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RELM_buttonJiggery-Pokery: With Guest Co-host Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs; Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson's Continued Descent into Obscurity; Bobby Jindal is Running; Chris Christie is Running; Good News for Donald Trump; Obamacare Upheld by the Supreme Court; Scalia is Insane; Plus, all about Charles Johnson's Music Career and Entry into Political Blogger; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Brookmyre

    Can we please, please, please refer to them as Charles and Upchuck!

  • Emily333

    I enjoyed getting to know Charles Johnson better. I guess “accomplished” could cover it. Namaste, Mr. Johnson.

  • muselet

    Hack-fraud Chuck C. Johnson claims to be an award-winning journalist. I may not want to know the answer to this, but what award has he won (as ever, participation trophies don’t count)?

    “The thing that’s interesting about Chuck C. Johnson is he’s crazy, he’s always wrong, he’s at the same time kind of articulate when he speaks in interviews and in public. He’s not like a bungling idiot.” Bob, you just described Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, George Will, David Brooks, Jonah Goldberg (kinda, because he’s not particularly articulate), Mona Charen, Mark Steyn … well, name a Righty political commentator. (And yes, I understand the differences between a political commentator and a loon of a conservative blogger.)

    The idea of hack-fraud conservative blogger Chuck C. Johnson getting thrown out of a Grover Norquist event—by the Director of Outreach, no less—is hilarious.

    Yeah, admitted felon Dinesh D’Souza is a classy guy, isn’t he?

    Charles (may I call you Charles?), are you suggesting the GOP clown car is actually a TARDIS? (Apologies, my inner nerd was screaming to be let out.)

    Have a heart? Bob, hearts are for wimpy, unMurcan librul scum (SCUM!, as Alex Jones says bellows), not for manly-man Republicans who want desperately to be accepted by their party.

    Clearly, Bobby Jindal still labors under the delusion that he could be the GOP candidate for President. Once again, I say that borders on precious.

    Actually, Bob, “jiggery-pokery” is still in use, if infrequently, in British English. Thing is, it’s typically used with tongue deeply in cheek: a British car magazine, for example, might refer to Electronic Stability Control as “electronic jiggery-pokery” to give the technology an air of witchcraft. Antonin Scalia (speaking of hack-frauds) went deep into the thesaurus to avoid calling the other Supremes idiotic, deceitful, socialist idiots and didn’t bother to check the usage notes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sooner rather than later, the spaghetti alla carbonara is going to catch up to Mr Justice Scalia.

    I’m one of those weird people (yes, yes, I know) who reads credits on album covers (and at the end of movies and TV shows, for that matter), and I never knowingly encountered the name Charles Johnson.

    Charles, to go from a (forgive me) garage band in Hawaii to a studio with Stanley Clarke is like going straight from high school to the Bigs in baseball. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. Holy moly.

    Keep talking music and I’ll have to spend lots of money at iTunes, dammit.

    I don’t mean to be churlish, but forest, trees. The rumor mill said the other networks were hot on the heels of CBS on the story, so Dan Rather stupidly let himself get panicked into running with what he had, including documents that hadn’t been authenticated. I’ve long been something other than a fan of Gunga Dan, but on this story, it’s my understanding he had the facts but he didn’t have corroborating documentation. If I’m wrong on the underlying story, please disabuse me.