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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 7/29/11

One Flew Over the Debt Ceiling

One Flew Over the Debt Ceiling; The Madness of the Debt Negotiations; Boehnerville; John McCain and the Tea Party Hobbits; John McCain Created the Tea Party; Republican Violent Rhetoric and Right-Wing Extremism; Paul Broun Wants to Bend the Laws of Physics; Michele Bachmann's Husband; Religion and the Norway Massacre; Stupid Palin Thing of the Week; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • JackDaniel07

    i still have about a half hour left to go and I have been laughing my ass off the whole time awesome show fellas!

    • Dan_in_DE

      me too

    • JackDaniel07

      Note to self:
      Wait for the “bubbles” of the BG ad to use my own bubbler cuz if I ever get caught again in mid-rip of Ocean Grown Kush and hear something along the lines of ‘Chris Hayes is the female Rachel Maddow’, hahahaha I might literally fuckin die laughing…smoke coming out of my eyes and ears. That shit was so wrong and so goddamn funny! Even Chris would have to laugh and Chez keep kickin it out unfiltered dude – you guys nailed it start to finish this week – THANK YOU!

      Note to others: Don’t feed the trolls. We’ll just keep gettin shit done, as usual.

      • Dan_in_DE

        Yeah, I really enjoyed the show last night. I hate to piss on Dingeldein’s leg, but Chez is a far better cohost – the show is wittier and smarter than it ever was with Elvis. Don’t get me wrong, I did really like Elvis – felt like I knew the guy, and enjoyed hearing about his Gumpian travels. But I don’t feel that bad ripping on Elvis either, after his leaving in funk, with no warning or farewell. He must have had a serious case of sand in the vagina.

        Also, I’d like to second what Jack said. Don’t feed the trolls! I’m sure you wrote a pretty nice rebuttal/screed with your 10 page response to the troll’s baiting, but it’s too long for me to bother reading, and you can be certain that Ronbo himself will never read it.

  • galileo126

    I think also you guys are finding your groove – this week’s show was thoughtful – and – entertaining. I did stop the podcast a couple of times to think about what was discussed… and that’s a good thing.

    But Muselet’s comment above is something I agree with – f*cking hilarious and yet spot on, Chez!

  • muselet

    Chez wins the prize for most horrific metaphor of the week:

    She’s not on the main pole in the strip club anymore.

    Okay, this isn’t terribly manly, but … Ewwwwwww!

  • ronbo

    Oh. So sorry to see this site de-linked from so very many liberal sites. I guess the false-veneer wore out. (snark)

    Most liberals have seen that President Obama is an obvious trojan-horse pushing Republican policy. The Reps and Dems are (overwhelmingly) one single party of, by and for the rich.

    This site and the media can still scream that there are two different trees; but, American can’t “un-see” the forrest. Obama and his party of third-way corporate shills are sinking. Maybe that’s not so very bad. Look at Wisconsin. It took a Republican shock to bring the old-school dems back to life.

    • If your “old-school dems” would have shown up for the mid-term elections, rather than sitting home and pouting about not getting a pony, then President Obama would have the backing to push for more progressive policies and actions now. As it is, he’s forced to compromise to get anything done.

    • I think you fail to give both Obama and Republicans credit for their actions.

      Though Obama has pushed through legislation that’s not ideologically pure, and that does make concessions to the right, you neglect to account for the fact that he’s actually pushed through legislation in the face of the greatest governmental obstruction in American history. The Republicans are being open about their desire to make government fail. Obama, to his credit, has pushed along some amazing legislation that makes a serious effort at addressing some of the ills perpetuated in the USA. Even this debt ceiling fight, irritating and protracted as it is, is likely to end up with the McConnell option winning, which means that Obama wins — not only does he avoid cutting entitlement programs, but he looks like he’s willing to make serious compromise, a boon to the center, and he looks like he’s serious about reducing the debt, which has to be a siren song to the sane right amidst the calls of wackaloons.

      Obama knows he’s going to be re-elected, I have no doubt of this; the man’s approval ratings are simply too high, and short of a Lewinskian dalliance, he’s pretty safe; the goal now must be to take back the majority in the House, and increase the margin in the senate. Given that a lot of the 2011 seats are regarded as GOP-safe, he has to bleed votes from those people, and has to pick up a lot of undecided voters, as well as holding the progressives. If we were half as smart as we think we are, we’d support him—critique him, yes, but support him.

      He needs to make the GOP look like incompetents (or shine a light on it, moreso), and, like they did the last election, make the case that obstruction sucks, and remind people of just how many jobs bills he would have passed if the Republicans hadn’t wanted to waste their time playing games.

