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Civil War: 45th Anniversary of Fred Rogers’ Senate Testimony; The Botched Execution of Clayton Lockett; Fix the Death Penalty or Stop Doing It; Rush Limbaugh Blames Don Sterling Scandal on Obama; The Latest from the Bundy Ranch Saga; Right-Wing Crank Calls for Civil War; The GOP Legitimized the Crazies; Sarah Palin, Waterboarding and Baptism; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • MikeH

    ‘…the 1st amendment doesn’t give you a right not to be offended…”

    Well, that right there, sheeple, is our clever little Sear-ah Palin using the double negative. In my days of elementary school math class when we learned about negative numbers, two negatives cancelled each other out, thus making it neutral. Argo, what our clever little Sear-ah Palin is really saying here is that the 1st amendment gives you a right to be offended and that she doesn’t give a shit.

    …and we are wussiess..

  • tim lowery

    Good show again guys. And Chez, the comedian who made the clippers joke was neither Arsenio or Jay Leno. It was the late and great Robin Harris on his only recorded comedy album, which is gold.

  • Clancy

    In your links each week, you should include one to your Bandcamp page. It’s not easy to find for some reason.

  • muselet

    The current Congress would have pelted Fred Rogers with garbage for his testimony on public television. I miss sane Rs.

    I finally figured out why Dan Bidondi’s voice and accent are so naggingly familiar: whenever there was a nincompoop in an old Warner Bros cartoon, Mel Blanc would give him that exact voice, right down to the “daaah” gap-filler. Or maybe I’m overthinking the whole Bidondi thing.

    Chez, my concerns about the killing of Clayton Lockett aren’t about sympathy for Lockett, but rather about what an event like that says about—and does to—us as a people. (So there’s no misunderstanding: what he did was unfathomably monstrous and the world is a better place without him in it. However, torturing someone, even a conscienceless creature like Lockett, to death says nothing good about us as a society.)

    Beyond that, I said my piece under Bob’s Banter story. Anyone who’s curious, have a read. I’m disinclined to repeat myself on this.

    Bob, your Guy Card has been revoked. Please return it immediately to the home office in the self-addressed envelope it was sent with.

    Bob, if it makes you feel any better, for most of the time the Clippers have been in Los Angeles (so you know, the team moved from San Diego), people knew the Clippers were here, they just didn’t care, and for good reason: they sucked (I was listening to the radio on the way to work back in the mid-1980s and someone wondered aloud who would be the first to win twenty games, Fernando Valenzuela or the Clippers, a wisecrack which I imagine will make a lot of people consult The Googles).

    Donald Sterling has for years faced allegations of racism and discriminatory practices as a property owner and—let’s not beat around the bush—slumlord, and has paid some very large fines as a result. Anyone saying, for example, that Sterling was baited into saying racist things by the girlfriend from hell—surely I’m not the only one to think that claim is the quintessential Righty expression of “bros before hoes”—is delusional.

    Rush Limbaugh lost his chops years ago. I think even he realizes it and is just coasting comfortably along, not giving a monkey’s whether he’s stirring up the base. As long as the check clears at the end of the month, he’ll keep showing up at the studio and rustling papers into the mic. Trying to link Donald Sterling’s idiocy to Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!! is an act of desperation.

    The Bundy Ranch Irregulars—digestive double meaning intended—want badly to be important, or at least relevant. So of course they’d concoct a fantasy in which they heroically face a “hot drone strike” ordered by the Kenyan Usurper’s chief minion. That the drone strike never happened means it must have been called off, presumably at the last second, rather than risk the inevitable Rising Up Of The Murcan People Against Tyranny! The whole thing is sad and silly and would be vaguely amusing if the inmates of that open-air asylum weren’t armed to the proverbials.

    John McCain has a lot to answer for, not least naming Sarah Palin as his running mate, but to my mind it was the likes of Rich “Sparklepants” Lowry who turned Palin into a Righty rock star. If Lowry had managed his midlife crisis better, perhaps Palin would still be just a loudmouthed nobody grifter.

    Bob, you’ll notice that almost all the objections to Palin’s “how we baptize terrorists” inanity on the Religious Right have been doctrinal (“how dare you speak lightly of baptism”), not moral (“waterboarding is torture and is wrong”). The Religious Right had an opportunity to do the right thing this past week and blew its chance big-time. I wish I were surprised.

    Bob, I think I have some vague idea what Palin was trying to say on Facebook, but the explanation is almost as incoherent as the original. Better to shake your head and walk away.


  • HilaryB

    Feelings about the murderer aside, I was horrified by that botched execution. What happened is totally unacceptable and unconstitutional. Someone needs to be held accountable for it, preferably Gov. Fallin.