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RELM_buttonShooting Skeet: Donald Trump is Officially Running for President; The Clown Car Has a Driver; Trump's Announcement Speech; Lindsey Graham Shooting Skeet; Crazy California Politician Blames Drought on Abortion; God is an A-hole; Ben Carson is the Frontrunner; The Rachel Dolezal Controversy; Alex Jones Rants About Hillary's Voice; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • McKinley

    Wonder if anyone in the media will ask Trump when, exactly, America ceased being “great”..

  • Late in the podcast, when they’re talking about Alex Jones, they wonder how nobody ever sees Jones as being wrong about any of his crazy rants or wild predictions. There’s no real mystery to it, guys. Jones has mastered one of the oldest flimflams in the book. He takes the marks on the Conspiracy Safari du Jour – the weirder the better, but he makes sure to weave it together into a continuing narrative (which he’s really very good at btw; gotta give him that much), and then just sits back and lets it all percolate until it becomes obvious that the thing he was yelling about hasn’t quite materialized – YET – “so we must be ever vigilant blah blah blah”, and btw, “the reason all that horrible stuff didn’t happen is because I was able to warn you good people and enough of you listened and were watchful and took action to prevent it”.

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc. So the point of the exercise eventually comes to require a constant ramping up. The wackier the “theory” is, the less likely it is to be true, and the more credit you can claim for helping America dodge another bullet. A few rounds of that and the rubes are hooked, and they’ll never leave you.

  • McKinley

    Listening to this on Thursday, Noon ET. Re Trump coverage, things move so fast now – Trump has already changed his theme to BTO’s “Taking Care of Business” a Canadian slacker ode to NOT working, Colbert has already posted a response via The Late Show’s YouTube channel – it is literally shocking how dated this is already, less than 48 hours after you posted..

  • muselet

    I wonder if Donald Trump’s investigators and Joe Arpaio’s investigators got in each other’s way during the Hawaii phase of their respective wastes of time and money. There’s a buddy movie idea in there somewhere, but I can’t be bothered. If anyone wants to take that idea and run with it, just give me a shout-out somewhere in the script.

    Chez, Donald Trump is just the latest in a long line of crazy people to run for President. The crazies have tended not to run for the nomination of a major party, mind, but I defy you to point to something that makes The Donald objectively loonier than any of the other dozen declared candidates in the clown car.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Righty politicians, the ones who are forever howling about property rights, are always the ones who violate the intellectual property rights of songwriters and musicians, at least until the blizzard of cease and desist letters starts.

    China is building artificial islands in the South China Sea to support its territiorial claims to the area. Could that be what The Donald was on about?

    Bob, for what it’s worth, France has the Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen pissing match, so Europeans at least will look at The Donald and shrug. The difference is that Trump is a member of a major party and the Le Pens are squabbling over control of the Front National (think The Base of the GOP, only more xenophobic), but no European will bat an eye. They’re used to unhinged candidates.

    Chez, the Ronald Reagan campaign in 1984 wanted to use Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”—at the urging of George Effing Will, no less—with no recognition of the towering irony. This is what happens when Righties try to co-opt pop culture.

    Bob, you’re right about Trump having an edge by being on TV, but The Base is going to wonder about him and his associations with Teh Librul Media, and I can’t help thinking his late-night-infomercial-selling-Ginsu-knives is going to turn off as many primary voters as it appeals to.

    As far as I can tell, no kazoo orchestra has recorded the Gone with the Wind theme, but I live in hope.

    Lindsey Graham trap shooting is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a very long time. At one point in the video CNN posted, Graham says, “I hope the Iranians and the Iraqis are watching,” after one shot, which makes zero sense to me; then some time thereafter (there’s an edit in the video) tells his handlers, “Runnin’ out of bullets, boys,” and even I know shotgun shells are not referred to as bullets. I’m not sure what Graham thought he would achieve with that stunt, but he didn’t come off as a macho gunslinger as much as a doofus who happens to be a moderately good shot.

    The funniest thing about Graham shooting clay pigeons is that the Right had a conniption over Barack Obama’s shooting back in 2013. I fail to see the difference, really.

    Bob, California Rs are utterly divorced from reality, and have been for some time. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Shannon Grove is utterly divorced from reality.

    So everyone knows, Kristin Olsen represents the 12th Assemby District, centered on Modesto. Her comments about voting aren’t particularly new—the Right has been saying things like that for a very long time—but if she really believes her nonsense, let’s use Olsen’s Assembly district as an experiment: reduce the number of polling stations to one, open for one hour on election day, and everyone who wants to vote has to provide three current government-issued photo IDs plus twelve months of utility bills for their current address. If she’s right, voter participation should soar.

    I’ll simply point to this Charlie Pierce post and walk away from the Rachel Dolezal story.

    Every modern politician—since the invention of the PA system, anyway—has had a similar speaking style. And Hillary Clinton does seem to have something of a sing-song delivery. Alex Jones may struggle to believe this, but that doesn’t make her, or any other politician, evil. What a nitwit.


  • HilaryB

    Oh, one more thing. You called it, Bob! (I’m sure you’ve already seen this).

  • HilaryB

    “Absolutely!” That’s the first thing I thought of this morning when I read that Trump is running. I have a feeling you’ll be using that button a lot. Can’t wait to hear what music you come up with for him! =)

    • Hey — I think Disqus rejected your other comment for some reason. I think it was the link. Try it without the link.

      • HilaryB

        Oh, it was a link to a LA Times article about Neil Young stating that Trump isn’t allowed to use his song. You’ve probably seen it on Twitter or elsewhere by now. I thought it was funny since you had just mentioned on the podcast that he was probably going to sue Trump.