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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 6/28/12

Healthcare and the Supreme Court for the Full Hour; Right-Wing Justices Attacking the 20th Century; Conservative Reaction; Cable News Flubs; Americans Don't Know What's in the Law; Confounding Healthcare Poll Results; Capitulating to Republican Tantrums; Everything We Didn't Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Lazarus Durden

    The tables have turned. Conservatives have become the whiny liberals of the 80’s. Let’s look at the stats:

    Democrats Support:

    Individual Mandate: Conservative Idea
    Has Actually Cut Government Spending: Obama Administration
    Increase Taxes to pay down the Deficit, (i.e. Fiscal Responsibility): Dems & Obama
    Focused on Jobs and the Economy: Democrats and the Obama Administration
    Wishes the other side would just stop bitching and get to work: Dems and probably Obama.

    GOP Supports:

    Hysterically complains they live under a tyranny: GOP
    Refuses to support their elected officials: GOP
    Won’t compromise even to get something accomplished: GOP
    Increases government spending and handouts (though only to the rich): GOP
    Actively talks about leaving the US or rebellion any time a political decision doesn’t go their way (I.e. “I’m taking my ball and going home!” syndrome): GOP

    Congratulations GOP! You are now everything you claimed to hate about liberals from the Reagan era. Job well done!

    • D_C_Wilson

      You forgot:

      Opposes their own ideas as soon as the other side accepts them: GOP

  • muselet

    You win 100 internets for this week’s title. *standing ovation*

    Computers are wonderful until they’re not.

    Armed rebellion? Over healthcare insurance? [UNBELIEVABLY VILE AND DISGUSTING EXPLETIVE DELETED] Really?

    Ultimately, it’s all about keeping those people IYKWIMAITYD from getting benefits. Obsidian Wings had an excellent post on Tuesday on why Rs (I would argue Rs in general) hate hate hate the idea of universal health insurance.

    I’m afraid you’re right, Bob: if he’s reelected, Barack Obama probably will be impeached for Presidentin’ While Black.

    John Roberts is nowhere near retirement (he’s only 57), but he has suddenly become concerned about the public’s perception of “his” Supreme Court. I tend to agree with Steve Benen that the dissent in the healthcare case was so OTT that Roberts had no choice but to join the so-called liberals in upholding the ACA lest the institutional reputation of the Court be permanently sullied. I wonder how long that concern will last.

    On radio this afternoon, Robin Abcarian of the LA Dog Trainer was politely horrified by CNN and FNC misreporting the story in their zeal to be first to air. Key quote: “This was one of the most important decisions to come down and one of the few times when extreme caution was called for, and unfortunately, those big guys really failed the task. It’s not as if it’s an enterprise story that you’ll get credit for breaking when nobody else has it.” (Abcarian gave credit to for getting the story right and quickly.)

    “Unintended pregnancies will be reduced because of this law.” Yes, but that’s what makes it so distressing for fetus fetishists. Sex is solely for reproduction within marriage, so it is right and proper that unmarried women must live in fear of becoming pregnant as punishment for their sinful ways. Same with the HPV vaccine and condoms, which reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases. (Hey, I never said it made sense.)

    Ed Kilgore gives us some excellent advice today:

    The best strategy for maintaining ACA, of course, is to win the damn elections.