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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 4/24/14


The Negro: Scofflaw Libertarian Rancher Cliven Bundy Knows About ‘the Negro’; Conservative Entertainment Complex Hero Blurts Racist Remarks; Sean Hannity’s Reaction; Nothing is Worse Than Slavery; Erick Erickson Says Hillary’s Face Can’t Be Stretched Back More; Two Brand New Tapes from InfoWars Stooge Dan Bidondi; Bidondi on Journalism and Bidondi on Benjamin Netanyahu; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • HilaryB

    Holy moly. I can’t get enough of these Bidondi segments.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I never tire of listening to Bidondi butcher the English language. Or Bob and Chez laughing at him.

    • >>I never tire of listening to Bidondi butcher the English language

      Me neither. Obviously. 🙂

  • 1933john

    Bundy is a “Common Garden Variety Racist”, by definition.
    He is a typical, out of the closet, Republican Voter.

  • Art__VanDalay

    Holy shit, I’m almost starting to feel bad for Dan Bidondi.

    • Never feel bad for him. Don’t forget — his MO is to crash serious post-tragedy press conferences and turn them into Alex Jones circus sideshows.

      However, listening to him speak might be the funniest thing ever.

      • Art__VanDalay

        I know, he’s a piece of shit. But I feel kind of like when I was a kid and my mom told me not to make fun of the mentally handicapped.

        Side question; do you know of how to listen to the after party on an iPhone outside of in a browser? I mean without downloading on PC and transferring via iTunes.

        I usually listen on my phone at work and when you stop it for a few minutes the page always resets and you have to re logon, start it again, and find your place. White people problems I know, but I’m white and as such demand better.

  • Christopher Brannon

    Maybe the best episode you guys have ever done. Bravo Sirs.

    • Wow, thanks!

      • Christopher Brannon

        Well earned. And I say that as someone who has heard every show since Bob and Elvis #1. How is Elvis these days, btw?

        • >:And I say that as someone who has heard every show since Bob and Elvis #1.

          You’re awesome! The show’s come a long way. Seriously, thanks for sticking with us.

  • muselet

    Paul Waldman had it about right this morning:

    Is anyone surprised that Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has become a Fox News hero because of his stand-off with the Bureau of Land Management, turns out to be a stone-cold racist?

    A few Righties have already started squawking that Cliven Bundy is a—wait for it—False Flag meant to make Righties look bad, but I don’t think their black, shriveled hearts are in it. It’s just a placeholder complaint until they dig around in Bundy’s history to see if he was ever registered as a D.

    There are also complaints that the New York Times edited Bundy’s comments to make him sound worse. Judge for yourselves (SPOILER ALERT: he doesn’t come off any better).

    Bundy is the one who said: “I don’t recognize the United States government as even existing.” Calling him a patriot is to do violence to the English language.

    ‘Way off topic, am I the only one who thinks Cliven Bundy’s voice sounds like a horrible cross between Gabby Hayes and Andy Devine (meaning, of course, no disrespect to those two fine actors)?

    Sean Hannity’s frantic backpedaling sounds okay, but it means nothing. Next week or next month, he’ll find another gallus-snapping hayseed who has a beef with the big bad evil federal government and try to make that guy a Righty superstar. There are no consequences to Hannity apart from a few hours of video stuffed down the memory hole.

    Being President of the United States takes a heavy toll on those who hold the position. It is entirely fair and reasonable to consider a candidate’s age and stamina in considering which candidate should be elected. Considering a candidate’s appearance, however, is ineffably silly (besides which, Erick ibn Erick making snide comments about anyone else’s appearance shows a staggering lack of self-awareness).

    “Cankles”? Once is too many.

    Bob, if you can figure out a way to monetize your ability, you could become very rich. (You’re right, it’s a very weird thing to be good at.)

    Chez, please don’t insult monkeys.

    Chez, that kind of idiot will never go away. As in the distant past, so in the future will such idiots will take crayon to paper and write long letters to the editor. The more enterprising among them will accost people outside the local Target with thick stacks of mimeographed (dear Cthulhu, is there still such a thing as a Mimeograph machine?) flyers full of misspellings and all-caps declarations in hand. But they will always be with us. Always.

    Chez, you’re now officially famous. Congratulations.

    If JJ Abrams is reading this, please, I beg of you, cast Dan Bidondi as Obi-Wan Kenobi. “Daah, use da Fawce, Luke.”


    • Best alopecia comment on the show ever. Thank you.

      • muselet



      • Victor_the_Crab

        Bob, you should really try to use your impersonation of Bidondi’s voice to recite famous movie and television scenes. Or Shakespeare’s quotes. It would be magnificent!

        • muselet

          That is a great idea. Bob’s Dan Bidondi doing the Saint Crispin’s Day speech (“We few, we lucky few, we band of brothers …”) or Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy would be fall-on-the-floor hilarious.


    • Victor_the_Crab

      I’m picturing Dan Bidondi attempting to speak like Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I’m so laughing my face off. XD XD XD.