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  • JMAshby

    Guy Whitey Corngood slays me every time.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people on the east coast, especially DC/NYC media types, have no clue how good they have it in regards to transportation. They can take a train to almost anywhere they need to go from New England down to the Carolinas. We don’t have anything like that here in the middle of the country. I wish I could take a quick train from Dayton down to Cincinnati or somewhere farther like Cleveland or Indianapolis. The ability to not have a car with insurance payments, and maintenance costs, and car payments and gasoline costs is a huge economic benefit for people in the northeast who can get by just fine without one. And you have writers and pundits in the east who’ve had these benefits their whole life and maybe don’t realize not having a car, for most of the country, would be crippling.

    To take it further — in most states you cannot access public benefits like food stamps if you have a car because it’s counted as a financial asset. But you can’t find a job or really do much of anything at all without a car. If you actually encounter walkable neighborhoods or townships in most of the country, you probably can’t afford to live there. It’s a luxury attraction. You could even call it public health issue because the people who need to do the most walking probably can’t afford to live somewhere walkable.

    I agree, “disruption” cannot die soon enough.

  • Badgerite

    Alex Jones is clearly putting on an act. But it is an act with a purpose. He doesn’t really believe the crap he spews any more than Rand Paul truly believes there is a plot for a military take over of Texas involving abandoned Walmarts. But such things are useful to their true political aims which is probably maintaining a white power structure and privilege in this country. Just as Charles Murray was not being an honest scholar when he published his book about the Bell Curve and alleged racial characteristics of intelligence. Murray is now advocating the Scientology methods of harassment by lawsuit as a means of hampering agencies like the EPA. He doesn’t even pretend scholarship anymore.

  • Bob Cesca noticed me!!! 😀 So proud to be the one to introduce you to Demonic Mustaches!

    • Thank you, Stephen! Also gave you a shout out on the Tuesday show.

  • muselet

    “I got nothin’.” I’m right there with you, mate.

    Bob, it was “the yesterdays.” Bidondi doth murder English.

    “What part is missing from his brain?” All evidence points to all of it.

    Chuck C. Johnson is a sick, sad little man. I have nothing more to say about him.

    Bob, the scary thing is, there must be the equivalent of the Chuck C. Johnson School of Hack-Fraud Journalism out there in the real world, because there are lots of people out there using those techniques.

    Too many people who should know better have taken to using the term “journalist” (worse, “citizen journalist”) for anyone with a cellphone camera. Don’t get me wrong, lots of things caught on phones have been newsworthy and even important, but that doesn’t make the person holding the camera a journalist, especially if s/he has an ax to grind.

    Chez, I’m not crazy about the word either, but at least in Silicon Valley “disruption” (as in disruptive innovation) means something fairly specific and more-or-less benign. Flinging poo isn’t benign.

    This morning, Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice quoted at length from the Washington Post‘s Tom Zoellner, arguing that the destruction of the rail networks in Europe during WWII led to the development of high-speed—and even low-speed, milk-run—rail there, while the US focused on building the Interstate Highway System after the war. Here in California, we’re planning to build the beginnings of a high-speed rail system and Righties (and a few deluded Lefties) have been trying to kill the idea from the go (the genius argument is that the money should be spent adding lanes to I-5 through the Central Valley, as if that would help for more than a couple of years).

    Japan and China have high-speed rail because their respective governments decided to pay to build it. Imagine the Rs in Congress deciding to fund a huge infrastructure project. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Everyone at Fox News Channel—right down to the poor, unfortunate soul in the bunny suit who decontaminates Brian Kilmeade’s dressing room at night—knows the standard FNC narrative about the poor, and Jon Stewart’s takedown was well-deserved. The butthurt is for show, full stop.

    The Demonic Mustache Rant? He’s never heard of copstaches? Holy hell. Also, he sounds like a face trash-talking a heel, to use pro wrestling terminology. It’s all an act. A very loud, very stupid act.

    The idea of Alex Jones as a Morning Zoo DJ is hilarious and frightening in equal measures.

    Greg Abbott and Rand Paul and the rest of them probably don’t believe a word that falls out of Jones’s pie hole, but have decided to pander to the people who do. The actual Founders—not the (imaginary) gun-totin’, Jeebus-believin’, anti-gummint Founding Fathers!™ Righties fetishize—would kick these jugheads’ arses off their spines.

    I’ve said before, I’m fine with making college a safe place. Better than fine, in fact, because kids—yes, kids—between the ages of 18 and 22 aren’t equipped to deal with many aspects of the real world (in retrospect, my peers back in the paleolithic weren’t, either). But anyone who has survived more than fifteen years on this planet should have encountered Greek and Roman mythology and should know how weird and twisted it is (other mythologies are just as weird and twisted, incidentally, just in different ways). I’m genuinely sorry that one Columbia student reacted badly to The Metamorphoses and I hope she got the help she needed.

    And, having read the opinion piece in question, I find little to disagree with, except to point out that undergraduate education is of necessity a wholesale, rather than retail, endeavor. There does have to be a recognition that not every student comes into a university setting with the same background or the same set of experiences, and yes, that does mean some instructors will need to update their syllabi.

    I didn’t read the opinion piece as denigrating the Core Curriculum at Columbia, or advocating the censoring the works in question. You seem to have done so and we’ll simply have to agree to disagree.


    • HilaryB

      After reading the opinion piece, it seems to me like they want to train the instructors to be “counselors” as well, which is not their job. I wouldn’t want to sit in a class that suddenly becomes a group therapy session or turns into playtime because someone feels triggered by something they read or hear. They need to develop their own plan for self-care (self-soothing) if they’re having trouble with an assignment instead of demanding that others change their routine and what they teach in order to satisfy their special needs. Maybe I’m not understanding the opinion piece, but it just seems ridiculous.

      • muselet

        I didn’t get that, but maybe I didn’t read the piece carefully enough.

        Being sensitive to, or at least aware of, the experiences of students—who aren’t all white, male, and middle- to upper-middle-class any longer—doesn’t seem to me such a big ask.


  • HilaryB

    Wow. I will not be surprised if Alex Jones ends up dying from a ruptured brain aneurysm.

    • ranger11

      Or a ruptured vocal cord, if that’s possible. That dude is painful to listen to, like he gargles with battery acid.