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(BUMPED) Chez Pazienza ( Replaces Elvis; Cenk Uygur Fired from MSNBC; Ratings Don't Matter on Cable News; The DC Media Cocktail Party Circuit; Huffington Post and The New Civility; The Debt Ceiling; Americans Want Tax Increases; Deficit Shmeficit; Tea Party Nihilism; Rush Limbaugh Denies the Existence of Heat; Allen West is a Serial Killer; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Kaha

    Cenk Uygur is a dishonest pompous asshole. Bob, I love your show and blog but you must separate your friendship with Uygur from an honest appraisal of his performance. I tried to watch his show twice and could not stand it. Even if I agreed with everything he says, which I don’t, he was unwatchable. And his insinuation that the Obama Admin caused him the show is laughable. Morning Joe spends four hours a day bashing the administration and they picked on the least watched show.

    I agreed with Chez’s assessment of both Uygur and Sharpton. Chez is a wonderful addition. Elvis is irreplaceable but Chez, you come pretty damn close when it comes to filling Elvis’s BIG shoes.

  • muselet

    Welcome to the show, Chez.

    Overall, a good show—or, rather, a good half of a show. Spending that much time on the ins and outs of cable TV news is too much for me. The whole Cenk Uygur story could have been dealt with in one exchange:

    BOB: Cenk was fired because Phil Griffin doesn’t like him.
    CHEZ: Cenk isn’t a very good broadcaster. That’s why he was fired.

    After you guys had your say on the subject, all you did was make me very glad I don’t have cable.


    • Yeah, the way TV news is delivered and the quality of its delivery is totally unimportant.


      • muselet

        That’s not what I was saying. I apologize for not being clearer—and for my one-exchange barb, which was snide and unnecessary.

        For me, as an outsider (I’ve never worked in TV news, I don’t have cable, &c.), the story of Cenk Uyger losing his cable news show didn’t seem to be worth spending half the show talking about. It was too inside baseball (to use an expression I loathe) for me. You and Chez obviously disagree.

        We can all agree that TV news both sucks and blows (in the immortal words of Bart Simpson), but it didn’t sound to me like that was what the two of you were talking about on the show.

        Again, apologies for the misunderstanding.


        • Cenk’s firing was an entry point — a case study — in what’s wrong with cable news. That’s why we talked about that issue for so long. His firing was symptomatic of a larger problem, and we discussed that problem at length. Specifically, the superficiality of the news media and how cocktail parties and cliques are dictating how the news is delivered.

  • Chez should just came out and say how did that n-word get a show? Because this dancing around bullshit and using one incident to downgrade for what he did for our community is bullshit. You can disagree with the things what he does or say to get attention but trying to belittling him because you feel he took a spot from someone else hints back to the arguments the anti-affirmative action crowd uses.
    Don’t get me wrong Bob I love your blog and I love your show because you’re doing what only a few other bloggers are doing. But for me the things Al Sharpton done for in the battle for civil rights is greater than him being out there and drawing attention to himself positive or negative.

    • Thanks for the kind words about the show and the blog, JohnConner. Regarding Rev. Al, there are hundreds of fantastic activists who are terrible on television. Sharpton is a terrible television host regardless of what he’s done off the air.

      • I respect your opinion now I’m not saying Brother Sharpton transition to tv has been smooth. He’s one of the few cats that when shit goes down in the community he’s out there unlike certain brothers who are out on a bus tour. Wanted to add one more thing I enjoy coming to this blog and commenting with the other visitors. I apologize for the opening part of my comment.

    • Chez Pazienza

      Really, John? Seriously? That’s what you drew from my comments — that I don’t like Sharpton because he’s black and I think he stole a job from some more deserving Turkish-American guy? Wow, dude. I’d argue with you but it’s not worth it because you see ghosts and you can’t reason with that. But as Bob said, I’m glad you like the show and Bob’s blog. As for Sharpton, my issues with him are, as they should be, much, much deeper than the color of his skin.

      • I’m going to admit I shouldn’t wrote what I wrote in the opening it was the heat of the moment. The tone just trigger a experience I had few years ago.

  • incredulous72

    Great show.

    In regards to this whole Cenk Uygur thing, I think it’s partly about ratings but mostly about generation. Let’s face it, Sharpton is a Baby Boomer, and that is for the most part who is watching at 6:pm; not Gen X or Gen Y. To be honest, that’s the majority of who watches cable news channels in general, Baby Boomers. They want to keep that demographic because that’s the demographic that will consistently be there. Gen X and Gen Y watched because Cenk was on, but they were not consistent and the numbers were not big enough to keep him around.

  • laddieluv

    I love Cenk.

    HATE that he’s no longer on MSNBC at 6.

    Grrrrrrrrrrr. Assassins on speed dial. For a number of reasons.

    But the “Cenk” news doesn’t help.