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RELM_buttonGod's Little Helper Monkey: Republicans Blame Obama for Iraq; Louie Gohmert Thinks Bush Wouldn't Have Invaded if He Knew Obama Would Be President; Bush to the Future; Rand Paul's Non-filibuster Filibuster; Jeb Bush is Very Serious; The Duggars' Child Molestation Scandal; Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters; Michelle Duggar's Transphobic Robo-Call; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • wildest_weasel

    Not going to lie, I’d bang the hell out of two of them!

    But Jesus shit, 19 kids! Where do you find the time? And is that time quality time? When I’m devoting time to my SO or even my pets I am totally focused on them and their needs. What can I do to make the day better or help them avoid an issue. I don’t bother with other people then because it would be completely unfair to all involved…

  • HilaryB

    You might have to retire Eeyore pretty soon. Chez is turning into a Tigger. =)

  • David Perkins

    I believe I found the source of Dan Bidondi’s voice – Mel Blanc!

    To wit: this classic Warner Bros. Cartoon “Dough-Rey-Me-ow”

    (guess which one’s Dan! 😉

    • muselet

      “Breathe, stupid, breathe! You forgot to breathe again!”

      Yep, sounds right.

      If Heathcliff is Dan Bidondi, who’s Louie? Alex Jones?


    • Victor the Crab

      Loved that cartoon. Art Davis was underrated in the Looney Tunes factory as a director. He would have been a great director if they hadn’t downsized his unit.

  • muselet

    The Party Of Personal Responsibility™: It’s all the black guy’s fault, and by the way, when will the black guy stop blaming George W Bush for everything?

    I usually say Louie Gohmert has a head the size of a basketball and a brain the size of a walnut. I’ve been mistaken. His brain’s more the size of a dried lentil.

    “Rand Paul’s Make-Believe Filibuster.” Worst kids’ book ever.

    Ed Kilgore this morning pointed out that Rand Paul’s “filibuster-that-wasn’t-actually-a-filibuster” lasted as long as the waiting period before a cloture vote on Trade Promotion Authority. In other words, if he hadn’t prattled on for 10½ hours, C-SPAN would have had to go dark. That was the only practical consequence. I suppose he thinks his stunt will buff up his presidential prospects, but if so, he’s delusional.

    The Base dislikes and distrusts Jeb Bush. His flagrant pandering will not win him the nomination. If he really were The Smart Bush Brother, he would endow The John Ellis Bush Center for the Study of Florida Politics or some such, and retreat from the public eye.

    Bob, I’ve never seen one second of the Duggars’s show and I’ve seen too much.

    I actually prefer Talking Points Memo‘s headline on the Josh Duggar story: “Duggar Family Spawn/Family Research Council Top Lobbyist Resigns over Molestation Charges.” Bonus points to the headline writer for the use of the word “spawn.”

    “Honestly, I think that’s tantamount to child abuse.” Chez, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    When I was a kid there was a local family with seven (I think it was) offspring, all with names starting with “C” because the father insisted on it. The only reason there weren’t nineteen of them is that the mother came to her senses after seven or however many kids she pooped out and left. I knew two of the kids personally and a couple more by reputation: they were mean and stupid, with lousy hygiene and worse socialization. If there had been reality TV back then, that family would have been the Duggars of the era.

    Again, incubus, Bob. Get the demonology right.

    If I never hear another word about the Duggar family, I will be happy.


    • Okay, now,I said incubus twice but succubus popped out as we were wrapping up.

    • Okay, now, I said “incubus” twice but slipped and said “succubus” while we were wrapping up. Partial credit?

      • muselet

        You’re right. Don’t mind me, I’m just being picky and pedantic. Again.

        Calling Josh Duggar an incubus isn’t fair, anyway. He’s not a demon, he’s a human being whose mind got warped by his vile, controlling parents.

        My sympathy for him ends abruptly when he fondled little girls, of course, but Jim Bob and Michelle are the ones who wound Josh up and set him loose. Josh should be receiving heavy-duty counseling and his parents should be rotting in prison for this.

        I’ve given more thought to the Duggar family in the past twelve hours than I have in the past six years, and I’d like to stop now.


    • HilaryB

      I’ve never paid attention to the Duggars and their story, but I can’t help but wonder if the wife really wanted all these kids. She’s pretty much been pregnant half of her lifetime. It couldn’t have been easy on her.

      • muselet

        Michelle didn’t flee screaming when Jim Bob revealed his plans, so I assume she agreed to be his brood mare. And hazy memory tells me she was advised not to get pregnant after spawn number 17 or 18 because it would put her life at risk, but she and Jim Bob went for the next one anyway. How much of that was her decision and how much was his, I know not.

        I feel sorry for the woman’s OB-GYN, to be honest. It has to be frustrating to have her as a patient.