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The London Terrorist Beheading; The Oklahoma Monster-Tornado; The Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather; Alex Jones Thinks a Weather Weapon Was Used in Oklahoma; James Inhofe is Incompetent; Chris Christie and the Climate Crisis; Turning Fox News into a Victim; The Second Term Curse; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • Clecinosu

    Damn. I thought Jones was having a coronary in your photo.

    Thanks for getting my hopes up.

  • “We’ve hired Storm from the X-Men. She’s now the new Secretary of Defense.”

  • muselet

    I was never a big Doors fan growing up. Looking back, I recognize that band was on the bleeding edge of what popular music was doing; however, I’m still firmly in the “appreciate” camp rather than the “love” camp.

    The London attack was surprising; the reaction from the English Defence League not at all (they make Pamela Geller look sane, which takes some doing).

    There’s a reason I have BBC News and The Independent bookmarked.

    I think you guys overlook an important distinction. Female genital mutilation and burqas (and suicide bombings and attacks on civilians and a lot of the litany of horrors) have nothing—directly—to do with Islam. They’re cultural or tribal, not religious, in origin. Now, we can argue about whether such things should be tolerated in Islam, but it’s not correct to attribute them to the religion.

    James Inhofe is a knucklehead, but as I said on the Inhofe thread today, it’s important for local officials (and I’ll expand that to include state officials like Chris Christie) to understand in some detail what’s going on, but not for a US senator. That doesn’t mean Inhofe’s ignorance about climate science (and as Chez says, science in general) isn’t dismaying, but it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t pretend his ignorance is universal and acted in the actual best interests of his constituents.

    Bidondi’s Razor is hilarious and, unfortunately, accurately describes the way some people … well, I guess I’m stuck with the word “think” even though it’s not accurate. (And the notion that the government is using an unimaginably advanced technology as nothing more than misdirection—”Nothing up my sleeve!”—is insane.)

    Alex Jones may well be the barking mad face of climate-change denial, but Jonah Goldberg a couple of weeks ago spent his Tuesday column in the LA Dog Trainer (hell no, I’m not providing a link) denying both climate change and peak oil, the latter for no better reason, as far as I could tell, than the fact that we haven’t yet run completely out of oil and there are still unexploited tar sands in Alberta. Lucianne’s kid must have eaten more than his share of paste in school.

    My bet is that Barack Obama had no idea about the DoJ investigating James Rosen. Eric Holder, perhaps but not obviously. It does look terrible, regardless.

    Chez, the Rs have been priming the pump for impeachment for a couple of years and the Crazy Caucus is going to demand it. I hope I’m wrong.