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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 4/5/12

Keith Olbermann Fired from Current TV; Behind the Scenes TV Psychology; Howard Stern at Sirius vs Keith Olbermann at Current; President Obama and False Equivalences; Who Will Be Mitt Romney's VP; Santorum or Paul Ryan; RNC Chairman Says War Against Women is Fiction; The Long List of Attacks on Women; Bob is a Little Hung Over; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

UPDATE: Here's the source for the Republican War Against Women. And the list of abortion clinic terrorist attacks.

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Bubble Genius

  • Chez drops an f-bomb at around 28:15.

    • Thanks for catching that. Bleeping now…

  • muselet

    Bob, a little research leads me to conclude that either Dark Sabbath has insanely high ABV levels or it contains a lot of congeners. Anything over ~15% ABV is nigh-on impossible (unless the brewers have discovered some kind of superyeast), so my money’s on something else in the beer. Either that or they’re spiking the beer.

    Keith Olbermann is a talented broadcaster with a wonderful voice. It’s disappointing that he gives every indication of being a terrible human being.

    I was never bothered by Olbermann’s Thurber readings. The segment was a bit self-indulgent, perhaps, but I like Thurber, so it was an amusing way to decompress at the end of a week.

    Chez, you learned from your mistakes. I’m not entirely certain Keith Olbermann is capable of that. Introspection doesn’t seem to be in his skill set. I hope for his sake that nobody does hire him this time; maybe he’ll surprise us all and grow up a bit.

    The Newsroom doesn’t really interest me and wouldn’t even if I had cable. Aaron Sorkin overwrites; he seems to think he’s being paid by the word. His writing makes my teeth itch. (Although I did like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, oddly enough.) I always felt sorry for actors on Sorkin-written TV shows, lugging around those 300-page scripts.

    Mitt Romney has to pick a wingnut for a running mate, true, but the rumor mill seems to be pushing for Paul Ryan and not Rick Santorum. Whoever it is, it won’t be Santorum, but don’t worry: he’ll will be back in four years. Oh, joy unbounded.

    The War on Women is a fiction, huh? Reince Preibus lives in a different reality than the rest of us, doesn’t he?


    • Dan_in_DE

      Alopecia, what’s the deal with the Barleywine style ales? I’ve gotten the impression that beer that get’s up over 10% can never taste particularly good. And those barleywines, at around twenty procent, reinforce that rule – they’re damn near undrinkable.

      I loves me a good ‘big beer’ though. Right now I’ve got two Belgian types (from brewferm kits) in bottles. One’s an old-flemish brown ale with 6%, and the other’s called Grand Cru — similar to a trappist — it’s deliciousness with 9% alcohol.

      Are you brewing anything these days?

      • muselet

        20% alcohol? Good grief! I could have sworn that 15% or so was the upper limit of fermentation because the alcohol would kill the yeast. It’s why really big wines top out at a shade over 15% (and, unless they’re very well-made, taste unpleasantly like brandy). Maybe someone has developed a superyeast, after all.

        My guess is that excessive alcohol in beer is due to either brewers showing off for each other (for example) or More’s Law: If some’s good, more’s better and too much is just enough. Don’t see the point, myself: 7% in beer and 13% in wine are fine for my palate.

        And I have plenty of ways to waste time without taking up home brewing.