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RELM_buttonUncle Rico: Malaysia Airlines Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine; Pro-Russia Separatists to Blame; The World is Going to Line Up Against Putin; Putin is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite; Howard Stern Prankster Calls MSNBC During Ukraine Coverage; NBC News Replaces Its Gaza Reporter with Richard Engel; Qualifications to be a Writer for First Look Media; Limbaugh Disagrees with Limbaugh About Impeachment; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • mr spork

    Vladimir Putin thinks he can throw a football over those mountains.

  • 1933john

    How would you like to
    be called “Pootie-Poot?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I admit I laughed a little when I heard the guy being interviewed on MSNBC saying it was blowing out of Howard Stern’s ass. Blame Stern and company all you want, but MSNBC really needs to hang its head in shame for the way they handled that. It was eye rollingly embarrassing.

  • muselet

    Kevin Drum has been—justifiably—unimpressed with Vladimir Putin’s strategic geopolitical skills from the beginning of the Crimea crisis. Arming the separatists with SAMs means Putin is even more incompetent than any of us feared: did he genuinely think the separatists would only shoot at Ukranian military aircraft?

    “He doesn’t back down.” Chez, just to clarify a little, Putin backed down the moment he ordered the border closed between Russia and Crimea. What he doesn’t do is back down when it looks like he’s backing down or when anyone is watching.

    Europe, as (hey, here’s that name again!) Kevin Drum has pointed out, has closer economic ties to Russia than does the US. It’s harder for European governments to put sanctions on Russia because sanctions don’t just hurt Russia. Ultimately, they probably will, and maybe the downing of a civilian airliner will be the catalyst.

    For what it’s worth, Bob, I learned long ago to open any piece of any interest on HuffPo in a new browser tab as soon as I see it, because the autorefresh there is stupid and evil.

    Not for the first time, I’m glad I don’t have cable so I’m not even tempted to suffer through cable news. Also, I have long been of the opinion that Howard Stern and his fanboys need to be junk punched, preferably by Wladimir Klitschko (yes, I did have to look up the name).

    I’ve never seen anyone better at anchoring live coverage than Peter Jennings. Someone once said he didn’t just speak in complete sentences, he spoke in paragraphs. (Daniel Schorr did an interesting review of the movie Broadcast News, and his major complaint was that no one could possibly be as good as William Hurt’s character at talking and listening at the same time.)

    ZOMG, NBC replaced a reporter nobody’s ever heard of with the network’s Chief Foreign Correspondent, Richard Engel! Clearly there’s a conspiracy! *eyeroll*

    “A finely tuned sense of outrage” is actually a good thing in a journalist (Izzy Stone, anyone?), but that outrage has to be in service of something meaningful. Somehow, I doubt First Look Media cares much about the something meaningful part.

    The Right has decided impeachment is a purely political process to be carried out when one side or the other has the votes to make it happen. About Rush Limbaugh, the less said the better.