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RELM_buttonSatanic Blood Lust: InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist and Alex Jones sidekick Dan Bidondi joins us for the hour to talk about Common Core, dildos, the Boston Marathon bombing, journalism, Sandy Hook, 9/11 Truth, abortion, the Second Amendment, religion, terrorism and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Infowars Dan Bidondi

    Video Edition of the show

  • Kreaden

    I feel so sad for Dan. He obviously has a mental impairment.

  • Victor the Crab

    Wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I just got around to listening to this podcast. And HOLY FUCK! Dan Bidondi needs to answer Nurse Ratched instead of Bob and Chez because he’s shown himself to be a psychotic crazy person who shouldn’t be out on the streets, much less a car. He clearly believe in all this horseshit and will stop at nuh-DING to make sure we all do. It’s amazing you guys had the intestinal fortitude to put up with him for an hour. I would have just treated him like the tin foiled lunatic standing on a street corner screaming yargle-bargle at people that he is and just moved on.

    And Kevin comes off as a prick.

    • ranger11

      Still haven’t listened. Apprehensive. Will I need Zantac or Xanax? Or both?

      • HilaryB

        I’d say both.

      • mampdx

        Sorry, guys; I tried to listen but I just couldn’t stomach that level of batshit bugfuckery.

        • Victor the Crab

          I think Bob & Chez distill the bidondi batshit bugfuckery for us whenever they bring him up. On his own, he is hard to handle.

      • Victor the Crab

        My drug of choice is a tall glass with a third of it filled with Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum and the rest of the glass filled with A&W Diet Root Beer. Everything chilled.

  • Antonio Toro

    …as for Bidondi, he reminds me of the ‘heroes of the press’ in 1930’s Berlin. Hate-filled thugs who thought they had the moral ground, ignored facts, turned the personal into political, and were tools of the ruling classes, which seems to be FOX’s standards and practices as well. His petulant ‘…yea, the Bible is hate speech” line muttered by his ilk encapsulates the whole Christian persecution schtick too.

  • Antonio Toro

    Bellesiles would be a excellent guest from both a historical context and from the story of NRA overreach. Both topics being highly relevant these days.

  • Antonio Toro

    My former step-brother in law (yea, complicated) Michael A. Bellesiles wrote Arming America, which caused the NRA to decimate his career over two incorrect footnotes, which is kind of like condemning a building over two misplaced screws. He’d make an excellent guest, if he wasn’t so gun (accidental pun) shy. The premise of the book is that we’d never had a gun-laden frontier-hood, as these weapons, up until Colt (1847 or so) and Winchester (1873 or so) mass produced them, causing the price to drop. Prior to that, they were too expensive for common usage. He found this by examining estate probate lists, which was the law, which contained EVERY item that belonged to a deceased person, down to spools of thread, buttons… but hardly a gun or rifle to be seen.

  • Antonio Toro
  • Dark Star

    What a BAFOON!

  • Mi Gusta Tacos

    Dan Bidondi should be electroshocked into a vegetated state, for the common good.

  • very cocky

  • you two guys hate firearms please don’t buy one

  • Violence in the UK with knife and rape uncontrollable they have a strict firearm laws

  • your wrong regarding NRA American people want to be able to defend themselves

  • Brookmyre

    Just. Fucking.Wow….

  • D_C_Wilson

    Well, that was every bit the train wreck I thought it would be.

  • Donna Rail

    My God, it’s getting worse. Bidondi sounds like an illiterate paranoid schizophrenic.

  • Donna Rail

    Anybody who says Sandy Hook did not happen should be placed in an institution.

  • Nightshift

    I’m with Chez–Its time to turn of the internets now since ranting lunatics like Bidondi are given credibility.

  • leemoder

    Wow. It’s like trying to talk to a barking dog; nothing gets through. The first 1/2 was real fun, but after that, you just wanna drop an anvil on his head.

  • The Dan Bidondi interview was totally fic-TAY-cious. The nonstop distorted Skype noises filling in for Bidondi’s voice was especially surreal. Like a lot of good conmen, Dan is bit reasonable and a lot despicable.

