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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 5/29/14


Truther Truthers: The Latest on the Sandy Hook Truther Sign Theft; The Rise of the Sandy Hook Truther Truther Movement; Chez and Banter Are Part of an Elaborate Hoax; Truthers Breed More Truthers; The Thin Skin of Glenn Greenwald; Why The Press Genuflects To Greenwald; The UCSB Massacre; NRA Hypocrisy; The Constitutionality of a Mental Illness Database Versus a Gun Registry; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • HilaryB

    Omg. Your impressions are so funny, Bob. Work is so much more fun having these shows to listen to during the day. You and Chaze are the best!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Oh man. That pic of Greenwald as the Redeemer is just priceless!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I look at that Photoshopped pic and it’s like it’s saying “Hey, listen to me! Take me seriously!”

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Didn’t Glenn Greenwald ban Bob from posting on his Twitter feed? It would seem the type of person Greenwald is afraid of and can’t handle are the ones who speak the truth about his reporting of the NSA and aren’t afraid to engage him with facts. like Bob.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I think Bob mentioned Greenwald had blocked him a year or so ago.

    • He blocked me on Twitter — you know, because he wants a debate about surveillance.

  • villemar

    I just realized that Glenn Greenwald is this century’s version of Roy Cohn. Just replace “communist” with “pernicious, drooling lackey of the Surveillance State” and there you go!

  • muselet

    Chez, have you been watching old videos of Gene Scott? That sounded uncannily like one of his give-all-your-money-to-me pitches from the ’80s.

    UCSB Truthers? Oh, dear Invisible Pink Unicorn. What’s next, Hiroshima Truthers?

    It’s official, when there’s a Sandy Hook Truther Truther the Truther movement is starting to eat itself. Good. Alas, it won’t end Trutherism, but maybe it will make the movement more amusing.

    Bob, your very special talent compels me to link to this. You’re welcome.

    Glenn Greenwald really doesn’t understand the job of a journalist, does he? (“Explode like a fireworks finale in all its multicolored hues”? Jesus wept.)

    While Michael Kinsley was Editorial Page Editor of the LA Dog Trainer, he regularly published his poorly-reasoned maunderings as if he actually had something of value to say. If anyone deserves scorn and derision just for being who they are, it’s Kinsley. That he happened to be more or less right about Glenn Greenwald is frankly shocking; that Greenwald would obsessively attack Kinsley for that is frankly unsurprising. In a fight between those two, it’s too bad someone has to win.

    For what it’s worth

    Elliot Rodgers was a pathetic, whiny, privileged little ninny who murdered six people and injured thirteen others because he couldn’t get his end wet. Poor baby. I’ve avoided his video manifesto (of course it’s a video) as carefully as I’ve avoided Charles Manson’s various stunts over the decades, and for much the same reason. He deserves to be forgotten by all but his family.

    Bob, I concur. The gun culture in the US needs to change, and soon.

    Mental illness is irrelevant, a distraction, when discussing mass shootings. Even though Wayne LaPierre disingenuously proposed a mental-health database, the NRA would be the first to howl in protest if the FBI or anyone else decided to start compiling one (LaPierre is essentially playing Three Card Monte and getting away with it). If Elliot Rodgers hadn’t been able to get his mitts on that much firepower, his mental state would have been a non-issue.

    “Firearms snowballing.” Thanks a heap, Bob. I haven’t needed brain bleach for a long time.

    If anyone can have a real effect on the gun debate, Richard Martinez may be the one. More power to him.