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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 7/12/12

Mitt Romney Flirts with the Southern Strategy; Republican Dog-Whistles; Programming Notes and Summer Vacations; Lemon Wet Good; The Real Welfare Queens; Reagan and Tax Loopholes; Fox and Friends and Rove Politics; The Biggest Tax Hikes in the Universe; Everything We Didn't Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • D_C_Wilson

    Hey, Bob. Is there a problem with the After Party feed? I can’t seem to get the latest episodes.

  • muselet

    Joe Biden isn’t crazy. He just lacks an internal filter.

    Mitt Romney and his handlers knew full well the NAACP wouldn’t greet his speech with cheers and declarations of support. Pissing off the NAACP is nothing for Romney or his campaign to be proud of, except it helped him cement the resentful white jackass vote, as did his noxious “more free stuff” comment.

    I’m with Chez with regard to racism—it’s way too easy to level the charge, to the point that it’s just plain lazy, and it’s impossible to defend against let alone refute—but “Obama isn’t working” was absolutely a racial dogwhistle; the slogan makes no sense otherwise.

    John Stossel is a wanker. He wouldn’t last ten minutes in his glibertarian paradise, and he wouldn’t last five minutes as a member of the working poor.

    Ronald Reagan was relatively sane when it came to taxes (emphasis on “relatively”), but most of his positions were, to the extent that they were logically coherent, Right-wing. If he were alive and in politics now, he’d be one of the more conservative Blue Dogs, raising a metaphorical middle finger at the Democratic majority.

    The less said about Fox & Friends, the better. Wastes of carbon, every last one.

    Bob, it’s a vacation. Ignore the nonsense, don’t worry about the blog or the podcast, come back relaxed. We’ll try not to burn the place to the ground while you’re gone—you can trust us.


  • Bob – swear alert about 2:30 from the end.