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RELM_buttonWhen Shatner Dies: Baltimore in Crisis; The Baltimore Mom and Spanking; Conservatives Blame Obama for Baltimore; Palin's New Word Salad; The Return of the Conservative Avengers; Bernie Sanders is Running; Bernie vs Hillary; Anti-Gay Republican Outed on Grindr; The Nerd Prom and the Humorless Press Corps; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • aynwrong

    First thing I did before watching the show was Google Shatner and make sure he wasn’t really dead. He’s not. I felt like a jack ass but I’m glad he’s not dead.

  • ranger11

    Shatner starred in a couple of interesting movies in the 60’s. In one he played a racist demagogue pretty effectively. In another he was under the spell of some sort of succubus. Pretty strange. Also the entire movie was spoken in Esperanto, some strange Pig Latin kind of language that seemed to be invented in the 1960’s. Weird and wild stuff. Can’t remember the names though.

    • muselet

      WIlliam Shatner was classically trained and was considered a rising star in the 1950s and early 1960s.

      The movie you’re thinking of is Incubus, apparently the second full-length movie with all the dialog spoken in Esperanto, a constructed language developed in the 1880s.

      Yes, I do have too much time on my hands, thank you for noticing.


      • ranger11


    • muselet

      For what it’s worth, it looks like The Intruder is the other Shatner movie you remember.


      • ranger11

        Thanks, the only reason I know about these movies is because I’m an insomniac and they usually show them on cable at 3 or 4 in the morning. Teen years well spent.

  • muselet

    You guys make fun of William Shatner—so do I, truth to tell—but there was never a more perfect pairing of actor and writer than Shatner and Gene Roddenberry, a man who drove points home with all the subtlety of a pile driver.

    Bob, if you were writing for Dead Andy, you could dispense with even the pretense of paying attention to objective reality. It must be liberating to be able to write (bad) fiction and pass it off as reporting. All it takes is losing your soul.

    Good lord, if discussion of what’s happening in Baltimore has degenerated to a debate over spanking, we as a country deserve the next five or six riots. A 25-year-old had his spinal cord severed while in police custody and we’re seriously arguing about spanking? I don’t often use language like this, but if that’s the level of the debate, fuck us.

    As I said this morning, why Toya Graham did what she did is far more important than what she did: she was trying to protect her son from violence at the hands of the police. That is a far more important story than whether Toya Graham should have hit her kid.

    Sarah Palin really needs to shut up and go away.

    The buffleheads on Fox News and its sister channels want Barack Obama’s rhetoric to be more like Bill Cosby’s (Now there’s a n****r who isn’t afraid to call out his own people, wish Obummer would do that!) and his actions to be more like Bull Connor’s.

    I repeat what I’ve said before: Keith Ablow was born in Marblehead, and y’all can make your own jokes.

    I like the idea of dropping Donald Trump into the middle of Baltimore. Put it on pay-per-view and you have a gold mine.

    If Bernie Sanders is running to move the debate to the Left in 2016, then more power to him (if he’s running because he really thinks he can win the nomination, he needs to up his meds). The only downside, as far as I can tell, is that the Purity Left will bleat about how unfair it is that A Real Progressive got steamrollered by Republican Lite Hillary Clinton and will convince the stupid and the disengaged not to vote.

    Josh Marshall had perhaps the best take on Randy Boehning’s response to his outing. We’ll see if Boehning is capable of learning anything from the experience.

    I’ll defer to (a poorly remembered statement from years ago by) Dan Savage: as long as someone isn’t actively doing harm to the LGBT community, they can stay closeted as long as they want, but if a closeted gay works to undermine LGBT rights, they’re a legitimate target.

    I’d actually managed to forget about Gary Condit. And the Summer Of The Sharks.


    • aynwrong

      LOL. I had never heard the word before. But apparently my phone has. I plan to steal it when complaining about Fox whenever the opportunity presents itself.

      Also, Sarah who?

      • muselet

        I live to teach the internet obsolete terms of abuse, usually synonyms for “simpleton.”

        I’m also so literal-minded tonight that when I read “Sarah who?” I automatically checked to see if I’d misspelled Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods’s (h/t Charlie Pierce) name. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.


        • aynwrong

          The more we turn little miss sunshine into a “WHO?!?!?” the better off society will be.

    • Scopedog

      “The only downside, as far as I can tell, is that the Purity Left will
      bleat about how unfair it is that A Real Progressive got steamrollered
      by Republican Lite Hillary Clinton and will convince the stupid and the
      disengaged not to vote.”

      Yep. All the while forgetting (in their white-hot and totally baseless hatred of Hillary Clinton) that the GOP should be the real concern, because they will screw this country over and wipe out a good chunk or all of the things Obama achieved. It’s something they should’ve learned from 2000, but it seems that they have not.

      Or maybe they feel that after the GOP has their way with the country there will be a great uprising and we’ll get a perfect utopia. If they really do believe that, then they are nihilistic @$$holes.

      • muselet

        You joke, but the argument from the Leftier-than-Thou brigade has always been that it’s better for a full-on Righty to be elected than a moderate D because the public will see how terrible both parties are and will vote Green (or Socialist or whatever) en masse, ushering in a True Lefty Utopia.

        So yes, they really are nihilistic @$$holes. And the Underpants Gnomes were deeper thinkers.