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Michelle Obama Confronted By Heckler; Bobby Kennedy Remembered; Ineffectual Protests and Activism; Right-Wing Racism; Breitbart Reactions to Susan Rice Appointment as NSA; The Morton Downey Jr. Phenomenon; Tea Party Racist Accidentally Speaks the Truth; Racist Judge Attacks African Americans; Glenn Beck Interviews Glenn Beck; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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Bubble Genius

  • Lady Willpower

    +5 points for Mr. Tudball reference.

  • Art__VanDalay

    Bob’s Alex Jones impression is hilarious.

    • Kennet

      Chez’s Nancy Grace is a favorite of mine. If we could hear them do a bit like that I’d likely piss myself.

  • It Be What It Is

    Chemtrails. Trilateral Commission. Radio Shack.

  • muselet

    “Radio Shack, Ace Hardware, Home Depot” The new axis of evil?

    Self-identification is important, indeed vitally important for members of groups which are discriminated against. However—and this is easy for me to say as a middle-aged, white, Kinsey 0 cis male—the discrimination is what’s important, not the label.

    It’s always been hard to boil liberal policy positions down to bumper stickers. Part of that is a desire to be inclusive, part is the Lefty tendency toward entirely too much nuance. We do need to learn how to be more concise (says the guy who writes novel-length comments on the podcast, oh the irony) without becoming witless sloganeers.

    The only time a protest is effective is the first time a particular tactic is used. The first time someone stood up and shouted, our glorious news media took note (every subsequent time, no). The first time a Righty got glitter-bombed, our glorious news media took note (every subsequent time, no). The first time people chained themselves to trees in an old-growth forest, our glorious news media took note (every subsequent time, no). Since these tactics only work once, if at all, it seems to me better to use one’s creativity and energy for something more concrete and practical than devising a new and even more annoying way of getting attention.

    The commenters at Breitbart’s joint are behaving tribally, or perhaps more correctly are behaving like sports fans. To them, qualifications, accomplishments and abilities are irrelevant because the people being discussed belong to the other team. I saw a little bit of the same thing in certain Lefty quarters of the interwebs during the Bush administration, but it doesn’t seem as prevalent or toxic on our side (or maybe I’m just not looking at the sites that display that behavior).

    The difference between Morton Downey Jr. and the others, like Wally George, is that others really and truly believed everything they said; they were unhinged, but utterly sincere.

    Oddly enough, I don’t want to punch Glenn Beck. Light him on fire, yes, but not punch him.

    That Texas TPer later wrote in a Facebook post that he “misspoke.”

    The Penn Federalist Society calls the accusations against Edith Jones “frivolous” in a Facebook post. A brilliant refutation, yes?

    Trolling Steve Stockman is a noble endeavor, Bob. Keep up the good work.

    And Chez says “shit” at 14:23.


    • ranger11

      Is a Kinsey 0 cis male a straight male?

      • muselet



        • ranger11

          Thanks! What I know of Kinsey is from the movie with Liam Neeson. What I remember mostly is Laura Linney. Hot!