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RELM_buttonRand Paul Flip Flops: Rand Paul is Running for President; Rand's Disastrous First 24 Hours; Rand Paul's D-Move; The Execution of Walter Scott; Chris Matthews Says Nyattanhoo; Alex Jones Says Tsarnaev Was Totally Set Up; Robert Durst's House Hunters (special thanks to Bob's wife Joy for performing in this week's sketch!); and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • DrTongue

    Please get the Bidondi/Jones audio discussing the Boston “false flag” for next weeks show. Of course, I could probably find it myself, but it would be way more fun listening to you guys mock/summarize it.

  • HilaryB

    Have fun in Vegas! Keeping my fingers crossed that you win!

    • ranger11

      Yeah, I voted everyday. Literally stuffed the ballot box. Good luck!

  • Victor the Crab

    Bob, I wouldn’t exactly use Meet The Press as an example of a tougher venue for Rand Paul to be interviewed, not with Chuck Todd’s rub-and-tug and fluffing techniques. Rachel Maddow’s show would be a better example.

  • muselet

    Chez, “stopping power” is why a lot of police departments have gone from 9mm to .40 cal or even larger sidearms. All around in the country, cops and police union officials are looking at the killing of Walter Scott and thinking, “Damn, that cop’s gun ain’t big enough!”

    Two generations ago, Michael Slager’s word would have been enough for (most of) the general public and he wouldn’t have had to worry about planting evidence. A generation ago, he would have had a drop piece either on him or in the patrol car. Now, he had to improvise, clumsily, to make it seem like a “righteous shoot.” Sadly, no matter what era we’re talking about, his superior officers would quickly and without investigation take his word for what happened and pronounce his actions justified. The only reason Michael Slager isn’t out creating mischief on the streets of North Charleston is that some kid with a phone shot video.

    Chez, if Slager had known he was being videoed, at the very least he would have confronted Feidin Santana and demanded the cell phone. He certainly wouldn’t have dropped whatever it was (Taser?) beside Walter Scott’s body if he’d known.

    Bob, Walter Scott was running away in a menacing manner. (And that’s the last snark I’ll indulge in on this subject.)

    Chez, looks like the police culture in North Charleston is probably one of utter impunity, given the department’s response to a 2013 excessive-force complaint against Slager.

    Rand Paul’s presidential campaign isn’t really a presidential campaign. It’s a way to fleece the rubes, maybe drive the primary debate in a direction more to Paul’s tastes, and raise Paul’s profile a bit on the national scene. If those things happen, mission accomplished.

    That said, I am slightly surprised at the utter, hilarious incompetence of the Paul campaign. Those folks couldn’t organize a booze-up at a brewery if everyone brought a glass.

    If Paul is going to throw a wobbly because Savannah Guthrie brings up a topic he finds uncomfortable, imagine him in high-level talks with—to pick a non-random example—Vladimir “Vova, Manly Authoritarian Man Of Action” Putin. Yikes.

    There’s only one explanation that makes sense, Bob: Chris Matthews has been listening obsessively to the podcast. That five-star rating from “CM in DC”? Yeah, it’s him.

    Either Alex Jones genuinely suffers from paranoid delusions (in which case, listening to his show is the rough equivalent of wandering around Bethlem Hospital for amusement) or he’s a scam artist (in which case, his line of patter is appalling). He is good at getting his listeners to cough up money, and I don’t mean that as praise. The less said about him, the better.