughter—being on welfare, as if that were relevant to anything. (And once more, Peter Jennings spins in his grave.)

    Chez, I read your piece on the Schaibles. Horrifying stuff. To your larger point, there is essentially no harm in believing just about anything. I may disagree with someone’s religious beliefs, and True Believers scare the poo out of me, but it’s none of my business as long as acting on those beliefs doesn’t hurt someone else. The Schaibles killed two children, and they’re not the only ones; faith healers kill and maim and impoverish the desperate. People like that don’t get the benefit of the doubt from me, they don’t get a pass because they’re religious, and I have no problem calling down the full power and authority of the State upon their sorry heads to protect others.


    • ranger11

      I know I shouldn’t concern myself with this but what exactly would cause someone to to rate this comment negatively?

      • muselet

        Maybe Jeff Zucker’s lurking here tonight.


      • 1933john


    • ThePanicMan

      When someone mentions Jeff Zucker and his habit of falling upward, I think of long-shuttered TV blog Teevee-dot-org and its Zucker-fiction post titled, appropriately, “Falling Upward”:

  • Ugh. Tucker Carlson’s always been a fucking prick. I used to wear bowties all the time, but that cocksucker put me off them.

  • No_Unkindness_to_Bears

    I don’t know if it matters, but Chez’s f#ck you slipped through the bleeps at 11:39. But the show is great so far! I didn’t know the backstory to that whole Zucker-Stewart deal.