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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 6/7/12

Wisconsin Recall Post Mortem; Democrats and Liberals Undermine Themselves; Romney Could Win This Election; Republican Economic Sabotage; Romney the Tea Party Sock Puppet; Republican War Against Pensions; Guess Which Republican Commercial is the Fake One; America is Doomed; The New Karl Rove Commercial; Everything We Didn't Get To Today Will Be Discussed on the After Party; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • villemar

    I really liked Chez’s analogy of the two Venn Diagrams of reality that no longer connect; whereas before they were mostly the same base from which you could draw two seperate opinions from, now there’s no reason from someone who rejects reality to try to find common ground with us.

    I really do think that for all intents and purposes we are living in a Cold Civil War.

  • One more lung full of whinging that Greenwald and Sirota are “wrong,” absolutely zilch showing *that* they are…

    If you *like* a president deciding, in this manner, who is or isn’t a terrorist, then say so, dammit: Plenty of Americans do indeed like it, and that’s how the revelation that is going on wound up in the papers in the first place.

    Instead launch loads of flaming *nothingburger* at those who would rightly condemn the president for it.

    • mrbrink

      Send the cavalry to do the work of a robot? Are you fucking nuts? When you can bring-your-daughter-to-work-day with the Autobots…?!

      How about this. When you and Greenwald and Sirota finally figure out how to locate and shoot them down, you can provide that information to the terrorist organization of your choice. I’m sure the rangers, Blackhawk pilots, scouts, snipers, geological surveyors, the ghost of General Patton and various on the ground military intelligence specialists and their infantry support will be glad you did.

      You know what would be awesome? If we had a couple more really crazy fucking right wing Romney judges! on the Supreme Court– putting America back to work, of course.

      So when Greenwald and Sirota finish taking their turns dry humping your fresh fish face attempting to expose your playful political dissident side in your rat infested cells over at the nearest Karl Rove’s American Freedom Market Just Because Detention Center, you can tell the outside world all about it through morse code, maybe using a filed down toothbrush, maybe the same toothbrush you’re all using on alternating days for protection from gingivitis and rape, and when they remind you how “Obomba and the drones did this!!!” or some words that sound like official rule of law, or some monotonously self-indulgent variation, I hope it brings you some comfort and satisfaction when you’re working the phones for ten cents an hour complimenting random job creators.

      So, go get em’, tiger! You’re gonna show this world a thing or two! Grrrrowl

      And by, “go get em’, tiger!” I mean fall down and make funny.

    • villemar

      You must have Romney money if 100% of your political concern is one specific aspect of US foreign policy.

      Sirota’s and Greenwald’s hyperbole and hysteria and venom and gross distortions and extreme reductionisism and oversimplifications can and has been refuted by evidence, numbers, facts, empirical reality, etc. but I know that won’t matter to you since your anarcho-nihilist ideology trumps all of it; much like the teabaggers, birthers, etc. have created their own ideological reality founded on bile, hatred, and 24/7 Obama Derangement Syndrome, which of course trumps everything.

      I’m sure the millions of Iranians killed under the Romney Administration will all appreciate that you are a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake and that you will remain unsullied in your Ivory Tower of Purest Purety.

    • I guess you still need proof that science exists too, huh?

  • D_C_Wilson

    Tell Chez, when Lawrence O’Donnell started with that “Mitt Romney . . . has a fetish . . .for men . . . in uniform,” I did turn him off.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Geez. Looking at the subjects on this week’s podcast, maybe I should just skip it until next week. I’m still enraged by all the fucking shit as it is.

    • Lazarus Durden

      Nah bro. It’s a good podcast. It’s cathartic.

  • muselet

    When I saw this week’s title, I immediately wondered whether you meant Arnold Schwarzenegger or Arnold the Pig from Green Acres. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I have a weird brain.

    Chez, 18th Century English was a whole lot different than 21st Century English. “More perfect” was gramatically perfectly acceptable (and not in a “perfectly cromulent” sort of way).

    Ah-nuld wasn’t the choice of the Republican establishment in California to run in the recall election (he wasn’t nearly far-right enough for them). The rest of the Rs running were the ones who’d gotten stomped flat in the regular election cycle. Schwarzenegger was more or less freelancing (and I still to this day do not understand how he got elected and reelected).

    Greenwald and Sirota are self-important twits who deserve to be severely ignored, but there are a lot of people who think the two of them are brilliant—mostly, I think, because they get buffaloed by the careful use of language. (In the same vein, I used to like and admire Robert Scheer—who was a skilled reporter and who could be counted on to have all his facts straight before he sat down to type an opinion piece—but he’s been trying for three years to one-up Greenwald and Sirota in attacking Obama from the Left. He’s still a good writer, but he’s become completely unhinged from reality.)

    It is possible for Mitt Romney to win in November, but Barack Obama has a lot more paths to a win than Romney does (because of the Electoral College). Romney is a dreadful candidate who should get crushed, but he’s white, which makes up for his lack of empathy and lack of charisma and lack of humanity.

    What scares me most about Romney is that his big-deal foreign policy adviser is John Bolton—you know, the guy who hates the UN and wants to start wars with Iran and North Korea because, well, just because. No one who takes the Mustache of Doom seriously should be allowed anywhere near the White House, not even as part of a tour group.

    Chez, in the event of another major terrorist attack, my sense is that the country wouldn’t fall in line behind The Black Guy (or The Democratic President generally) but would do so behind The Republican President because of all the national security/strength/America fuck yeah!/kill ’em right back malarkey the country has internalized over the past forty or fifty years.

    If zombie Andrew Breitbart does attack, I know just the guy to stand beside.

    Rachel Maddow is effective because she’s very very smart and because she relies on facts instead of rhetorical tricks or screechiness. It’s also why Republicans and conservatives in general won’t go on her show.

    And Karl Rove is a lying liar who lies. In other news, water is wet.

    The Republicans as The Village People. Brilliant. And disturbing. Very disturbing. The image of Mitch McConnell in a feather headdress is going to haunt my dreams for a very long time. You bastards.

    My word, I do bang on don’t I?


    EDITED because I screwed up the URL in the linky.