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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 5/8/14


Relentlessly Peckin’ At Peace: New Audio Clip from InfoWars Doofus Dan Bidondi; Bidondi Interprets the Pope Dove Attack; Glenn Greenwald Attacks Intervention to Rescue Kidnapped Nigerian Girls; Greenwald Doubles-Down on Twitter; Is Greenwald an A-Hole?; The Bundy Ranch Militia Confronts a BLM Worker on the Highway; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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Bubble Genius

  • HilaryB

    Damn doze peace-peckin’ crows! False flags, false peace, false prophet…where does it end?

  • beulahmo

    MOAR Bidondi!!!!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I’m usually playing solitaire on my laptop when I listen to the podcasts. But whenever a Dan Bidondi segment pops up, I stop playing so I can listen closely to whatever stupidity this hippopotamus spewes out. And to get the reactions of Bob and Chez laughing at him. Especially Bob’s spot on impersonstion of him. The Bidondi features have become one of my favourite parts of the podcast.

    • HilaryB

      I must say their laughter is rather infectious.

  • Vtr

    Are you not aware that Dan Bidondi is just another Tim and Eric character?

  • muselet

    Bob, is it my imagination or are those radio-is-wonderful jingles getting more hallucinatory?

    Bob, you’re looking at it the wrong way. If Dan Bidondi did get ticketed by the Rhode Island State Police, he’d go on an epic rant about how he got singled out for uncovering the truth about, well, something or other. You’d be protecting public safety and getting more Bidondi material to laugh at. It’s a win-win.

    Is anyone surprised that Glenn Greenwald missed the damn’ point of Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s opinion piece? Or that he—presumably deliberately—echoed her use of “horrifying” (“The kidnap of the estimated 270 girls is shameful, sickening and horrifying.”)? Cosslett’s (carefully-hedged) mention of military assistance comes in paragraph 7 of 8, and Greenwald somehow concluded that was the part that is horrifying and not the Boko Haram leader’s declaration, “I will marry off a girl at the age of nine.”

    This is why I go out of my way to ignore Greenwald.

    Righties are big on poking the government with a stick so when the government responds, they can claim to be innocent victims. The Bundy Militia or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves wants a shootout and are doing everything they can to stir up trouble. I’m not quite to the point of wanting the feds to send in the Marines, but this idiocy will not be resolved peacefully.

    The doves represent peace. The crow represents evil. The seagull represent God’s spirit. So a crow and a seagull attacking the doves means the United Nations and the world are attacking peace with war, but the seagull was grasping peace but not trying to kill it so there’s a coming war for peace, Pope Francis is the false prophet, and the kids represent the hermaphrodite god. Got it, and by ‘it’ I mean a headache.

    Dan Bidondi is a birdbrain. (You were all thinking it! Stop throwing things!).

    (Chez says “shithead” at 28:00.)


    • I conduct a weekly search for the most ridiculous radio jingles.

      • muselet

        Well, you outdid yourself this week.