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RELM_buttonDoocy in the Box: Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Twitter Headquarters Then Gets Suspended Again; The Texas Cop Resigns, and O'Reilly Blames MSNBC; Steve Doocy Repeats RNC Talking Points Verbatim; The Doocy in the Box; The Duggars in Trouble Again; Huckabee's Co-Author Accused of Child Molestation; Ben Carson Derps on Gay Marriage Again; Lindsey Graham is a Ghoul; Abortion Rates Down in Pro-Choice States; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • McKinley

    Soylent Green is Duggar!

  • Boko999

    The file. She seems to be corrupt.

  • muselet

    Chez, sorry about your technology. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting burned so far—touch wood—but I figure it’s a question of “when,” not “if.”

    Chuck C. Johnson is a moron.

    I’m not sure Eric Casebolt’s actions were inconsistent with McKinney PD’s training, since he was a training officer for the department, but you’re right, Chief Greg Conley seems to be the good guy in this story.

    The truly awful person in the McKinney story is Casebolt’s attorney, Jane Bishkin. She not only pushed the standard “oh, that video doesn’t show the whole encounter” line but also blamed Casebolt’s running around, screaming obscenities, attacking a girl and drawing down on a couple of boys on his having responded to two suicide calls that day. Anyone who wants to play the sad trombone, feel free.

    Casebolt is “in hiding because of death threats”? Baloney.

    Nothing Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity shocks me any more. They’re always going to excuse the inexcusable, if the inexcusable involves law enforcement attacking citizens. It’s what they’re on FNC to do.

    “The giggling couch tumors at Fox & Friends.” I’ll have to remember that one.

    Steve Doocy is the only one on FNC too lazy to make a quick editing pass on RNC press releases, that’s all. He clearly doesn’t care, he’s pulling down a good salary for parroting GOP talking points and acting like a half-bright 13-year-old (apologies to actual half-bright 13-year-olds).

    Nobody can claim Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the sharpest knives in the drawer. How stupid do you have to be to refuse access to social workers after your family has become synonymous with child molestation? Crikey. I don’t imagine this latest episode will change any minds about the family, except maybe at TLC.

    Chez, I’m glad you went for the disgusting molestation joke. Otherwise I’d have had to.

    Mike Huckabee sure has interesting taste in associates, doesn’t he?

    Bob, in a sane world, Mike Huckabee would be pelted with overripe produce every time he set foot outside his locked and shuttered home. No, I tell a lie: in a sane world, no one would have ever heard of Mike Huckabee except in the small town where he lives, where parents warn their children to stay away from the fat man with the weird ideas.

    Chez, imagine Ben Carson swapping jokes over a couple of pints. (Yeah, me neither.)

    The big reason the Right goes ga-ga for Ben Carson is that he’s one of the good ones who affirms their prejudices about other minority groups. His utter lack of empathy endears him to people who would normally swerve to hit him with their cars.

    Lindsey Graham is so desperate to break through in his (doomed) presidential campaign that he’s willing to force his Senate R colleagues to vote on a measure that’s politically almost as popular as the clap among voters.

    Realistically, it doesn’t matter if Marco Rubio can manage his own money. That only becomes a concern if he puts the White House up as collateral.

    Chris Christie is trying to sound tough and failing badly. (Bob, the Panda Express joke wasn’t your best, but not bad at all.)


    • McKinley

      “Steve Doocy…pulling down a good salary for parroting GOP talking points and acting like a half-bright 13-year-old (apologies to actual half-bright 13-year-olds)”.

      Apology accepted.

      • muselet



  • HilaryB

    Poor Chezels. I hope he gets his computer back soon.

    I really, really hope Lindsey Graham gets to show his strenth on the debate stage. It’d be even better if it were just him, Ben Carson, and Rick (Oops) Perry. The others make me too angry.