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Rand Paul Agrees with Glenn Beck on Man-on-Dog; Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA; Supreme Court Dismisses Prop 8; Supreme Court Destroys the Voting Rights Act; Scalia is Nuts; Judicial Review; Leviticus; The List of Chez Abominations; Racism and Pre-Clearance; Michele Bachmann’s Reaction to DOMA; The Dramatic Filibuster of the Texas Abortion Law; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • muselet

    Chez, don’t insult used car salesmen. Rand Paul doesn’t have nearly that level of honesty or integrity.

    Consent means nothing to Righties, specifically including Rand Paul (and Rick Santorum and every other nitwit who has invoked bestiality during a discussion of gay marriage). They simply do not understand the concept.

    I wasn’t surprised by anything Antonin Scalia did or said this week. The hypocrisy, the steam-from-the-ears fury at his colleagues, the preening condescension toward any contrary opinion, the disgust at the very thought of gay people, it was all as predictable as the sunrise. Remember when the Right insisted Scalia’s brilliant legal mind and closely-argued opinions would win over even the liberals on the Court and that he’d become the next Chief Justice by acclamation?

    “Tuesday is Marbury day!” I sense a tee-shirt in the making, complete with a picture of Scalia in full rage mode.

    The response to all of your logical arguments about the Bible—especially Leviticus—from the Religious Right is a smug insistence that all that stuff about clothing and crops and food was superseded by the New Covenant; but of course, Jesus hated all that sex stuff as much as the Religious Right does, so those parts are still in effect. It’s why, as I’ve said before, Rick Santorum always looks like he smells something bad when he talks about sex: it’s filthy and disgusting and people are doing it wrong! If someone ever came up with a sure-fire cure for anhedonia, more than half the self-proclaimed Christians in the country would finally be able to unclench and leave the rest of us alone.

    There was always a relatively easy way for a state or other jurisdiction to get out from under Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act: by demonstrating that it was no longer discriminating by race in its voting laws, and more than a few places did so successfully. Maybe making the necessary changes would make some old racists unhappy, but that’s just too bad. I have little sympathy for places burdened by Section 4—or at least were burdened until John Roberts and company decided that hundreds of hours of testimony and tons of documents were insufficient justification for the VRA—because after all this time, they hadn’t bothered to change.

    It was heartening to see what happened in the Texas Lege yesterday, although long-term it doesn’t much matter. Rick Perry has called for another special session and the Rs know what to expect this time, so the Ds are going to have to be even more determined. But no matter how clever the Ds are, come hell or high water, the Rs will push through new abortion restrictions; even if those restrictions get thrown out by the courts, clinics will already be closed.

    If medical procedures are to be banned based on how gruesome and icky they are, orthopedic surgeons would be facing life imprisonment.


    • Bubble Genius

      Shit, by that token, I imagine Brazilians will be a criminal offense.

      Initially edited to be more specific, that I meant Brazilian WAXING, but looking at the sentence above, I think it works both ways.

      • muselet

        I’m going to pretend I didn’t immediately assume you were talking about waxing, for I am a manly man who wouldn’t know about such things.