      Yes, it’s political calculus, and people are getting more and more desperate by the day, but what other choice does he have? How are you going to get the Republicans to stop being douchecanoes? Further, who the fuck is going to replace him and do a better job? It’s not the fault of just *one* person that the USA hasn’t turned into a democratic socialist paradise; I can think of five hundred and thirty five other people who share as much blame, if not more. He can’t introduce bills, and moreover, he can’t resort to the typical bully pulpit of past presidents who had the advantage of being white. Anything he does gets criticized, but yet he’s delivered on DADT; on Obamacare (and I call it this because he deserves fucking credit for it); on stem cell research; ended the practice of torture; drawn out of Iraq; invented the Consumer Protection Bureau, even though it was stonewalled at every turn by Republicans; kept taxes low for the people who get hit hardest by income reduction; increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act; helped ease a fifty-year expensive embargo against Cuba; expanded Pell grants; and I have no doubt he’s working on DOMA, if we could just give him a break from stupid shit.

      In short, what the fuck else can you ask of the man? Jesus himself did less on earth.

      (Tangent: the really bewildering thing is that they can’t arrest the Republicans for treason—and yes, I’m with you, Bob and Chez; I think their behaviour is verging into treason—because of the backlash that would occur. But that means that the state no longer has an absolute right to resort to coercion, and I think that spells serious problems for justice in the country, and for the successful employ of the law against corporate interests.)

      But Ronbo, here’s a scenario just for you: you live in a small town with exactly two restaurants. You go into one, and order a sandwich. You, my friend, are the restaurant patron who gets a sandwich with *lettuce* on it, and, goddamn it, if someone doesn’t take the lettuce off, you’re not eating it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t lobby to get a better sandwich—by all means, make suggestions and help the owner see the case for selling his sandwich without lettuce—but if you ask for tuna on rye and get tuna on rye with lettuce, you need to take what you can get. You’re demanding that things be exactly the way you want when the owner is also making nine other sandwiches, each of which must have lettuce, and if he pisses off those nine customers, he’s out of business. He’s going to laugh you out of the restaurant, and he ought to. You’re not making any case for him; you’re just whining petulantly. If you think going to the competitor’s restaurant is going to solve the problem, then good luck, but they put strychnine in their sandwiches.

      And at any rate, the President is only the maitre’d; all he can do is look at the food and say whether it’s good enough to serve you. If you really want good food, you have to convince the kitchen staff, too.

      My point is this: if you want your president to pass you bills that are progressive, then you have to make a case for him to do so. Right now, the votes he can pick up are centrist-left and sane right. If he tries to pass Kucinich-style legislation, it’s not going to pass, and then he’s going to be called the second-coming of Jimmy Carter (although, as far as allegations go, that’d be the tamest one he’d get in a week, I’m sure). He’s going to be prejudiced toward getting results, and you’re not helping.

      That doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t reach for more progressive legislation, but it means that we have to play the ground game and convince the public that the GOP are spooks, and convince their representatives that signing a bill like that won’t get them recalled. ‘Yes, *we* can’, not ‘yes, *he* can’.

      That was probably more profanity-laced than it needed to be, but cripes, if I could replace Steven Harper with Obama, I would take him in a heartbeat. You don’t know how to appreciate what you’ve got.

    • Before I get to Ronbo I gotta ask where do they find guys like Louie Gohmert from? Do corporations scout out states’ houses to find the most easily control, corrupt and dumb as a bag of dog shit state rep and get them to run for national office?

      Now to Mr.ronbo’s comments speaking of Wisconsin I wonder how many of those people that went to protest in the winter stayed home election night? Once again liberals get a hard dose of reality of sitting out elections, when you don’t vote you’re leaving yourself at the mercy of the misinformed and stupid.

      And that Democrat you help taught a lesson to is somewhere in the private sector making double or triple the amount he made as elected official while you worry about your rights as a worker because the right wing Republican governor and his right wing Republican controlled state house you helped to elect by staying home are deciding to strip away your collective bargaining rights or if you’re over 55 you’re wondering about your social security check is coming next month because that tea bag Republican you helped elect by sitting out is jerking around because he or she signed some pledge to some dick head named Grover.

      As for most liberals most liberals do support the current president to a tune of 78% while you folks listen to frauds like an Jane Hamsher or Glenn Greenwald who by the way have ties to the political right.

  • Great show! “We should be invaded”. Yup. Absolutely.

    You guys were really in to the groove today—you rocked it, so keep up the good work! 😉

    Adding………the commercial for BG was terrific, as always. I love, love, love, those commercials!

  • Zasta_Krockett

    I like Bob & Chez. Keep it up!

  • Great pic. I can identify with Randle McMurphy.