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  • Cindyjc

    To me, the scary thing about Dan Bidondi is the IQ of his listeners and that these people vote. *shudder* Love the idea of having Bob and Chez 5 days a week! 🙂

  • Victor the Crab

    That might have been one of the most epic Bidondi tirades ever. You can hear the tears forming inside of his butthurt self as he stutters and mumbles in his feeble attempt to flame Bob and Chez. I never tire of listening to him and then have B&C laugh at and mock him.

    Two shows a week now?!! Is it Christmas already?!! 8D

  • Bosma

    Sorry, but your cuntless number of articles HAVE swayed me to the ways of Bidondi. Sorry, bobinchez, fact…

    Also, I can’t forget that Bidondi is a wrestler and/or fan of pro wrestling, which I assume he acknowledges is fake. I wonder if he thinks there are other things in the world that are fake and/or staged in the same way. This would explain a lot about his world view, and also, is a terrifying realization…

  • Villemar

    I almost want to grab a bunch of Bidondi bits and make a soundboard and then prank call people.

  • leemoder

    The photo used for this post should be the image for gun control. Holy crap, what a pan on that hump!

  • Karl__Hungus

    The bubble genius Bob!!!

  • Draxiar

    Holy Hell that was a damn funny show! Two days (currently) a week is just fine with me (as I’ve been replaying the old shows anyway).

    If the 5 days a week happens I wonder how you and Chez will be able to do a show and write for Banter given that both take up a great deal of time.

  • Scott Myklebust

    I went to Dan Bidondi’s Truth Radio Show website to listen to his epic 12 minute tirade about you guys and gave up trying to find it after about a 10 minute search. Wow, his website is a total disaster…

    Perhaps you can post a link for those of us who want the whole experience but don’t have the hours to devote to finding the show?

  • muselet

    “He’s got to be losing his mind over Jade Helm.” You can’t lose what you never had.

    Chez, stop using logic. The people who take seriously what Ted Cruz says—I imagine them dribbling down their shirt fronts as they listen to him—are convinced that RealMurcans have been subjected to mistreatment by the Kenyan Islamofascist Marxist Usurper, and nothing will change their opinion.

    Louie Gohmert: head the size of a basketball, brain the size of a walnut. Martial law. *sigh*

    Any of the current or expected R candidates would be a disaster as President. In fact, I can’t think of a single living R politician who wouldn’t be a disaster. That said, check out the cartoons reproduced at Truthdig and tell me the Lefty Underpants Gnomes aren’t already plotting their 2016 strategy against Hillary Clinton; it’s starting to look like 2010 all over again. Please, someone convince me I’m wrong about that.

    Although I do agree that the spaghetti alla carbonara is going to catch up to Antonin Scalia (and Samuel Alito will drown in his own bile) sooner rather than later, let’s face it, any one of the Supremes could have an MI tonight or choke on a fish bone at lunch tomorrow. The Right understands that, or at least the political operatives on the Right do; it is an enduring mystery why the Left doesn’t.

    I say this every time Rick “Frothy” Santorum’s name comes up: please Google “santorum” and click on the link for; if enough people do it, they push the Google ranking of the site. Let’s make it the number one—though number two is more appropriate—result when people search his name. Thank you in advance.

    Ben Carson sounds like he’s giving a lecture to a room full of surgical residents. “There’s a time and place for being swashbuckling, but it’s not in an operating room. Adrenaline is not your friend when you have your fingers on someone’s brain.” Luckily, he’ll never be President.

    Chez, you’re right: there is no audience overlap between this show and Dan Bidondi’s. It may well be, though, that people are trolling Bidondi. He’s the sort who wouldn’t pick up on it, after all (and again I quote Grandfather McCartney: Now, Paulie, don’t mock the afflicted.).

    The Gilded Bidondi. It’s a good concept, but the statuette would have to be sized very carefully: it’s kind of hard to hold onto something that’s heavy and round. Also, what in hell would it be an award for? Outstanding Acheivement in Lowering the National IQ?

    Damn, he actually managed to mispronounce his mispronunciation of Netanyahu. I didn’t know it was possible.

    “You’re gonna get evil scum.” Any commercial tub and shower cleaner works reasonably well on that, as long as you rinse with holy water.

    For me, one show a week is perfect, two a week would be fine. Five a week and I’d start to burn out. When MSNBC stopped podcasting the complete Rachel Maddow Show, I pulled the plug and I can’t describe how much more relaxed I felt after a few days. I’m simply not enough of a political junkie, I guess. I’d rather spend an hour a day listening to the episodes of The History of English Podcast—which is great, by the way, I can’t recommend it highly enough—I’ve let stack up. Not trying to talk you into or out of anything, just giving you my €0.018.