    My only regret is that Bob and Chez couldn’t get Dan to say Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That would have been the cherry on top.

  • NW10

    Excellent comedy for my Friday. Thanks guys!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Oh, man, that was depressing.

  • holyreality

    Thanks for being such gracious hosts, though you could have had him examine his own statements rather than pin him to unreasonable positions.

    When he quoted the 2nd it was wrong, allowing his shall not be infringed emphasis while forgetting the well regulated militia qualifier and how a nascent government depended on militias to support them not oppose them undermines the mythology he was spewing.

    You were patient and minimized the tedium but never did get him to say Nyatinhoo.

    • Zach Rosenberg

      There’s a whole host of issues with the 2nd Bidondi is not aware of and doesn’t have the brain power to comprehend. The idea the Founders, having pointedly thrown out a weaker, decentralized government in favor of a strong federal government would be “let’s allow ourselves to be overthrown” is utter lunacy. Nevermind the facts that Chez and Bob pointed out of the extreme difference in technology and the way the second Amendment was interpreted for a very long time by the court.

      Bob and Chez gave him enough rope to hang himself on plenty, though. The idea they’re slaves to the mainstream media when Chez spends a not inconsiderate amount of time pointing out all the intricacies and flaws from experience therein was especially hilarious.

      • holyreality

        This is where the rubber meets the road. Reagan said it about liberals but teabaggers fit today.

        “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

        Armchair history effectively rewrites what really happened into some twisted version like the second was meant for insurrection instead of for a militia to defend the US government, or the Constitution is LIMITED government.

        Our task is to penetrate the dogma, this is difficult at best while impossible when reduced to name calling and ridicule.

    • HilaryB

      Yeah, thanks to his sidekick Kevin who obviously knew they were trying to get him to say it. Lol.

  • Jeremy Grunloh

    You magnificent bastards.

  • Bidondi’s brain is a bag full of spastic ferrets.

  • Badgerite

    Wow. He’s really nuts. (Stating the obvious.)

  • Zach Rosenberg

    Jesus, this man is a living parody. I cannot believe you guys were so patient with this madness.

    It’s scary how Bidondi and those like him are so immune to facts.

  • aynwrong

    OK just got through it. And it took way longer then the length of the actual podcast. I had to keep pausing it. The frustration of listening to that level of unrestrained stupidity was just a bit too much.

    “Vaccines!” LOL!!!

    Listening to that was like listening to Sean Hannity’s radio show years ago only with the roles reversed. Where the host was an idiot and the callers had no luck getting any sanity in edgewise.

    Dan’s stupidity is apparently a ting “that shall not infringed. “

    Great show guys.

    • John Frum

      I’m with you on finding it hard to listen to all at once. The relentless pounding of stupid, angry, and impetuous made my brain feel like it was holding back pee. What really stood out though, is that he’s a fucking child. Like Chez says, you almost want to feel bad for him, then you realize what an ogre he is and you just stop caring.

      Here’s an argument I wish someone had rubbed his nose in: Remember when Chez pointed out why it was a good thing to out closeted gay Republicans? Because they change. Let’s apply the same argument not to Bidondi’s love for guns, but his underlying belief that thoughtless belligerence is a valid lifestyle choice.

      One day, Bidondi will push someone over the edge. There will be someone for whom the burden of misery and grief they’re being forced to bear, plus having this fuckwit impugn it right to their face, will be too much to endure without lashing out. Do you think this might have the same effect?

      On second thought, I don’t think it would have been worth asking him. It would have been like the part of 2001 where the caveman discovers the monolith, but disappointing. But when it happens, I hope it happens on TV. Maybe one of the other cavemen will figure it out. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to watch.

      • aynwrong

        I think it would just reenforce Bidondi’s idiotic view of the world. I doubt he would learn anything.

  • HilaryB

    I am so glad this show landed on my birthday. Made it even more awesome.

    Kudos to you and Chez. It must have taken a lot of stren’th to get through that interview.

