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RELM_buttonThe Gospel of Bidondi: No Show Next Week, Vacation Time; Refueling the Outrage Tank; John Boehner is Confused and Confusing; Obama and the Border Crisis; Bill O’Reilly’s Berlin Wall; The Militia and Operation Normandy; The Rasmussen Conspiracy Theory Poll; Dan Bidondi Explains the Crisis in Gaza; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • muselet

    Domestic Chez (perfect name for him, Bob) sounds thirty seconds from the attached, but he also sounds (can it possibly be?) happy. Prolonged exposure to adorableness suits you, Chez (but you knew that already).

    Bob, John Boehner only has what power the ones Charlie Pierce used to call “the feral children” allow him to have. I’ve said many times before that in normal times, Boehner would be a competent and modestly successful Speaker; alas, these are not normal times, so he spends his days cowering under his desk.

    Without trying to read Bill O’Reilly’s mind (presbyopia keeps me from reading something that small *rimshot*), I’m going to guess he was thinking of the part of the wall that got bashed down in the middle of Berlin on live TV: just a tall concrete wall. Charles Krauthammer, on the other hand, may very well have had the guard towers and minefields in mind, but who knows?

    Chez, I’m with you on immigration, but there’s no way to find a rational solution until the Rs stop being afraid of being primaried from the Right.

    Jim Gilchrist lost his mind years ago. That his new initiative is called Operation Normandy surprises me not in the least..

    Rick Perry is running for president. He had to deploy the Texas National Guard to the border, not because they have any constructive role to play but because doing so buffs up his Tough Guy image (which image took a hit in 2012 with his “have a heart” line in one of the 1700 debates the Rs held).

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who swears at autoplay videos.

    Holy hell, that MH-17 conspiracy theory is even stupider than most. Of course, believing it means Vova, Manly Authoritarian Man Of Action, can remain the dimbulbs’ crush, a (purely coincidentally, of course) pale-skinned counterweight to the dusky usurper in the White House.

    Americans are probably no more conspiratorially-minded than any other nationality—I have no real proof of that and can’t be arsed to do even a desultory Google search on the subject—but it’s more disturbing that so many members of the nation with the largest economy and the largest military are so willing to believe nonsense. Meaning no disrespect to the nation or people of Latvia, but if a large percentage of Latvians believe something that is contrary to facts, they’re not going to be able to do much more than annoy the Lithuanians and Estonians. However, the US can project stupidity far and wide.

    During those seven seconds of Dan Bidondi’s brain malfunctioning, if you concentrate really hard, you can actually smell the smoke and hear the grinding gears.

    The Book of Bidondi. Now that is a truly horrifying concept (please make it happen, guys, I’m begging you).

    Bob, have a quiet, lazy vacation doing nothing, and “nothing” in this context means staying away from the internet (unless you want to catch up on Calvin and Hobbes). You deserve it, mate.

    And, of course, Happy Birthday to Inara!


  • HilaryB

    Oh my. I bet that bit of gibberish made perfect sense to his listeners. Bidondi 3:16 “Thou shalt not kiss the ass of Benjamin Nyatinhoo. He’s not a real Joo.”

    Hope you have a good vacation, Bob! It’s nice to take some time off every now and then and just do nothing.

    Happy Birthday to Inara!

  • JohnC80

    Anytime I hear Bidondi says Netanyahu, it sounds like he’s saying Nut on you.

    • HilaryB

      Ew. Lol.