    • HilaryB

      I love this show. Bob’s been creating a lot of funny stuff lately, which helps keep me from wanting to throw things out the window. I think I could easily handle listening 5 days a week. =)

      • 🙂

      • muselet

        Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t take the time to comment at (excessive) length.


        • HilaryB

          I enjoy your comments.

          • muselet


    • Great comments as always. Don’t worry about burnout. I think we have a track record for not being dour or overly panicked about politics. We’ll keep it light and funny when necessary. Trust us — and know that Chez, who admits to being easily burned out by politics, won’t let it come to that.

      • muselet

        It’s me, not you and Chez. I have a low tolerance for news and politics right now, enough so that I’ve had to divide my daily trawl through the internet in two or I’ll start throwing things.


    • ranger11

      The 2000 election will always be the gold standard for Lefty ratfuckery in my opinion. Nothing surprises or surprised me after that. Still think they have Nader cryogenically frozen and ready to be thawed for action. They pissed off when there’s a Republican in the White House and when there’s a Democrat taking up residence there.

      • muselet

        Yeah, 2016 could be disastrous if the Lefty Purity Brigade storms off in a towering snit again. I wish someone would sit them down and patiently explain that, when it comes to the policy consequences of elections, getting some of what you want is better than getting none.

        70% > 0% shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp.


        • Scopedog

          Sadly, I think people have tried to explain it, but the LPB just brushes them off with the usual “both parties are the same!” nonsense. Nothing is going to get through those thick skulls, believe me.

          • muselet

            I think the Leftier-Than-Thou folks have learned the wrong lesson from watching the Rs’ codependent relationship with the Religious Right. The lesson they should have learned is that you don’t always get everything you desire from a political party, even one that needs you; the lesson they have learned is that they won’t let that happen to them, no matter the consequences to the nation.


    • Scopedog

      “That said, check out the cartoons reproduced at Truthdig and tell me theLefty Underpants Gnomes aren’t already plotting their 2016 strategy against Hillary Clinton; it’s starting to look like 2010 all over again.”

      Kudos to you for wading into the s&@!storm that Truthdig has become. The sites Common Dream, Alternet, and Smirking Chimp have sadly fallen into madness since Obama took office; one sees them preferring to write puff pieces on Putin and perform verbal fellatio on Ron and Rand Paul while being really pissed off at the Black Guy in the White House.

      But sadly, the Left that refuses to learn a goddamned thing obviously hasn’t learned anything since–well, forget 2010, try 2000. You would think that the eight years of Bush and the disaster of the GOP control of the House and now Senate and various state legislatures and governorships would knock some common sense into their heads. No such luck, as displayed by the push not at the GOP, but at Obama and Hillary and the fainting with joy over Senator Sanders (I like Bernie, but a good chunk of his supporters are starting to piss me off).

      The bottom line is that they don’t give a damn. The country gets a majority conservative Supreme Court, the GOP guts Obamacare and various environmental rules, the country is thrown over the fence and given the business and minorities lose their right to vote–who cares? The Dems weren’t pure enough for them, so if everyone suffers, f*@! them, because they didn’t go all out and create a puritopia. Plus many of these folks on the Far Left will not be affected by the GOP’s shenanigans, so the rest of us must suffer because it will lead to that awesome liberal utopia.

      Even if the country goes to hell.

      • muselet

        I used to have great respect for Robert Scheer. He was an excellent reporter, a tenacious interviewer and an insightful columnist at the Los Angeles Times.

        Every time Truthdig runs yet another “Hillary Clinton and the Republicans will destroy democracy AIEEE!” cartoon or “Obama and Bibi conspire to kill all the Palestinians” article, I say I’m going to stop giving the site any more clicks because Scheer has clearly lost his mind.

        Then a day or two later there will be a column by Robert Reich or Juan Cole, and I remember why I used to visit the site in the first place.


  • aynwrong

    Two shows?!?


  • ranger11

    Haven’t listened yet but….how the fuck did you get Chez to agree to do this?!?!

    • Honestly? His idea.

      • ranger11

        That’s something I wouldn’t have expected. Well, good for us!

  • HilaryB

    It’s happening! Two shows a week! Wooo hoooo!!!

    Crazies in Cars Getting Conspiracies was hysterical! Loved it!