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RELM_buttonHit Him With A Shank: A McKinney Texas Cop Draws Gun and Abuses Teen Girl; Fox News Channel Making Excuses for the Texas Cop; Sean Hannity Worried that the Texas Cop Might Be Hit with a Shank; Lindsey Graham's Gun; Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Deli Summertime Specials; Fox News Also Continues to Spin for the Duggars; Pastor Jeffress Defends Duggars and is Destroyed by Keith Ablow; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • JMAshby

    The glitch in the system is systemic racism and the caliber of people recruited into the police department today; predominately white males with deep seated personal and psychological issues. And, post 9/11, they have continuously trained for war with an enemy that doesn’t really exist so they put that training to use against vulnerable minorities.

    They’re hyped up on steroids and growth hormones, delusions of race war, Fox News, Call of Duty, a bloated civil defense industry, Viagra, and an endless buffet of grants and funding from states and the federal government for any number of unnecessary toys they ask for after 9/11.

    What if we declare war against terrorism and then decide minorities and “libruls” are the terrorists?

    Of course this has always been a problem, but we transformed every small town police department into national guard units after 9/11. They have all the gear and toys needed for counter-insurgency against fellow citizens. And they didn’t pay for themselves. Small towns don’t have the budget for that. It was handed to them with absolutely no checks or balances on the way it’s used.

    If you give small town cops military equipment, they may start behaving like an occupying force without the right leadership.

    Eric Casebolt was a supervisor and co-vice president of the local police union. He was the leadership.

    • muselet

      Exactly. Well said.


    • [applause]

  • Victor the Crab

    God, I hope the Duggars go away real soon, for many reasons. One is that I don’t have to listen to Bob’s intro music to them. XP

  • ranger11

    The usage of “Sabotage” for these crazy cops is fucking brilliant! Greatest Beastie Boys songs ever!

  • HilaryB

    Yum…Rhode Island seagull meat.

    Chez does the perfect impression of Lindsey Graham. Better than Jon Stewart’s, in my opinion.

  • muselet


    Eric Casebolt has resigned from the McKinley Police Department.


    • HilaryB

      Great news! That was faster than I expected.

      • muselet

        I figured they’d have to go to the trouble of firing him.

        The problem is, there are plenty of police departments who would hire him in a second, based on his years of experience.


  • muselet

    Chez, a sense of shame (a) requires self-awareness, which no one on Fox News possesses, and (b) doesn’t sell eyeballs to advertisers. You’re right that the descent into defending the indefensible has been rapid, and the coverage of Cliven Bundy and his merry band of lawbreakers may very well have been the start.

    FNC’s business model has always been based on shocking and enraging anyone who doesn’t watch, but I do wonder if the full-throated defense of Josh Duggar will hurt the channel (fingers crossed); the McKinney Police incident will have absolutely no effect on the audience.

    Bob, there’s no evidence on the tape that the 14- (15-?) year-old girl said anything to Eric Casebolt. If she did—and understandably so, given his behavior—what you saw was a pure Contempt of Cop takedown. Well, not so pure, as TPM commenter “NCSteve” makes nauseatingly plain.

    Chez, Casebolt is a training officer for the McKinney Police Department. Makes you want to move to McKinney, don’t it?

    Bob, I prefer Jon Stewart’s description of Casebolt executing a “parkour roll” at the start of the tape.

    Sean Hannity is a wanker.

    Megyn Kelly is worse. “The girl was no saint, either”? As others have said, since when is sainthood the minimum requirement for not being assaulted by the police?

    Lou Dobbs, Brit Hume, Bo Dietl and Steve Doocy need to go and boil their heads.

    A former police officer turned law professor, Seth Stoughton, has a thoughtful piece up at Talking Points Memo in which he discusses the “Guardian” and “Warrior” styles of policing on full display in the McKinney video. I think this may be the piece Chez referred to.

    Bob, we’re seeing these incidents more than we did before, but there’s also a sense of impunity all too many law enforcement officers have. Plus poor training. Plus poor selection and screening of applicants. Plus over-equipping cops. Plus, plus, plus.

    “The Rhode Island seagull is considered poultry, I think.” I laughed out loud. The neighbors must think I’ve gone mad.

    Damned few politicians can pull off a tough-guy image, although a lot try (hi, John McCain, you fraud). It’s going to take a lot more than an AR-15 for Lindsey Graham to look tough.

    Speaking of a lack of self-awareness, Rick Santorum has effectively zero support in a state he ended up winning, more or less, four years ago. Publicly, Santorum claims low support is all part of the plan—he’s going to lull the rest into a false sense of security, then pounce, or something—but privately, I’ll bet he’s frothing mad (couldn’t resist).

    Marco Rubio sounded like he was cribbing his answer from the Wikipedia entry on rap music, or maybe the Conservapedia entry. The one word that doesn’t spring to mind when listening to that clip is “genuine.”

    I think I’ve suggested before, long ago, that a lot of pastors develop weird vocal quirks, including that sing-song delivery and odd pronunciations (listen to Reverend Tim Lovejoy on The Simpsons for an example). I’m convinced they learn to speak that way to keep cheap PA systems in churches from making the parishioners’ ears bleed. Robert Jeffress clearly learned those lessons well. And yes, I’m discussing that to keep from paying attention to the bloody Duggars.

    I’ll give Keith Ablow two somewhat unenthusiastic cheers for what he said. Yes, he was right about the Duggars turning their family into a sideshow, and good on him for that, but Jeffress served up a fat, hanging curveball with his driveling nonsense about how much the Duggars love their daughters and Ablow whiffed on it. Maybe Ablow wants to be invited back on FNC, but he could have shown much more fortitude than he did.

    I’m not outraged by Lena Dunham. My default response is indifference.

    Bob, are you saying the Duggars are forcing their lifestyle down our throats (sorry, couldn’t resist)?


  • Having been a human Alex-Jones-“SCUM” soundboard for the past year or so, I applaud this new choice of iso for the growing collection.