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Ron Paul’s Senile Rant About Boston; Fox News and Louie Gohmert Think Obama is With the Terrorists; Sarah Palin for Senate; Another ‘Baby with a Gun’ Shoots and Kills His Sister; New Suspects Arrested in Boston Marathon Bombing; Bill Hader is the Funniest Thing on All of NBC; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • i_a_c

    Ron Paul’s “liberty” is just the “freedom” for white men to continue to dominate society and discriminate as they please, because freedom of contract and property rights are more important than civil rights.

    There’s a reason he attracts racists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis. They know his positions on whites-only lunch counters; they know that he wouldn’t have fought Hitler to save the Jews. Those are the consequences of Ron Paul’s policies; of “Liberty,” and the underbelly of American politics hears it loud and clear.

    Case in point, one comment from an article linked by Ashby a couple days ago:

    I have zero problem with discrimination. That is liberty and we all do it. You chose your spouse and rejected all others. You choose who you let into your home. You picked your career and discriminated against the other options. You are a bigot regarding certain types of music. Even the food you eat is based on discrimination of others. What is wrong with that? Would you instead have government force it’s sole choice on you?

    There you go, rationalizing discrimination in the name of Liberty!

    • D_C_Wilson

      Yeah, but the kids love his whimsical jalopy.

  • No_Unkindness_to_Bears

    Bob: I’ve never actually worn cologne of any form – ever.
    Chez: You’ve never worn cologne?
    Bob: I’ve never ever once worn cologne?
    Chez: Jesus.

    – Bubble Genius Confessions

  • muselet

    Chez, you wouldn’t be the first writer to do something shameless to promote a book, nor the last. I say go for it.

    Sarah Palin for Senate? She might win—we are talking about Alaska, after all—but more likely she would get bored and undermine her own campaign; remember what she did in 2008. (Yes, yes, I know, that wasn’t her campaign, so it wasn’t a high priority.) And her attention span depends on how big the payoff is at the end of the scam. A run for the House is more possible, but I still say she’d likely get bored and quit.

    Palin’s a lot like Newt Gingrich and I think we’ll see her employ a similar strategy: run for public office as a way to raise her profile and secure the cash flow for another few years.

    There have always been members of Congress who were loonies. The difference now is that the loonies in Congress are elected by constituencies of loonies and there’s a Loony Caucus to ensure they never have to make sense once during their entire time in office.

    Bob, if rich guys bought up guns, the gunmakers would happily increase production, and the Rs would introduce legislation making it a federal crime to buy a gun for the purposes of destroying it (Arizona’s new gun buyback law on steroids). Better the rich guys should buy gun manufacturers, hint-hint.

    Charlie Pierce today suggested we refer to the people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing as Murderous Dipshits 1 and 2 plus Accessorial Dipshits 3 through 5. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Bob, Djokhar Tsarnaev on Celebrity Apprentice? Trump would never allow it. The guy’s crazier than Gary Busey (never thought I’d ever type that). Even Donald Trump knows better.

    Your larger point is well taken. F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t live in the age of reality TV and gossip websites.

    (Oh, and Bob, the name is pronounced, very approximately, sar-NYE-ev.)

    Lindsey Graham couldn’t be a bigger clown if he wore a red rubber nose and floppy shoes. Or if his name were John McCain.

    I wouldn’t actually mind Graham and McCain (and Kelly Ayotte, just to complete the troika of ridiculousness) being utterly bugfuck insane and positing nonsensical conspiracies that link Barack Obama and nonexistent intelligence failures to Benghazi and Boston—and, for all I know, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby—if they weren’t booked on the Sunday yak shows every week. They shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than the chucklehead who writes long letters to the editor of his local paper, explaining in painful detail the connection between chemtrails and the US going off the gold standard.

    You know perfectly well the argument about undermining the troops in a time of war only works when there’s an R in the White House. I refer you to superpatriot Ted Nugent’s latest brainfart for confirmation.

    Ron Paul at least has the virtue of being consistent. Consistently mad, true, but consistent.

    Bob, for the conspiratorially-minded, anything the government (at any level) does is laying the groundwork for the horrors that are inevitably to come. The police, individually and collectively, sometimes do stupid things, especially when something bigger than they’re ready for happens, but the notion that that is somehow a deliberate attempt by *scary music sting* The Authorities! to bamboozle a compliant public to accept martial law is simply ridiculous.

    Which is a long-winded way of saying that Ron Paul is ridiculous. As Chez rightly put it, “In fact, tell me why I should give a damn about anything on Paul has to say.”