    • Happy Birthday, Hilary!! Hope you had a great one!!

      • HilaryB

        Thank you, Bob!!

  • muselet

    Fewer than twenty words in, Dan Bidondi Godwins himself. Is that a new record?

    If the internet didn’t exist, Bidondi would spend his days furiously—in all meanings of the word—writing Letters to the Editor of various newspapers. I read the letters in both the local fishwrap and the LA Dog Trainer and have done for years, and I recognize the tone, I recognize the style of argumentation, I recognize the seething outrage! at the state of things. People like Bidondi were ten a penny back in the olden days, and now, with the internet giving everyone who wants one a soapbox, people like Bidondi are ten a penny. The only difference now is that people like him can evade editorial judgment.

    The world must be a strange and terrifying place to someone like Dan Bidondi, a place filled with dark conspiracies that make the world of Orphan Black look positively benign. I kind of feel sorry for the guy.

    Guys, I could hear you gritting your teeth every time Bidondi went on a rant (your dentists are going to make a mint off you), but you kept your cool. Of course, he won’t present it that way, he’ll insist you were unspeakably rude to him and wouldn’t let him finish a thought. You were as polite as could be expected, you were professional, and you gave him very little cause to be aggrieved.


    • Bosma

      Well…they DID try to lower him…with words and DINGS….

      • muselet

        Well, yes, there is that. :^)


  • Bosma

    All I can say to that—Holy Shit. Wow.

    I’m impressed that you got him to come on. And I was skeptical that this would amount to anything based on what Chez was saying about the Nye/Ham debates where if you give a crazy fringe fundamentalist any type of legitimacy, then that in itself causes you to lose. I’m sure that Bidondi in his mind thinks he gained something on you by going on your show, but guess what, so did you. You called him out on everything you needed to. You made fun of his one leitmotif (“shall not be infringed”) and had to explain to him how technology works (that damned Skype has it in for old Dan).

    My own gripe was how he (and the entire right wing) uses Chicago/New York as some failure of gun regulation, when you could have called him out on states/cities that have lax gun regulation–New Orleans in particular.

    Also, as a Boston resident. While I can confirm that the city did experience a police presence during that period after the days of the Boston bombings, which felt like I was in the movie Children of Men, my one take away from that was, Dan Bidondi-that was 2 years ago. There hasn’t been a constant police presence since that time here. If they were attempting to instill a police state on the community here, it hasn’t been felt as of late.

    Also too, wanted to give special props to Chez for staying on point with him (neither one of you were at all flustered by him). That Hitchens quote nailed him, whether he realized it or not (I couldn;t tell and it really doesn’t matter, you made your point with it).

    The last 2 minutes…filled with suspense…SAY THAT PRIME MINISTAHS FUCKING NAME!!!!!!!!!

    Carcass lyrics….

    ….oh, and fuck that producer, whatever his name was….

    Great work, Bob and Chez….

    • HilaryB

      I was really glad that Chez got Sandy Hook in and called him a monster for claiming that those children didn’t exist or weren’t really killed. Out of all of Dan’s crazy conspiracies, that one was the worst. For me, anyway.

      • Draxiar

        If Bidondi came to me and told me my child (which I have) who was brutally gunned down never existed I think I’d seriously consider making him question the wisdom of “shall not be infringed”. The fact that he hasn’t been assaulted by any of the parents is testimony to their graciousness.

        • HilaryB


  • Nellie Wilson

    Can’t believe I listened to the whole thing. And now I have heartburn – must be the manyak. You guys are amazing! (And Chez, the whole time I was saying “Go get ‘im, Chez!”) Good job, great show!

  • josephebacon

    Bob & Chez, this is one of the most amazing hours I’ve ever heard! You got Bidondi to admit that he supports terrorism and golly gosh, he’s tellin’ us ’bout them fake Jews in Israel…

  • aynwrong

    Just starting the pod cast now.


  • Steven Smith

    I am giddy with excitement. I grew up a mile from bidondi. Such an embarrassment.

  • Chris Lowin

    Bob it isn’t working at the moment.