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RELM_buttonGareth Keenan: We get serious about gun violence and the massacre in Charleston; Why we'll never pass new gun legislation; Fox and Friends are evil monkeys; Alex Jones says this is the beginning of a race war; Lindsey Graham and Steve Doocy say this is a war on Christians; Brian Kilmeade tries to do math; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Emily333

    It’s going to be time for me to go to lunch in about twenty minutes. After listening to this Fox thing I don’t know if I can even eat. The feeling in my stomach reminds me JUST LIKE how I felt after Sandy Hook.

  • aynwrong

    I know this clip will seem silly. And I do not in any way mean to diminish the horror of what happened in Charleston and maybe I shouldn’t post it in response to this event. But I am posting it in response to the “coverage” these killings are receiving from Fox News and the evasion of reality we are seeing Republican politicians engage in while cameras are pointed at their faces. This is essentially what Fox News and Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum just did in front of all our eyes.

  • muselet

    I am reminded of the commentary track for an episode of Farscape (yes, I know, bear with me for half a mo). Ben Browder, one of the stars of the show, was talking about a scene in which his character waved a pistol around in a pub and the Australian actors really didn’t react very much. You could tell, Browder said, Australia really doesn’t have much of a gun culture. The only actor who flinched and backed away was an immigrant from some war-torn country in (if memory serves) Africa, who had seen what firearms actually do to human bodies.

    Americans’ fetishization of firearms is bewildering to me. The number of people owning firearms is dropping, but the relatively small minority of people who do own them are buying more and more. And yet the small minority has more political clout than the majority, a situation not helped by a majority of the Supremes who managed somehow to ignore and/or disregard 200 years of jurisprudence and—for want of a better word—discover an individual right to possess firearms (again I say, if those Justices didn’t have security details, they might have been a trifle less cavalier in their reasoning).

    Giving a .45-caliber handgun to an obviously racist nutjob like Dylann Roof seems … imprudent somehow.

    Chez, it’s not, as Charlie Pierce reminds us, About Race because it’s never About Race.

    Chez, as I understand it, nobody in the real world actually watches Fox News Channel. It’s on as background noise all day, every day, and because FNC is pushing a narrative, the same story—real or imaginary—gets repeated by every talking head on every show from dawn to dusk. If every time you walk by the TV, you hear new details about some horror supposedly perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama or Democrats or those people or whoever today’s Two Minute Hate is aimed at, you’re going to conclude there’s something to that farcical story.

    What the giggling couch tumors—and their revolting guest—on Fox & Friends did was monstrous, no doubt, but they did what they were expected to do: throw enough dust in the air to obscure inconvenient facts.

    Rick Santorum, Nikki Haley started pushing the “it wasn’t about race, it was the oppression of Christians” line before the sun came up, with Lindsey Graham scurrying madly behind to catch the bandwagon. (And, naturally, Rand Paul decided to try to one-up the others in his speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Policy Conference. If there is a hell, there’s a special corner reserved for him.) I hold the politicians in more contempt than the simpletons at Fox.

    Dylann Roof’s roommate knew he was planning something for months, but said nothing to anyone. His family gave, as I said earlier, a gun to someone clearly unmoored from reality. FNC and various Righty politicians want us to believe a racially-motivated slaughter wasn’t racially motivated. Friedrich Schiller said it best: “Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens. (Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.)”

    Alex Jones is playing Righty Mad Libs, nothing more, nothing less. He’s just better at that game than most. Jones doesn’t care about reality, he just cares about playing the game.

    Chez, you were clearly taught about guns by a cop. The rule is not to draw your weapon unless you might need to fire it at someone. (Which is part of why Eric Casebolt—damn, that seems like a lifetime ago—pulling his gun on a couple of boys even though they were already backing away was so horrifying.)

    My childhood was simpler, and I grew up with “duck and cover’ drills at school (if the Russkies lob a nuke at us, that sheet-metal-and-plywood desk will protect me, uh-huh, sure). What we didn’t have was a bunch of idiots with guns trying to shoot everything that moves.

    Bob, well-rounded citizens are harder to manipulate. That’s why Righty politicians want schools to stop creating well-rounded citizens.


    • Victor the Crab

      Your last sentence is why I cannot see the Republican party dying off in the future. As long as they can keep people ignorant and subservient, they can get away with anything. Which is why they’ve been underfunding schools for decades. Dylann Roof is only 21, FFS.

      • muselet

        Listen to Republican—well, Righty—complaints about public schools. Once you get past the glibertarian “government monopoly schools” bushwa, you find the thing that really chaps their arses is, essentially, “them damn schools ain’t teachin’ yer kid what you believe.”

        Of course, “what you believe” is a very broad concept, one that covers creationism, whitewashing—pun intended—American history, school prayer, trickle-down/magic asterisk macroeconomics, segregation, acceptance of QUILTBAG people, you name it. Whatever hobbyhorse a Righty happens to ride, the public schools are to blame, and need to have their funding cut.

        I don’t mean for this to be a long tirade (too late), but I’m the product of public schools, from kindergarten to bachelor’s degree. Overall, I got a good education from mostly good teachers—there were a few duds, but they were the exceptions—and learned both critical thinking skills and flexibility of mind. Those abilities have served me well as a citizen, and they are precisely the qualities I see less and less on the Right (the Left isn’t perfect on that score, just much better than the Right).

        Dylann Roof is only 21, FFS.

        If you want to depress yourself, the LA Times has an article on Dylann Roof’s “evolving views on race” (they’re as horrific as you might imagine).